MUHAMMAD Versus JESUS Which One Offered A definitive Supernatural occurrence?.

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Muslims trust Jesus did not kick the bucket on the cross, but rather fled to India! ... Jesus Did in Fact Die by Means of Crucifixion! Indeed, even before being killed, Jesus was ...
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MUHAMMAD VS. JESUS Which One Offered the Ultimate Miracle?

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Which Religion, Islam or Christianity, Provides Proof It Is from God?

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Muhammad\'s "Supernatural occurrence": The Quran. The main "marvel" that Muhammad offered as verification that he was Allah\'s prophet was the Quran itself. " This Qur\'an is not, for example, can be created by other than Allah ; unexpectedly it is an affirmation of (disclosures) that went before it, and a more full clarification of the Book - wherein there is doubtlessly - from the Lord of the universes." – SURAH 10:37

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Note: Some Muslims accept, even without proof in the Quran , that Muhammad performed numerous incredible wonders that went past common law in view of the Hadith (i.e., reports of Muhammad\'s maxims and deeds). - See The Correct Books of Bukhari, vol. 6, bk. 60, no. 390).

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To Muslims, what makes the Quran a significantly more prominent wonder is that it was composed by Muhammad who (they accept) was uneducated . "The individuals who take after the messenger, the unlettered Prophet , whom they find said in their own (sacred writings),- in the law and the Gospel;- for he charges them what is just and denies them what is underhanded… " - SURAH 7:157 Note: Some researchers trust that "unlettered" ought to be interpreted as "tender" or "rapscallion."

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Muslims accept its absolutely impossible an uneducated man could have composed the Quran without the assistance of Allah. "On the other hand do they say, \'He fashioned it\'? say: \'Bring then a Sura like unto it, and call (to your guide) anybody you can other than Allah, on the off chance that it be ye talk reality!\'" - SURAH 10:38

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Muslims trust the Quran is awesome in magnificence and class and this is confirmation it is from Allah and that Muhammad is his prophet. "Say: \'If the entire of humankind and Jinns were to assemble to create the like of this Qur\'an, they couldn\'t deliver the like thereof , regardless of the fact that they moved down each other with help and backing\'." – SURAH 17:88 (See additionally SURAH 2:23).

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"Muslims don\'t guarantee any wonders for Muhammad. In their perspective, what demonstrates Muhammad\'s prophethood is the wonderful magnificence and significance of the disclosure itself, the Holy Qur\'an , no illogical ruptures of normal law which puzzle human reason." – Al-Faruqi, Muslim creator

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Muslims likewise indicate two sections of the Quran (30:2-4; 89:2) as "satisfied predictions" as additional confirmation that the Quran is a marvel from God.

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Jesus\' Miracle: His Resurrection from the Dead. Jesus performed numerous supernatural occurrences, as recorded in the gospel accounts (e.g., Mat. 4:23; 11:4-5; John 2:23; 11:43; and so on.): Even the Quran concedes this! (Surah 3:49; 5:110). The best supernatural occurrence or "sign" Jesus offered was His revival from the dead that gave verification that He was the Christ, the Son of God (i.e., "the indication of Jonah" - Mat. 12:38-40).

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Romans 1:4 (NASB) who was pronounced the Son of God with force by the restoration from the dead , as per the Spirit of sacredness, Jesus Christ our Lord,

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The revival of Christ is crucial to the establishment of Christianity. 1 Corinthians 15:12-15 (NASB) 12 Now if Christ is lectured, that He has been raised from the dead, how would some among you say that there is no revival of the dead? 13 But in the event that there is no restoration of the dead, not even Christ has been raised; 14 and if Christ has not been raised, then our proclaiming is vain, your confidence additionally is vain. 15 Moreover we are even observed to be bogus observers of God, since we saw against God that He raised Christ, whom He didn\'t raise, if truth be told the dead are not raised.

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WHICH ONE (Muhammad or Christ) PROVIDED A TRUE "Supernatural occurrence"?

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Did Muhammad Provide a True Miracle? (i.e, the Quran). There were no onlookers of Muhammad getting divine revelation (Allah). The Quran originates from one source, one man alone - Muhammad. There are no witnesses, nobody who can verify his confirmation. The whole assortment of "confirmation" that the Quran is from God is established on what one man said: Muhammad .

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There were no extraordinary signs performed by Muhammad to check that he had gotten the disclosure of God. "The signs are just with Allah, and I am just a plain warner… " - SURAH 29:50 The obvious magnificence and style of the Quran is insufficient to demonstrate that it is from God (i.e., excessively subjective, in light of man\'s supposition).

