Mythic Structure.

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Last fight scene in Star Wars motion pictures. Beverly Hill Cop - Axel Foley saved by Beverly ... to give assignments in proceeding with stories (Alfred in Batman,
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Mythic Structure Based on Joseph Campbell\'s The Hero with a Thousand Faces And Chris Vogler\'s The Writer\'s Journey

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Storytelling and Myth Carl Jung Strong correspondence amongst dreams and mythology Both originate from a more profound source in the "aggregate oblivious" of humankind. Rehashing characters, for example, youthful saint, shrewd old man or lady, shapeshifter, shadowy foe same as the individuals who show up in our fantasies.

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Storytelling and Myth This is the reason myths and stories in view of myths have a ring of mental truth. Manage virtuous all inclusive inquiries, for example, Who am I? Where did I originate from? What happens when I pass on? What is great? What is detestable? What would I be able to do about it? What will tomorrow resemble? What is time?

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Hero\'s Journey Hero\'s story is dependably a voyage. Leaves solaces of home to wander into a testing, new world. Can be outward voyage (real place) Inward trip (of the psyche, the heart, the soul.)

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Hero\'s Journey 12 Stages Ordinary world Call to Adventure Refusal of the Call Meeting with the Mentor Crossing the First Threshold Tests, Allies, Enemies Approach to the Inmost Cave Ordeal Reward (Seizing the Sword) The Road Back Resurrection Return with the Elixir

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Hero\'s Journey Act One Departure and Separation Ordinary world Call to Adventure Refusal of Call Supernatural Aid (coach) Crossing the First Threshold

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Hero\'s Journey Act Two Descent, Initiation, Penetration Road of Trials (Tests, Allies, Enemies) Ordeal (Meeting with the Goddess, Woman as Temptress, Atonement with Father, Apotheosis) Reward

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Hero\'s Journey Act Three Return (The Road Back) Refusal of the Return Magic Flight Rescue from Within Crossing the Threshold Return Resurrection (Master of the 2 Worlds) Return with the Elixir (Freedom to Live)

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1. Normal World Taking saint from conventional world (commonplace) to uncommon world. "Fish out of water" - Wizard of Oz, Trading Places, Star Wars.

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2. Call to Adventure Problem is displayed. Can no more stay in the solace of the Ordinary World. Star Wars - Princess Leia\'s holograph. Focal inquiry. Will Luke protect the princess? Will they experience passionate feelings for?

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Refusal of the Call (Reluctant Hero) Fear! Dread of obscure. Require some other impact to persuade her - change in circumstances, more disturbance, consolation of the Mentor. (Star Wars-Aunt and Uncle executed)

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4. Tutor Introduction of Merlin-like character Common in mythology and rich in typical quality. Bond between guardian/kid, educator/understudy, god/man. Mentor in Rocky, Obi Wan/Yoda, Lou Grant.

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5. Crossing the First Threshold Hero resolves to experience. Story takes off/Central inquiry is clear and looks hard to fathom. Defining moment between Act One and Act Two. Axel Foley chooses to resist his manager\'s request in Beverly Hills Cop.

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6. Tests, Allies and Enemies Begin to take in the guidelines of the Special World. Cantinas, dingy bars, Rick\'s Café in Casablanca, Cantina in Star Wars (meets Han Solo and Jabba the Hutt). Tests proceed in Star Wars when Obi Wan shows Luke about the Force.

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7. Way to deal with the Inmost Cave Hero at edge of peril where the object of mission is covered up. The most unsafe spot in the Special World. Crosses Second Threshold to enter this hazardous spot. Approach. Place that is known for the Dead in mythology (Orpheus plummeting into Hell to protect adored one), Arthurian stories - Chapel of Perilous, the chamber containing the Grail. Star Wars - ?

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8. The Ordeal Fortunes of saint hit the base - showdown with biggest trepidation. Star Wars - Trapped in goliath trashmasher, ET - bites the dust on working table - demise of a relationship in sentiment - things look somber. Start.

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9. Reward Survived passing, claim treasure, harvest reward. Saint gets to be legend. "Sword" = information, experience, understanding, compromise. Star Wars - Rescue Leia, catch arrangements of Death star - keys to overcoming Vader. Return of Jedi - Reconciliation with Darth Vader/father.

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10. Street Back Not out of woods yet. Manage results of standing up to the dull strengths. Awesome pursue scenes here. Luke and Leia sought after by Vader. Moonlight bike ride in ET. Choice to come back to the Ordinary World. (Defining moment to Act Three)

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11. Restoration Purification, Rebirth, Cleansing before coming back to the Ordinary World. Nearly replay of Ordeal. Last shot of Death and Darkness. Last test. Last fight scene in Star Wars motion pictures. Beverly Hill Cop - Axel Foley safeguarded by Beverly Hills police.

