Nancy Jolt Open Library Affiliation National Gathering Walk 2010 Portland, Oregon.

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A few states oblige affirmation for library chiefs, others are emphatically supported ... trust affirmation would enhance open administration (66 ...
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Be a superior you: Advancing your vocation through confirmation American Library Association and ALA-Allied Professional Association Certification Programs Nancy Bolt Public Library Association National Conference March 2010 Portland, Oregon

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Certification Defined Certification validates the ownership by a person of a predefined collection of information and/or aptitudes. Confirmation can happen at passage level , as a major aspect of vocation advancement, or as acknowledgment of profession accomplishment. It might be willful or required .

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State Certifications 22 states have affirmations: some require open library accreditation by law Some have expenses All have diverse restoration terms (2-5 yrs) Some states give distinctive confirmations by evaluation level Some states require affirmation for library executives, others are firmly urged Some oblige confirmation to practice librarianship

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Certified Public Library Administrator® Program

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CPLA – Why apply? My vocation objectives are to constantly enhance my abilities and information keeping in mind the end goal to enhance and streamline existing library benefits and to oversee library work force as a pioneer. – Debra Czarnik (Cape Coral, FL)

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CPLA Competencies Core norms Budget and Finance Management of Technology Organization and Personnel Administration Planning and Management of Buildings Elective guidelines Current Issues Fundraising Marketing Politics and Networking Service to Diverse Populations

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Management of Technology The hopeful is relied upon to: Determine the innovation necessities of the library. Decide how well the innovation addresses the issues of the library. Suggest innovations for the library. Settle on obtaining choices identified with innovation.

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CPLA Candidates – Who are they? 134 Public curators in the US 9 years of supervisory experience Graduates of more than 40 library schools Directors, chiefs and administrators to-be Excited about CPLA courses! There are 18 graduates as of now! Program started in 2006

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CPLA Providers – Who are they? College of North Texas LE@D University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Public Library Association (PLA)

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Eligibility MLIS from an ALA authorize Library School Three years involvement in an open library Management or supervisory experience

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CPLA Process for Applicants Complete the application at Submit the charge of $250 for ALA individuals Once endorsed (surveys are quarterly), select in courses - Submit course assessments with expense of $45 per competency for ALA individuals Complete four center and three electives inside 5 years Enjoy the CPLA assignment!

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CPLA® – More data? Site; Jenifer Grady 312-280-2424 800-545-2433, x2424 12

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Library Support Staff Certification (LSSC) Program Sponsored by the American Library Association and the ALA-Allied Professional Association, In collaboration with the Western Council of State Libraries Funded by IMLS

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Why Is Certification Needed? 69% of all library staff are library bolster staff In a national review LSS said they * upheld national confirmation (87%) upheld national LSS benchmarks (76%) trust accreditation would enhance open administration (66%) * Survey directed by the ALA Library Support Staff Interests Round Table (LSSIRT) in 2004 14

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Why LSS Are Interested From November 2008 LSS overview: Recognition for experience, training, and/or abilities Learn new things about the library field Provide better support of library clients Contribute to change of the library 15

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Program Approved! July 13, 2009 by ALA Executive Board Also by PLA, five other ALA divisions and LSSIRT Program Began! January 25, 2010 16

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LSSC Features: Affordable and available A blend of required and elective abilities Establishes national, essential measures Evaluates earlier learning and new learning Reciprocal at state level (if affirmed by state) A legitimate appraisal of skills Not an insurance of raise or advancement 17

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Competency Sets Required Foundations of Library Service Communication and Teamwork Technology Electives Access Services Adult Readers\' Advisory Services Cataloging and Classification Collection Management Reference and Information Services Supervision and Management Youth Services 18

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Technology Competencies Library Support Staff will know: 1. General patterns and improvements of suitable innovation in all library capacities and administrations whether offered in the library or through remote access. 2. Technology\'s part in making, recovering and conveying library assets, capacity and administrations. 3. The part and obligation of libraries for acquainting significant uses of innovation with general society, including assistive innovation. 4. Basic PC operations expected to get to library applications programming and profitability apparatuses. 5. Basic systems administration advancements and conventions. 6. Basic information security standards and best practices to guarantee the respectability of information and the secrecy of client exercises. 7. Concepts and issues concerning the suitable utilization of innovation by various client bunches

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Technology (Cont\'d) Library Support Staff will have the capacity to: 8. Adapt to changes in innovation. 9. Transfer data picked up from preparing into the work place. 10 Assist and prepare clients to work open gear, associate with the web, use library programming applications and access library administrations from remote areas. 11. Use data disclosure devices including the library\'s list, center library databases and web indexes. 12 Perform fundamental investigating of specialized issues and resolve or suitably allude those issues. 13 . Get to and utilize fundamental assistive advancements, where fitting, to guarantee that all clients have impartial access to innovation.

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Assessment Methodology Recognize earlier learning and new learning Two strategies: Approved courses Portfolios (assessed by specialists) 21

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Courses Offered by ALCTS Fresno State University Palomar Louisiana State Library Highline Community College Lincoln Trail Library System UW Madison

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Portfolio Development Suggestions Suggested exercises for exhibiting every competency (you can outline your own) Upload to portfolio when done 23

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Portfolio Development Suggestions Competency 5. Essential systems administration advances and conventions. Proposed Activities: 5.1 Describe the reason and use for each of the accompanying association sorts: telephone, ethernet, serial, parallel printer, USB, link and fireware. Distinguish which of these advances or conventions are available in the library in which you work, or a library with which you are recognizable, and how they are utilized as a part of that library. 5.2 Create an aide or instructional exercise for library clients to disclose how to interface with a library\'s remote system. Incorporate definitions for terms connected with remote systems administration.

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Policies and Procedures High school confirmation or proportional One year of library experience, from a library Four years to finish 6 competency sets Fee of $325 for ALA individuals (incorporates membership to online portfolio) Certification is for a long time Renewal will be required 25

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Benefits of Certification Maryland & Minnesota Surveys Managers and LSS report library clients are ideally serviced by staff with accreditation. LSS trust they comprehend library benefit better. LSS report more certainty serving clients. Chiefs report that LSS contribute more to operations & achievement.

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Library Managers Can Help! Urge staff to take an interest Provide money related help Grant time off to finish coursework/portfolios Allow association with staff for assignments Recognize achievements Give hopefuls expanded obligation 27

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LSSC – More Information? Site; Karen Strege 206 829 8821 206 407 9756 (cell) Nancy Bolt 303 642 0338 303 905 9347 (cell) 28

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