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By Connie Saindon, MFT Founder and Director Since-1998. Where does one go…?. When the worst has happened? When someone you love has been murdered or died in a violent way? When first responders leave? Who knows and understands?.
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By Connie Saindon, MFT Founder and Director Since-1998

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Where does one go… ? At the point when the most exceedingly bad has happened? When somebody you cherish has been killed or passed on viciously? At the point when people on call take off? Who knows and gets it?

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Violent Deaths Include: Homicide Suicide Drunk-Driving & Terrorist Fatalities War

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Our Logo… ( story on our site at )

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Why our program… .? We are there when others leave… We are the main program in San Diego County, and in addition one of only a handful few in the Nation to give specific vicious administrations after Violent Death. We are prepared in the sort of distress that does not leave with time. We offer open doors for Survivors to be with each other. We can give data on other assistant suppliers and organizations. Our approach incorporates lessons from survivors.

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Our Mission "Your support is our central goal" to " Provide a Lifeline of Hope and Healing" and Build a group of bolster CS/02

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Nationally 50,000 fierce passings every year in addition to 10-12 extra " co-casualties" ( doesn\'t tally DUI, psychological militant fatalities and war)

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Co-Victims Defined The term " co-casualty " was made because of an absence of acknowledgment for the requirements of survivors, and thusly were underserved. Office of Victims of Crime Bulletin, August 1998 This division gave assets to prepare different urban areas in 1998.

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You turn into an individual from a club you never needed to join. You have paid the most elevated contribution. You have a lifetime participation. C. S.

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THE NEED IN SAN DIEGO 111 Homicides 370 Suicides (SANDAG) 115 Drunk Driving Fatalities (MADD) Twelve individuals essentially affected = 7,152 every year Statistics gave by: San Diego County Sheriffs Department, 2007, San Diego Community Health Improvement Partners and MADD 2006.

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Survivor cite… "Nobody comprehends the extent of this. You wind up a body with no life in it." Co-Victim of Homicide, 1998

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Multiple Levels of Complexity Murder Suicide DUI casualty Shaken child passing Gang executing Terrorist casualty Murder/suicide No body Multiple suspects/trials First capture 26 years after death No speculate Happened in another state Killer found not liable More…

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Multiple Players and Roles Detectives Paramedics/EMT\'s Medical Examiners Media Victim Advocates Clean up Services District Attorney Employers/Schools Religious/Spiritual Morticians Cemeteries Security

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Unnatural Death is Different Violent A Violation-a wrong doing Volitional deliberately Voyeuristic-private gets to be distinctly open

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Three fundamental Assumptions might be smashed after injury: The World is Safe Life has Meaning I have worth Shattered Assumptions by Ronnie Bulman-Janoff , 1992

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Violent Loss is Beyond Words!

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When one\'s reality falls apart

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A survivor said it well with this drawing of consider the possibility that feels to be her… Me Unplugged from LIFE

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Another survivors stated: "Life resembles a Dali painting "

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Impact of misfortune is unlimited. The intricacy and contending parts of every misfortune can without much of a stretch overpower the family, the group and administration experts who all work to recapture a feeling of wellbeing, which means and trust .

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Additional Stressors Reconciling how adored one kicked the bucket Threat(s) may keep on existing Media making open what was private Crime Scene Demands Victim Identification Medical Exam prerequisites Legal goals Security Probate

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Second Wounds… . At the point when co-casualties are rebuked for not counteracting what happened When the lawful framework does not give them a part Courts appear to treat culprits superior to anything casualties When relatives are dealt with and considered suspects

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Wounds The agony of manslaughter loss (and other vicious passings) is depicted as extreme, extraordinary , and certain. The reaction of the group to survivors is regularly so insufficient that it has been called \'\'auxiliary exploitation\'\'. Amick-McMullan, Kilpatrick, & Veronen, 1989. 1991; Getzel & Masters, 1984; Redmond, 1989; Rynearson, 1984; Sprang, McNeil, & Wright, 1989; Spungen, 1998

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Normal responses… Can be: had with what has happened Compulsive care-giving Compulsive request SVLP organizer and sister "Tiny"

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To strange occasions

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"It will push you to the edge of total collapse;" says a father whose little girl who was executed.

