MUHAMMAD Peace and Blessings of Allah Be Upon Him .

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M UHAMMAD Peace and Blessings of Allah Be Upon Him. The Last Messenger of God. A warm welcome to you!. To help you get a glimpse of the noble Messenger of Allah and benefit through his model personality practical teachings exemplary life and
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M UHAMMAD Peace and Blessings of Allah Be Upon Him The Last Messenger of God

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A warm welcome to you! To help you get a look at the respectable Messenger of Allah and advantage through his model identity pragmatic lessons commendable life and the demonstrated recipe that will give you peace, achievement and salvation. Objective Please read on…

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Times After Muhammad True Concept of God-Restored Knowledge & Light Kindness & benevolence Women\'s status and rights Justice and reasonableness Peace and security Love and Brotherhood Savior and Liberator Times Before Muhammad True Concept of God-Lost Ignorance & Darkness Barbarism & heartlessness Sexual Slavery, Nudity & Persecution of ladies Usury and Exploitation Fear and dread Class and Color segregation

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Look around… Where are we today? God & religion-overlooked Idol and human love Wars, clashes and executing Terror and dread Interest dealings, debasement and misuse Injustice, abuse and no human rights Marginalization of poor and the less wealthy Persecution of ladies and the feeble Nudity and vulgarity Confusion and eagerness We need Muhammad\'s direction…

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" elegant, great looking, eyes dark and vast, hair long and thick, voice clear … " Handsome components, splendid face, affable disposition" " … dazzling at a separation and sweet and most attractive from close, talk sweet and words clear… " … beguiling to take a gander at and well-assembled … " Muhammad-An Introduction Born at Makkah (Saudi Arabia) in 570 AD Trader in his twenties Recognized as "Dependable" among his kin First marriage at 25 years old to Khadija, a dowager matured 40 years Personal Appearance…

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Muhammad-An Introduction Bestowed Prophethood when he started getting disclosure at 40, the primary verses … Called individuals to reality, confronted mistreatment in Makkah Migrated to Madina where he was invited wholeheartedly another stage started where Muhammad established the frameworks of a general public in view of Divine direction. " Read for the sake of your Lord who made, made man from clusters of blood. Perused! Your Lord is the most Bounteous, who has instructed the utilization of the pen, has shown man what he didn\'t have the foggiest idea.\' (Quran-Chapter 96)

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Beginning of Divine Revelation prompts another period Laws and Values from Heaven, not earth Guidance from the Creator who knows man not at all like other Way of life according to Divine direction, not human cravings Divine Revelation For the whole world, not a locale or nation Long term, not fleeting Permanent rules and arrangements, not brief Addressing all parts of life Addressing every person, rich and poor, high contrast, taught and the uninformed

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Origin more than 1400 years prior Muhammad exhibited the direction more than 1400 years back… for all times to come 610 AD 2006 Now and what\'s to come… Muhammad\'s demonstrated cure can tackle every one of our issues and set the human world on the right course at the end of the day The best estimations of life we see today were given 1400 years prior

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Muhammad and Religion With the appearance of Muhammad, the thought of religion changed BEFORE AFTER Religion has nothing to do with functional life Religion controls each part of life. Religion betters life. Religion Life Religion Life

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Muhammad\'s direction covers all kinds of different backgrounds Social life Knowledge & learning Politics & Governance Commerce & Economy Ethics & Etiquettes Law & Justice Hygiene Human Rights & Relations and the sky is the limit from there…

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Total change. A Companion portrays … Jafer(RA), a buddy of Prophet Muhammad at the court of a Christian King in Abyssinia : "Your grandness! We were oblivious individuals, venerating symbols, eating carcass, persecuting neighbors, sibling battling sibling, the solid ruling the frail, when in the midst of us was raised a man (Muhammad) whose honorability, respectability and dependability were at that point understood" " He called us to love God alone... he told us to talk reality, to respect our guarantees, to be thoughtful to our relations, to be useful to our neighbors, to stop every taboo demonstration, to swear off slaughter, to keep away from obscenities and false witness … ."