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12. Come back with the Elixir The Return to the Ordinary World has meaning due to the Elixir legend brings back - treasure, lesson learned, information, love. ET - kinship, Star Wars - end of Vader, peace. Venture must be rehashed if no Elixir.

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Hero\'s Journey Heroes presented in ORDINARY WORLD, where They get the CALL TO ADVENTURE. They are RELUCTANT at first (REFUSE THE CALL), yet Are urged by a MENTOR to CROSS THE THRESHOLD and enter Special world, where They experience TESTS, ALLIES, AND ENEMIES.

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Hero\'s Journey 7. They APPROACH THE INMOST CAVE, crossing a second edge 8. Where they persevere through the ORDEAL. 9. They claim their REWARD and 10. Are sought after on THE ROAD BACK to the Ordinary World. 11. They cross the third edge, encounter a RESURECTION and are changed by the experience. 12. They RETURN WITH THE ELIXIR, an aid or fortune to profit the Ordinary World.

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Mythic structure of Horror Films " Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid. " Plays with our fears for one impact: to panic, alarm and once in a while simply net out the group of onlookers. Gathering of people hopes to encounter an appalling excursion. Relish a decent alarm.

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Mythic structure of Horror Films Root of ghastliness: Powerlessness Sometimes not the known creature but rather the Shadow that can\'t be caught. Power of confusion must be vanquished.

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3 Types of Horror Stories Man fights outside beast - vampires, sicknesses, outsiders, sharks. Man makes the creature - Frankenstein, The Fly. Man is the Monster. Man goes up against the dim side of his temperament. - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Halloween, Silence of the Lambs.

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Silence of the Lambs Screenplay by Ted Tally Based on book by Thomas Harris Directed by Jonathan Demme 1991 Starring Jody Foster and Anthony Hopkins

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Silence of the Lambs Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Splendid. Shrewd. Insane. In his psyche lies the piece of information to a heartless executioner. - Clarice Starling, FBI. Splendid. Powerless. Alone. She should believe him to stop the executioner.

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The Journey Ordinary World - FBI Academy Clarice tries to work for jack Crawford in the FBI\'s Behavior Science Division after graduation - her Outer Problem. She adored her dad, a town marshal, and felt relinquished when he was killed. Her Inner Problem is to grapple with his demise.

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The Journey Call to Adventure - Convince indicted serial executioner Hannibal Lecter to round out a survey - get Buffalo Bill Refuse the Call (Reluctant) - Clarice is energetic until notice from Crawford "Don\'t need Hannibal Lecter in your mind" Mentor - Crawford empowers however cautions her. Lecter is a Shadow Mentor Cross the Threshold - On case to explain Buffalo Bill murders.

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The Journey Tests, Allies and Enemies - Test - find the "Your Self Storage" Discovers an auto and headless mannequin in addition to man\'s head in a jug. More tests - post-mortem examination, discovers bug pupa in casualty\'s mouth. Partners: entomologists discover hint - uncommon Death\'s Head Moth.

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The Journey 7. Approach Inmost cavern (cross second edge) - Catherine Martin is abducted by Buffalo Bill. Stake are raised, Crawford and Clarisse need to make an arrangement with Lecter- - a room with a perspective in return for a profile of Buffalo Bill. Lecter acknowledges on condition that Clarice answers his inquiries (renumeration). She should permit Lecter to get into her brain. She acknowledges and recounts her dad\'s demise.

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The Journey Ordeal - Dr. Chilton uncovers that the FBI\'s arrangement is fake, destroying the relationship amongst Clarice and Lecter. Restoration - Clarice give Lecter back his drawings and faces him, requesting reality. Lecter gives some data, yet requests one more Ordeal - constrains her to tell about her bad dream of the spring sheep a dhow sparing Catherine would quiet the shouting.

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The Journey Clarisse presses Lecter to uncover Buffalo Bill\'s name, yet Chilton interferes. Clarice breaks free, gets case record from Lecter\'s outstretched hands. His fingers wait on hers. THIS IS A VERY TENSE ORDEAL! - SHE TOUCHES DEATH AND HE SETS HER FREE. Reward - Buffalo Bill knew his casualties. Street Back - Discovers precious stone formed darts in dress, telephones Crawford. He definitely knows personality of Buffalo Bill. She is requested that stay to discover an association between Buffalo Bill and most recent casualty.

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The Journey 11. Restoration - FBI looks in wrong spot. Clarice unearths real home and sees the Death\'s Head Moth, prompting Clarice\'s revival grouping. Clarice seeks after Buffalo Bill into house, finds Catherine, finds cleaning room, lights go out. Encompassed by dimness and passing, clarice is ignorant that Gumb seeks after her with infrared goggles. He insults her, focuses firearm at her. Clarice hears the metallic snap of firearm, turns and shoots- - Resurrection complete.

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The Journey Return with Elixir - Several Elixirs Case is tackled Buffalo Bill is dead Catherine is saved Clarice graduates Earns Crawford\'s admiration Mentor Crawford tells Clar

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