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Nanotechnology For Students. Jim Mason, Executive Director Oklahoma Nanotechnology Initiative 405-272-4420
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Nanotechnology For Students Jim Mason, Executive Director Oklahoma Nanotechnology Initiative 405-272-4420

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" Nanotechnology is an empowering innovation that will change the way of practically every human-made protest in the following century." - National Science and Technology Council - 2000 This implies… anything produced in Oklahoma will be affected by nanotechnology and it is going on more rapidly than a great many people may think! The following "Huge Thing" is exceptionally , extremely , little !

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Nanotechnology is the control of matter at the nanometer* scale to make novel structures, gadgets and frameworks. Structures (e.g.materials) Devices (e.g. sensors) Systems (e.g. NEMS) WHAT IS NANOTECHNOLOGY? * 1 millimeter = 1,000 micrometers; 1 micrometer = 1,000 nanometers Source: "Nanotech: The Tiny Revolution" by CMP Científica (November 2001)

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is now making today\'s items: Lighter Stronger Faster Smaller More Durable Nanotechnology …

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HOW SMALL Nanobatteries are 200 nm in width 2 billion could fit on the surface of a nickel ™

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Rice University NanoKids The NanoKids program is an instructive program headed by a Rice University professor.  The Web webpage incorporates a story with NanoKids as the fundamental characters.  It likewise incorporates fun exercises for educators to use in educating nanotechnology.

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Nanozone This is an awesome Web webpage for educators to use in instructing youngsters about nanotechnology.  The Web website has a connection for instructor assets that incorporates pre-visit and post-visit exercises and worksheets. The Web webpage additionally incorporates recordings, riddles and recreations.

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NASA\'s Web website NASA\'s Web webpage highlights a page that investigates the possibility of nanotechnology.  The Web webpage incorporates a display of pictures, outlines, Power Point presentations and recordings. This could be utilized for center school understudies, yet certainly for secondary school students.

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You Tube Excellent UC Berekely Excellent Nanobots Nanomedicine Richard Feyman

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USDA - Exploring the Nanoworld National Cancer Institute Nanomission

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Nanotechnology for Students video for Students.wmv

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Videos "When Things Get Small" This is a 27-minute video covering numerous critical nanotechnology ideas in a funny and engaging way. "The NANO Revolution" Educators may ask for a free DVD duplicate of this initial video about nanotechnology went for center and secondary school understudies.

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More recordings "Nanotechnology: What is it?" This short 1-minute video has a young man and young lady who rapidly present the idea of nanotechnology. "The Twinkie Guide to Nanotechnology" The Twinkie Guide to Nanotechnology is an engaging new video including researcher Andrew Maynard which blends the famous American nibble cake with cleverness to open the secrets of nanotechnology.

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Printed Material "Big Things from a Tiny World" 12 page booklet from the National Nanotechnology Initiative Click here to view distribution

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Games "Nanoquest" A free, downloadable diversion where the player is contracted to so little that they end up in a "nanoworld.", this amusement is gone for getting 13-to 15-year-old youngsters intrigued by nanotechnology. "NanoMission" This instructive internet diversion teaches understudies on the fundamentals of nanotechnology. You should enroll before you are permitted to download the diversion.

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Lessons for Teachers "What is Smaller than a Pygmy Shrew?" This lesson plan is from the University of Wisconsin and intended to center school understudies better comprehend the nuclear world and the size, scale and structure of articles in it. "Ferrofluid: Nanomedicine" Middle school understudies will cooperate to investigate diverse techniques for medication conveyance, particularly concentrating on the potential outcomes of how disease could be dealt with in the future.

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"Mammoth Magnetoresistance" Students will take part in a hands-on action where the ideas of nanotechnology and GMR will be introduced.  This program is custom fitted for center school understudies. "Nanoarchitecture: Forms of Carbon" This is a two-day movement where understudies will find how the properties of materials change when iotas are associated in various ways. This program is likewise gone for center school understudies.