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Observation "He was … without a bodyguard, without a castle, without a settled income. If at any point any man had the privilege to say that he controlled by a right perfect It was Mohammad, for he had all the power without instruments and without its support. He looked after dressing of force. The effortlessness of his private life was with regards to his open life." Bosworth Smith Principles of the Prophet A Glimpse Practice Preach + Beliefs Right Actions = Results + = Right Means Right Ends Success

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Observation " Circumstances changed, however the prophet of God did not. In triumph or in thrashing, in power or in affliction, in wealth or in poverty, he is similar man, uncovered similar character." Prof K.S Ramakrishna Rao, Mohammed The Prophet Noble Character A Glimpse Simple yet exquisite propensities No material allurements Relished wonderful sustenance, delighted in the excellence of blossoms, the aroma of fragrances Never reproved his young worker When situated among his adherents, he would not involve extraordinary seat. Individual possessions at the season of his death= Mattress of dried palm leaves, water skin and a protective layer "10 years", said his worker, " I was with the Prophet, and he never said as much as \'fie to me\'

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Observation "My It was the inflexible effortlessness, the articulate self-destruction of the Prophet, the trustworthy respect for his promises, his extreme commitment to this companions and devotees, his courage, his bravery, his supreme trust in God and in his own particular mission. These and not the sword conveyed everything before them and surmounted each impediment." M.K.Gandhi Generous, Humble and Peace producer A Glimpse Forgave the general population of the town of Taif who injured him and pursued him out of the city Ordered benevolent treatment of hostages, regardless of these were the very men who had exacted affront and wounds to him After the triumph of Makkah, he announced general pardon to the general population who oppressed and tormented him and his devotees No presentation of savage power, no sentiments of requital, no loot Victory implied modesty to God Blessings on the men of Madina, they gave us wheat bread to eat when there was little of it, battling themselves with dates"- A Captive

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Persia ( Iran) Roman Emperor Abyssinia (Ethiopia) Hauza ( Yemen) The Light Spreads-Arabia to the World Muhammad sent agents to the non military personnel focuses of that time

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Observation "My decision of Muhammad to lead the rundown of the world\'s most compelling people may astonish a few perusers and might be addressed by others, yet he was the main man in history who was remarkably effective on both the religious and common level." Michael H. Hart , THE 100: A RANKING OF THE MOST INFLUENTIAL PERSONS IN HISTORY Lifetime of Lofty Achievements Received Divine Revelation Communicated to his era Established a God-dreading, prosperous, serene, effective and fulfilled society Left behind an enduring direction Explained the Divine message Demonstrated the hypothesis with practice Trained his colleagues

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Observation "If significance of reason, diminutiveness of means and dumbfounding results are the three criteria of human virtuoso, who could set out to analyze any incredible man in cutting edge history with Muhammad " La Martine, Historian The Message: O People… . A Glimpse The best of the ways is one trodden by the Prophets The best of the activities is what is valuable. The best direction is what is put into practice. The most important ownership is the happiness of heart. The best arrangement is that of devotion. Keep in mind that you will undoubtedly meet your Lord, and that He will to be sure figure your deeds. Be careful with Satan for the security of your religion. He has lost all trust that he will ever have the capacity to lead you adrift in enormous things, so be careful with tailing him in little things.

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Equality and Brotherhood All humanity is from Adam and Eve. An Arab has no predominance over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any prevalence over an Arab; A white has no prevalence over a dark, nor a dark has any predominance over a white-aside from by devotion and great activity. Delegated Bilal (RA), a dark and a negro slave , as the primary individual to the workplace of Muezzin ( Call to Prayer) "O humanity! We made you from a solitary (match) of a male and a female, and made you into countries and tribes, that you may know each other. Verily the most regarded of you in seeing Allah is the most noble of you. What\'s more, Allah has full learning and is all around familiar (with all things)" (Quran-Chapter 49)

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 Education Right to Live  Legal Rights Social Rights  Inheritance Privacy & Chastity  Maintenance Rights Observation Respect amid Menstruation days  Ownership Rights  Security & Protection "It was Islam that evacuated the servitude in which ladies are held from the very day break of history and gave them a social standing and legitimate rights, for example, were not allowed to them in England till numerous hundreds of years after the fact." Lady Cabbold , Pilgrimage to Mecca The Benefactor of ladies First to accord higher status to ladies, first to concede rights

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Message for Men: O Brothers the reality of the matter is that you have certain rights as to your ladies, however they likewise have rights over

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