NACADA Yearly Gathering 2008 Code 120 Rapidly: Utilizing Podcasts as Prompting Instruments for Wellbeing Callings Unders.

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Can play podcasts from PC or transfer to ipod or MP3 player. Points of interest of Podcasting ... Medicinal, Pre-Dental, Pre-Optometry, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Physical ...
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NACADA Annual Conference 2008 Code 120 By Leaps and Bounds: Using Podcasts as Advising Tools for Health Professions Students Presented by: Beverley Childress, Auburn University Krysta Diehl, Auburn University Melissa Moody, Illinois State University

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What is Podcasting? Remarkable, straightforward approach to distribute content onto the Web Users interface with PC, sign onto membership administration e.g. itunes Can play podcasts from PC or transfer to ipod or MP3 player

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Advantages of Podcasting Easily created: insignificant gear, time, cash or specialized learning required Don\'t need to be "immaculate" Provides adaptability for understudies: can replay whenever the timing is ideal running riding the transport strolling to class after available time

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"On interest prompting" "Exhorting on-interest is a positive utilization of innovation that permits an understudy sitting alone amidst the night to get to vital data," Endres & Tisinger (2007).

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Advantages for Student Assessing data quickly decreases understudy\'s uneasiness and improves them arranged to meet with counselor. Keep in mind to keep a parity being used of innovation and individual contact with understudy. Carter (2007)

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Why we started utilizing podcasts Approximately 80% of understudies in the College of Science & Mathematics at Auburn University are Pre-Health (Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental, Pre-Optometry, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Physical Therapy) Professional projects are exceptionally focused: gives a test to consultants to start setting them up in first year Podcasting is simply one more data asset

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The motivation Attended a few workshops a year ago at NACADA gathering in Baltimore Knew nothing about podcasting and had restricted innovation experience Came back and exhibited thoughts to Associate Dean and later with Director of Technology in our school and with different counsels

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The dispatch Began in January of 2008 by creating 8 podcasts on general exhorting subjects Saw how helpful these could be in pre-wellbeing prompting Produced podcasts for candidates for expert schools

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Trial and blunder Tried distinctive methodologies until we found the one that worked for us Providing a composed "script" appears to be most effortless and goes all the more easily and rapidly Flexibility: we regularly record at various times due to planning challenges

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How it\'s done Meet with an I.T. specialist in a media space to record Leave a delay between sections for simpler altering Usually ask 1 or 2 understudies to Use a "discussion" position Technician sends me a duplicate to see before he puts on AU itunes

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"I Want to go to Medical School" Listen to a specimen podcast The understudies who assisted with this: Sarah: Fall\'08 – is in her first year of restorative school at Florida State University Steve: is applying to therapeutic school for Fall \'09

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Using Podcasts in Pre-Health Advising Pre-Health Orientation class *offered to approaching green bean in the Fall *taught by the Pre-Health Director *provides a review for wellbeing vocations and clarifies the application procedure and necessities *podcasts help understudies survey their competiveness *helps them build up an activity arrangement

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Future Plans Developing a "sophomore workshop" for Pre-wellbeing understudies Assignment: pick a podcast, hear it out, and finish a worksheet Group exhorting session: assess and talk about the worksheet with understudies to give a "rude awakening" and arranging guide

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Podcasting Interest Ignited " Short courses" offered through the Center For Teaching, Learning and Technology on the Illinois State grounds. Perceiving our understudy needs and attempting to oblige them in the way they look for and get data.

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Statistics say: In a report by Burst Media, a study on media utilization by 18-24 year olds found that web sound and video were two of the understudies\' top purposes behind web use. Complete gathering of people for podcasts has expanded 58% in under two years, as per exploration by the Pew Internet Project. Pilot learn at University of Washington in 2006 demonstrated that both understudies and personnel observed podcasts to be extremely valuable instruments in the classroom.

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First Phase of the Implementation Process A meeting with the Associate Director of Technology to talk about the likelihood of posting podcasts and the innovation expected to do as such. A meeting with the Associate Director of Public Relations to inspire endorsement to post on our College site and decide in what style they ought to be posted. Figured out what points to podcast and talked with workforce, staff, and understudies expected to address these themes.

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Second Phase of the Implementation Process Who might deal with the booking of the recordings? Who might lead the recordings? Where might recordings occur?

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Podcast Content Applicable to Prospective Students Available projects Admissions Plans of study Advising

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Podcast Content Applicable to Current Nursing Students Advising Process Career fields/specializations in nursing Student associations and projects inside the College

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Final Step POSTING ! Site update ITunes U.

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Podcasting Plans for the Future ATI tests – progress tests NCLEX and permitting process PhD in nursing Need for personnel and advantages to serving in a Nursing workforce part Course addresses accessible by means of podcasts

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References Lane, C. (2006). UW Podcasting: Evaluation of Year One. Recovered 8/28/08 from Catalyst site: . Lewin , J. (2007). Web Media Is The Way To Reach College Students. Recovered 8/28/08 from Podcasting News: .

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References Carter, J. (2007). Using Technology in Academic Advising. Recovered 6/10/08 from NACADA Clearinghouse of Academic Advising Resources Web webpage:  Endres, J. also, Tisinger. D. (2007). Computerized Distractions: College Students in the 21st Century. Recovered 6/10/08 from the NACADA Clearinghouse of Academic Advising Resources Web website:

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Case Studies The accompanying speak to an assortment of issues/issues displayed by Pre-Health understudies For every, begin by contemplating the accompanying inquiries and after that we\'ll examine: What are the fundamental issues/issues? What are the positive parts of the circumstance? How might you exhort the understudy?

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Case Study # 1 Jen Daniel is a 21 yr old Physics significant who has communicated an enthusiasm for turning into a specialist. She has a 3.98 GPA and earned a 33 on the MCAT. Sadly, she is extremely timid and invests much energy concentrate alone. She has not discovered time to shadow specialists despite the fact that her Mom, a medical attendant, has given some contacts. Her Mom is extremely strong of her and Jen is reluctant to advise her she doesn\'t need this. Jen has come in for routine scholastic arranging.

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Case Study #2 Thomas Ben Lama is a lesser, majoring in Chemistry with a 3.5 aggregate GPA and 3.45 in BCPM. He has shadowed a few dental specialists, has a decent record of authority and group administration and gleaming references. He was named the Presidential Scholar and got the Diversity Council\'s Leadership Award in 2002 and a 2003 Leadership Award from Best Buy. In 2004, he confessed to a charge of DUI and automatic murder, after he was included in an auto collision in which a man was executed. He has made a trip to get some information about applying to dental school for the following affirmation cycle.

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Case Study #3 Tran Zhang is completing his first year and needs to go to Pharmacy School. He\'s an original understudy and the trusts and longs for his family are on him. He\'s presently got a 2.30 GPA subsequent to finishing 24 hours all by and large instruction courses. He hasn\'t had any pre-wellbeing educating in light of the fact that he didn\'t know with respect to it. He\'s watching over his evil grandma and working 25 hrs. every week. He made a D in a fundamental math course. In the wake of taking an appraisal he\'s been put in variable based math which is 3 courses far from Calculus which is required. He can\'t start taking pre-medicinal courses until he finishes a higher math course and he\'s coming into request that what do in light of the fact that he can\'t stand to go to school for over 4 years.

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