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Market Size Predictions (inside six years) $340B/yr Materials $300B/yr Electronics $180B/yr Pharmaceuticals $100B/yr Chemical make $ 70B/yr Aerospace $ 20B/yr Tools $ 30B/yr Improved human services $ 45B/yr Sustainability $1 Trillion, developing to $2.6 Trillion by 2014 *Estimates by industry bunches, source: NSF and LUX Economic effect of nanotechnology

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The genuine champs in nanotechnology will be the organizations who embrace nano procedures to enhance their current and rising items. In 2006, the Oklahoma assembly chose to jump over different states and help Oklahoma organizations be among the first to pick up this upper hand by making the Oklahoma Nanotechnology Sharing Incentive Act . In two years, Oklahoma has developed from 6 organizations required in utilizations of nanotechnology to about 50 organizations who are wanting to use nanotechnology for their items. So what does this need to do with me?

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ONI VISION "Oklahoma organizations are world pioneers in making as good as ever items intensive uses of Nanotechnology." Since 2006 we have developed from six distinguished organizations required in nanotechnology to about 50 organizations

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Nanotechnology was consolidated into more than $30 billion worth of fabricated merchandise in 2005 , and this figure is anticipated to develop exponentially to more than $2.6 trillion in worldwide made products by 2014. There are more than 1,000 nanotechnology items at present available went for enhancing shoppers\' lives and another 400 items that incorporate nano instruments and test gadgets. The Nanotech Report

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Nano shirt, slacks, tie, tennis racket, scent/microscopic organisms taking out socks, nano auto wax, and 2004 Chevy Impala with nano improved side boards.

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2004-7 copy and wound dressings, water filtration gadgets, paints, beauty care products, coatings, greases, materials, memory/stockpiling gadgets 2008-10 – medicinal diagnostics, shows, sensors, medicate conveyance, composite materials, strong state lighting, bio-materials, nano exhibits, all the more effective PCs, defensive protective layer, chem-bio suits, and chem-bio sensors 2011-15 - nanobiomaterials, chip, new impetuses, compact vitality cells, sun powered cells, tissue/organ recovery, keen inserts 2016 and past – atomic hardware, quantum figuring, new materials, quick synthetic investigations Products Anticipated

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The 2006 Oklahoma Nanotechnology Sharing Incentive Act set up the Oklahoma Nanotechnology Applications Project (ONAP) which gives $2 million to OCAST to be utilized to elevate and give motivations to further "utilizations of nanotechnology". 26 Oklahoma organizations shared thoughts through white papers on how they would try to fuse nanotechnology into their current or developing items. The initial five champs were: Oklahoma Nano Legislation

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Access Optics Access Optics makes the focal point for endoscopes and other therapeutic gadgets. The ONAP program permitted them to build up a vastly improved glass-to-metal seal utilizing nanotechnology. They are the main organization on the planet who tackled this issue and will soon make the whole medicinal gadget.

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Martin Bionics/OrthoCare Innovations Martin Bionics was supported to build up a dry prosthetic gadget utilizing a super-hydrophobic powder solely authorized from Oak Ridge National Labs They are the main prosthetic organization who may have tackled this industry issue.

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Rupture Pin Technologies Rupture Pin Technologies , producers oil and gas weight alleviation valves and is unraveling an o-ring victory issue utilizing another o-ring plan and Carbon nanotubes to give quality and adaptability. This will permit them to wind up a world pioneer in this industry.

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High Quality, High Volume Carbon Nanotubes Southwest Nano-Technologies is quick turning into the world pioneer in excellent, high volume, bring down cost carbon nanotubes utilizing a licensed versatile process that will permit them to deliver kilo tons instead of kilo grams of top notch carbon nanotubes.

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Carbon Nanotubes A solitary walled carbon nanotube (SWNT) is special among strong state materials in that each iota is at first glance. Fundamentally, carbon nanotubes are 100 times more grounded than steel and can lead power superior to copper .

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Carbon Nanotube Composites Nano Ridge Materials has built up a carbon nanotube reinforced composite that is 70% more grounded than metal and 40% the weight. This exceptionally solid composite has potential for air ship new parts.

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XetaComp (Lawton) makes nanoparticles of titanium dioxide that empowers the creation of an "unmistakable", non-oily, non-sleek sunscreen called SunVex. Their nanoparticles may soon be in numerous other healthy skin items.

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2008 ONAP Awardees Four organizations and four proof-of-idea awarde

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