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Research is later in its finding that rough misfortune deprivation can be significantly more agonizing than different misfortunes and regularly includes indications of unremitting misery and PTSD (posttraumatic push issue) (Kaltman & Bonanno, 2003, Zisook, Chentsova-Dutton, & Shuchter, 1998)

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Traditional methods for managing sorrow are lacking and put implausible desires on survivors since they don\'t "get over it". Absence of consistency and controllability are focal issues for the advancement and support of PTSD.

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Clinical picture may incorporate PTSD; encounters of nosy reenactment and evasion. Real Depression , DX not given until 2 mo. After misfortune. Traumatic Grief/Complicated Bereavement. Exploitation ; seethe and a feeling of pollution . Impulsive request ; a social and mental requirement for examination and discipline of the killer .

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It is the malevolent goal in passings, for example, crime and psychological oppression that expansion stressors

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9/11 Study Sample measure N=2,752 11% - PTSD 37% - gentle direct PTSD indications 51% - prove flexible results with 1-0 PTSD side effects Problem with the review: depended on telephone interviews for determination (Galea, Ahearn, Resnick et. , al. 2002) BEGS for further research

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Veterans with PTSD will probably have heart assaults years after the fact Medical specialists initially acknowledged PTSD as a psychiatric condition in 1980 at the asking of Vietnam Vets This new review is the first to connection PTSD with medical issues 10 after 15 years Laura Kubzansky, Harvard, 2007

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Theory Separation trouble happens subsequently of the departure of a friend or family member as comprehended by connection hypothesis Trauma Distress which relates more to how somebody kicked the bucket

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Re-membering friends and family: Memento Box

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The Challenges Help manage the loss of your adored one and you\'re yearning for gathering. Help you move beyond vengeance and re-order symbolism that is meddlesome. Encourage your capacity to self-mitigate to contain overpowering feelings. Explore the many contending complexities

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Survivors Club Co-casualty volunteers who have gotten to be Survivors and part of the group to help other people Open to all members who are individuals from a club they never needed to be an individual from

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Survivors Club Activities include: Candle Light vigil Holiday Memorial, 5K Walks/Light the Night Against Crime Tree Planting/Crime Victims Oak Garden Potlucks & Picnics Fundraising

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Candlelight Vigil – Crime Victims Week Victim Assistance Coordinating Council

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Tree planting at the Crime Victims Oak Garden

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Fundraiser auto wash for the Homicide Support Project

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Crime Victims Oak Garden Markers

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Lavender Fields Trip

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Annual Holiday Memorial

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Tenth Anniversary, 2008

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Annual River of Remembrance

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Inspirational Speakers, for example, Cherry McCoy

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UCSD Appreciation Dinner Volunteers and Staff

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Community of Supporth has included… District Attorney, Bonnie Dumanis Cynthia Charlebois, Director Victim/Assistance Lt. Tom Bennett, SD Co. Sheriff Michelle Del Conte, San Felipe Foundation Joyce Knott, Cara Knott Foundation Jim and Wilma Knott, Crime Victims Oak Garden Victim Assistance Coordinating Council Parents of Murdered Children

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Community of Support proceeded: Paula Myers, MADD Survivors Club Members Anna Knuth, SDPD-Crisis Intervention Team Wendy Maurer, Ph.D, Red Cross, Disaster Mental Health Carmela Caldera Yolanda Boyd Eric & Lisa Hoffacker, www.CarterDesignWorks Elizabeth Munroe, website admin

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People say the darndest things… Do say… My second thoughts to you… Their friends and family name Just listen Don\'t state you know how they feel unless you too have lost somebody viciously More on our site under Support Add yours to our rundown at

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The Journey Ten stages to figuring out how to live with Violent Death: Adult Survivors Individual exercise manual unit & going with Calming Exercises CD Order yours now 618-9-685-0005

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Upcoming Events Current Postings at Website Email Or Call 616-685-0005

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"Tiny\'s" Role December 8, 1961 at age of 17, my sister, "Small", the third offspring of eight, was killed ." Connie Saindon Iris is her image Represents HOPE

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