N. C. Leppla, J. H. Honest and M. B. Adjei.

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In Grenada, vegetable seedlings are assaulted by the same mole cricket ... Mole cricket harm and concoction pesticides for control cost an expected 100 million dollars in the ...
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Administration of Pest Mole Crickets in Florida and Puerto Rico with a Nematode and Parasitic Wasp N. C. Leppla, J. H. Blunt and M. B. Adjei

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Scapteriscus didactylus, the "West Indian mole cricket" or "changa," most likely touched base in the West Indies by flying from South America several years prior

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Scapteriscus abbreviatus , the "short-winged mole cricket," happens in Puerto Rico and a couple of different islands, and presumably landed in boat ballast~ this species can\'t fly and is just a minor issue

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Damage to sweet peppers in the Dominican Republic created by the "West Indian mole cricket"

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In Grenada, vegetable seedlings are assaulted by the same mole cricket

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Damage to a Florida fairway by the South American mole cricket, Scapteriscus vicinus J.P. Parkman-UF,IFAS

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Mole cricket harm and substance pesticides for control cost an expected 100 million dollars in the Southeastern US every year Chemicals are excessively costly for use on field land Mole crickets bounce back in most treated zones Concern about non-target impacts of chemicals Chemical Control www.pesticidereform.org

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A two dimensional methodology Parasitic nematode Steinernema scapterisci Parasitic Wasp-Larra bicolor Biological Control Alternative

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Parasitic nematode Steinernema scapterisci K. Nguyen - UF,IFAS

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Steinernematid Life Cycle entrance free-living nematodes leave the body and are incidentally free-living adolescents create in the host body produce eggs sexual development

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Flask containing nematodes on eating routine drenched wipe

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Application of nematodes to pasture land

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Mole Cricket State Program Objective : To lead research/showing projects that will generally convey the entomopathogenic nematode, Steinernema scapterisci , in Florida; decide its establishment, rate of spread and effect on Scapteriscus spp. mole crickets, and backing its commercialization

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Nematac S 80 billion nematodes 32 districts Education & preparing Nematode diagnostics Nematode overview Refined techniques Establish & Spread Nematode applications

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Mole Cricket Nematode in Florida 6 months-80% mole crickets contaminated 1 year-tainted mole crickets spread nematodes over the field 3 years-85% decrease in mole crickets 40-95% recuperation of bahiagrass 20-35% contaminated mole crickets

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Biological Control of Mole Crickets in Florida by the Nematode

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Mole Cricket Nematode Project In Puerto Rico Apply Nematac S in proper natural surroundings Survey for entomopathogenic nematodes Adapt discharge and assessment strategies Demonstrate foundation and spread Determine the effect on nuisance mole crickets

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Mole cricket getting away from cleanser arrangement in its display at a fairway in Puerto Rico

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A turf ranch in Puerto Rico with "changas"

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A palm woods beside a 3-section of land nut field in Puerto Rico

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A 1-section of land natural homestead in Puerto Rico

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Mole cricket entanglement trap at a green in Puerto Rico

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Biological Control of Mole Crickets in Puerto Rico by the Nematode Scapteriscus didactylus , was caught at the green and natural patio nursery Scapteriscus abbreviatus was likewise found at the natural greenery enclosure Mole crickets caught at the fairway contained Steinernema scapterisci Steinernema scapterisci got to be built up at the green and killed S. didactylus Mole crickets from the natural patio nursery were not contaminated

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Parasitic Wasp-Larra bicolor Lyle Buss-UF, IFAS

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Larra bicolor on Spermacoce verticillata Lyle Buss-UF, IFAS

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Biological Control of Mole Crickets in Florida & Puerto Rico by the Wasp Parasitism of Scapteriscus vicinus 24% close Gainesville, Florida Wasp in 22 Florida districts by characteristic spread and discharges Larra bicolor bolsters at nectaries of 4 plants in addition to Spermacoce verticillata Spermacoce verticillata plots gave close mole cricket infestations Cooperators look for wasps encouraging on the blossoms Wasp may work additively with the nematode

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Management of Pest Mole Crickets in Florida and Puerto Rico Established the nematode and wasp Determined that they are compelling Provided sparing mole cricket control We have demonstrated that organic control offers long haul, financially savvy mole cricket administration

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Leppla, Frank & Adjei Any Questions? http://ipm.ifas.ufl.edu

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