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The Only "Predictions" Made in the Quran Were not True Prophecies at All! Muhammad\'s forecast of the triumph of the Romans over the Persians (Surah 30:2-4) was excessively broad and unclear, not particular in point of interest as genuine prescience seems to be (e.g., he anticipated triumph in a couple of years; It took 14 years.). Surah 89:2 alludes to their hallowed season of Pilgrimage (initial 10 days of Dhul-Hijah), not 10 years of mistreatment (Too ambiguous to be prediction!).

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Did Jesus Provide a True Miracle? (i.e., His restoration). Jesus did really kick the bucket on the cross! Muhammad announced, in the Quran, that Jesus never passed on, however was taken away by Allah: "They slaughtered him not , nor executed him, but rather it showed up so to them… For unquestionably; they murdered him not … But rather Allah raised him up unto Himself" – SURAH 4:157-158 Muslims trust Jesus did not bite the dust on the cross, but rather fled to India! There is a holy place that (as far as anyone knows) denote Jesus\' internment place in Srinagar in the valley of Kashmir, India.

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Attempts to Deny His Death by Crucifixion: Some Muslims have charged that Jesus only "swooned" (blacked out and went into a condition of semi-awareness that was mixed up for death ). Different Muslims charge that Jesus had been given a medication that made him seem to pass on (a brief unconsciousness like state).

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However, Jesus denied medications to stifle the agony while on the cross (Mark 15:23). He just got sharp wine to extinguish his thirst (Mark 15:36; John 19:28-29).

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Jesus Did in Fact Die by Means of Crucifixion! Indeed, even before being executed, Jesus was scourged (Mat. 27:26). FLAGRUM  When it was dictated by the centurion in control that the detainee is close demise , the flagellating is ceased and he is directed to his torturous killing: Roman floggings for the most part comprised of 39 lashes or more! (scourged with a flagrum which has bone and metal to cut human substance).

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CRUCIFIXION WAS A REAL PRACTICE: In 1968, archeologists found the remaining parts of a torturous killing casualty from the year A.D. 70: His two heel bones were still attached together by a solitary iron nail to wood!

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Crucifixion is Designed to Bring About a Certain Death As Medical Authorities Confirm (e.g., The Journal of the American Medical Association, (March 21, 1986), 1463). With arms outstretched, spikes were driven through the wrists on to the even crossbar, and with the knees bowed, spikes were driven through the feet. Holding tight the fold w/arms outstretched would bring about a disengagement of both shoulders (Ps. 22:14, 16). Torturous killing puts weight on the muscles and stomach, putting the mid-section into the breathed in position; so as to breathe out, the individual must push up on his feet. Gradually, however without a doubt, the casualty bites the dust as his oxygen level declines; He soon endures hypovolemic stun because of the loss of extraordinary measures of blood and in the long run heart failure and heart disappointment.

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Roman Guards Verified Jesus\' Death: They broke the legs of casualties of torturous killing to rush passing (so they couldn\'t push upward to relax). On account of Jesus, they didn\'t break his legs, for he was at that point dead (John 19:33). The Roman watchman piecing the side of Jesus showed his passing as both blood and water approached (John 19:34) - medicinal confirmation of his demise! (e.g., Samuel Houghton, MD., University of Dublin)

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Even if by chance Jesus survived the cross, he would have choked by being wrapped with cloth wrappings and flavors for his internment (a hundred pounds! - John 19:39-40).

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Jesus Was Buried in His Own New Tomb. Joseph of Arimathea requested his body and covered him in another tomb (Mat. 27:57-60; Luke 23:50-52). Jesus was securely covered (1 Cor. 15:4), not eaten by winged creatures on the cross nor uncovered from the grave by wild canines.

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Apostolic Witnesses of Jesus\' Resurrection Are Credible all in all in a Court of Law! They were in a position to know the actualities , having invested a lot of energy with Jesus (around 3 years; 1 John 1:1-3). They had no ulterior intention in lecturing that Jesus had risen. 1 Cor 15:30-32 (NASB) 30 Why are we additionally in risk each hour? 31 I dissent, brethren, by the bragging in you, which I have in Christ Jesus our Lord, I bite the dust day by day. 32 If from human thought processes I battled with wild brutes at Ephesus, what does it benefit me? In the event that the dead are not raised, let us eat and drink, for tomorrow beyond words.

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They had nothing to pick up physically ; Instead, they got oppression, exclusion, and suffering. Every one of the messengers, aside from John kicked the bucket saints passings as per dependable, old custom: Simon Peter, Simon the extremist, Andrews, James, child of Alphaeus, Philip & Bartholomew all killed. Matthew and James, child of Zebedee murdered by the sword. Thaddaeus slaughtered by bolts. James, sibling of Jesus, stoned to death. Thomas murdered by a lance push. Paul was executed.

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Apostolic Witnesses of Jesus\' Resurrection Are Credible from every angle in a Court of Law! Their works are generally exact (e.g., Luke 1:1-4; 3:1-2). Sir William Ramsey, viewed as one of the best a

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