Multi-Family Help Desk .

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Staff . Khevin JohnsonProject ManagerCurtis JamesTask LeadLisa FletcherHelpdesk AnalystMichelle SuberHelpdesk AnalystNicole DodsonHelpdesk AnalystTarshia PorterHelpdesk AnalystGiovanni MoralesHelpdesk Analyst. The most effective method to get in touch with us.. 800-767-7588Tracs@hud.govTracs_hotline@hud.govFAX 202-401-7984.
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Multi-Family Help Desk

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Khevin Johnson Project Manager Curtis James Task Lead Lisa Fletcher Helpdesk Analyst Michelle Suber Helpdesk Analyst Nicole Dodson Helpdesk Analyst Tarshia Porter Helpdesk Analyst Giovanni Morales Helpdesk Analyst Staff

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How to get in touch with us. 800-767-7588 FAX 202-401-7984

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Multifamily Helpdesk Supported Applications TRACS – Tenant Rental Assistance Certification System DAP – Development Application System REMS –Real Estate Management System MDDR – Multifamily Delinquency and Reporting System APPS – Active Partner Performance System

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Secure Systems/TRACS Online Query

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Secure Systems Form area:

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HQ Initiated Move-Out Request (con\'t) Reasons for Request Initial Move-Out flopped in TRACS. My product won\'t permit me to make and present another MAT40 for this occupant. My product has never permitted me to make a MAT40 for this specific occupant. Because of an adjustment in possession/administration this occupant no longer exists in my portfolio for me to present a MAT40. Other. It would be ideal if you clarify on taking after page

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Benefits of utilizing the TRACS Online Queries It\'s FREE!!!! Current Voucher Status Estimated Pay date Compliance Percentage Late Recertifications Tenant Certification History/Discrepancies Verify receipt of upgraded occupant data

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How would I begin? the web/online_registration.cfm Contact REAC at 1-888-245-4860

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HQ Move out Request frame Form will be upgraded All pertinent data must be finished on shape

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TRACSMail Password resets

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