Nanotechnology for Novel Arrangements in Pharmaceutical and Morals in India Dr.S.Mokkapati ICMR,New Delhi.

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Venture by Intel for nanotechnology R&D in India. Rs 142.45 crore ... Nanotechnologies are said to offer extraordinary guarantee for drug, yet quite a bit of this ...
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Nanotechnology for Novel Solutions in Medicine and Ethics in India Dr.S.Mokkapati ICMR,New Delhi Welcome swagatam

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United Nations Millennium Development Goals Eradicate compelling destitution and craving Achieve widespread essential instruction Promote sexual orientation correspondence and engage ladies Reduce tyke mortality Improve maternal wellbeing Combat HIV/AIDS, intestinal sickness, and different illnesses Ensure ecological maintainability Develop a worldwide organization for advancement

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Lotus leaf mythology naliniidalagata jalamatitaralaM tadvajjiivitamatishayachapalam . viddhi vyaadhyabhimaanagrastaM lokaM shokahataM cha samastam .. (4) The life of a man is as unverifiable as downpour drops trembling on a lotus leaf. Realize that the entire world remains a prey to illness, self image and despondency.

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Ancient Hindus accidentally utilized nanotechnology in the assembling of swords, different weapons and depictions. This was shown by Nobel Laureate (science) Robert Curl Jr at the 95th Indian Science Congress in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India

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Our progenitors have been unwittingly utilizing the innovation for more than 2,000 years and carbon nano for around 500 years. Carbon nanotechnology is much more seasoned than carbon nanoscience,\' said Curl ( the Hindu )

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Nobel Laureate (science) Robert Curl Jr told a captivated gathering of people at the 95th Indian Science Congress here about how Damascus steel was first made by specialists in south and south-focal India as long prior as around 300 BC. ( the New Indian Express )

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The swords delivered by old Hindu metal forgers were known not its sharp edge and sturdiness. Such superb swords were the aftereffect of the piece of carbon in it.

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The crude material utilized by old Indians was wootz steel – a high review steel first made in old South India. In the wake of consuming with extreme heat the contaminations in the iron metal, essential fixings including a high carbon substance of almost 1.5 for each penny was added to deliver wootz steel. A comparable strategy was utilized in Ajanta artworks

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Nanotechnologies are said to offer incredible guarantee for medication, however quite a bit of this lies later on. In the to a great extent exploratory and revelation stage, moral and social appraisal is fundamentally preparatory. This future introduction has additionally made nanotechnologies helpless against the present zeitgeist of overclaiming in science, either for potential advantages or damages. Maybe the primary moral issue is the incessant utilization of "will" about future results which the author can\'t know. This occasionally appears to express an \'article of confidence\' about science which would introduce an issue in the event that it created a bogus impression of inescapability of future advancements. Similarly there is a should be cautious about putting untimely weight on theoretical worries about nanotechnologies raised in front of proof. This short paper is wide in its degree. N anomedicine touches upon numerous issues officially recognizable in bioethics, furthermore some more specific inquiries. Before considering these, a more fundamental logical inquiry ought to be considered.

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Free, interest driven examination. Monetary development, employments and intensity Quality of life, differently characterized – e.g. individual riches, shopper decision, ecological objectives, social equity, worldwide wellbeing and destitution, profound objectives Compassion, spurred by the longing to mitigate human enduring. Restorative "achievement" looking for a specialized answer for any condition, as a commitment Different religious conviction frameworks. Transhumanism, driving human development by physically evolving people.

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there are specific components of nanomedicine to consider. The reductionism that opens capable helpful conceivable outcomes can likewise make potential for intense damages, if the exactness turns out to be wrongly connected or in the event that it has more than quite recently the wanted impact. Little things may delude by telling a deficient story. The capacity to mediate at a cell or atomic level may fall foul of the many-sided quality of the framework. For instance, nanomedicine may empower quick read-outs of our entire genome or of our body\'s levels of everything believable, except what does all that data mean? What now is a well individual, when we have so abundantly unsuspected information about our bodies? This raises recognizable issues about hereditary data, additionally how such broad and potentially troubling data is taken care of. Setting off to the specialist for the right anti-microbial for a mid-section disease may bring about finding a helplessness to bosom growth.

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10,000 years prior… … .. "Give Knowledge a chance to originate from all sides" - Rig Veda Segmentation of learning prompts divisiveness Let information be tackled to elevate the blooms in the dust as well

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Information items Industrial items Raw Materials Agri items Industrial Society Agricultural Society Information Society Knowledge Society Innovation Knowledge items Networks Economic Growth Technology Societal Transformation

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What is a Knowledge Society ? That utilizations information comprehensively to engage and improve people– and is an essential driver of practical advancement (societal change) A long lasting learning society focused on development Has the ability to create, diffuse, use and ensure learning - makes financial riches and social value Enlightens individuals towards a coordinated perspective of life as a combination of psyche, body and soul Planning Commission Report, India 2001

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Investment Driven R&D Regime " When R & D ventures starts to surpass capital speculation, the organization can be said to move from a spot for generation to a spot for learning creation" Genomics But, 80 nations are named experimentally slacking and have no capital Nanotechnology RAND S & T Report 2001

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21 st century will be the century of information The Dawn of Knowledge Era

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What is a Knowledge Society ? That utilizations information comprehensively to engage and enhance people– and is a necessary driver of supportable advancement (societal change) A deep rooted learning society focused on development Has the ability to produce, diffuse, use and ensure learning - makes monetary riches and social value Enlightens individuals towards an incorporated perspective of life as a combination of psyche, body and soul Planning Commission Report, India 2001

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Bio-, Nano-, Info-, Cogno-Convergence

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What drives nanotechnology? It is a typical confusion that innovation is nonpartisan. Unexpectedly, an innovation reflects qualities and objectives of the general public inside which it develops and, thus, it might change the qualities and goals of that society. In a to some degree doubtful atmosphere of popular supposition, more touchy zones of innovation may be seen as a social contract. An innovation would be invited if the qualities and objectives of the innovator are near those of more extensive society, and if the development effectively suspects what society wishes, as with the cell telephone. Then again, if the creator is remote, the points don\'t connect with the qualities and objectives of the general public, or if the development is new or dangerous, there can be a disjunction, for instance the importing of unlabelled GM soya and maize items to the UK.

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Issues Materials at a nano scale act contrastingly and should be concentrated independently. Nanomaterials are human-made and concerns have been communicated that free nanoparticles breathed in or ingested can bring about harm. Some uncertainty the veracity of the cases by corrective producers that nanoparticles in makeup don\'t infiltrate the skin. It is additionally dreaded nanoparticles can enter the natural way of life and influence plants and creatures. The UK-based National Academy of Science has, accordingly, requested that mark these free nanoparticles as new chemicals and to direct a study into potential dangers emerging out of these.The utilization of little sensors and capable PCs can prompt more prominent individual security and wellbeing, yet in the meantime these extremely innovations can likewise be utilized to keep an eye on individuals and raises worries about common liberties.More than US $13 billion has been put on R&D exercises in nanotechnology, yet not even a small amount of this is being spent on looking at the potential ecological, wellbeing, and dangers.

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Thank you & Q.A. Most noteworthy moral test of our time

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