Nation Report from Taiwan on Open Source Programming.

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Free programming was initially seen in college grounds in Taiwan 10 years prior when the GNU utilities began to spread out on the Unix - like workstations. ...
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Nation Report from Taiwan on Open Source Software Dr. Der-Tsai Lee Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica Asian Open Source Software Symposium March 3-6, 2003 Phuket, Thailand

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Outline Current Status of OSS Development in Taiwan Applications of OSS Technology National Strategy on OSS Government-subsidized OSS-related Projects Conclusion 2

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OSS in Taiwan: A Brief Overview Free programming was initially seen in college grounds in Taiwan 10 years back when the GNU utilities began to spread out on the Unix  - like workstations. The people group attention to OSS was steadily framed later. 3

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Watershed occasions of OSS in Taiwan The formation of the Chinese Linux Extension (CLE) venture in 1997 the most referenced Linux environment in Taiwan a durable point for the group. Extensive variety of tryouts of free programming Tightening of IPR law in May 2002 Media and lawmaker " s regard with the expectation of complimentary programming 4

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Industrial Utilization of OSS in Taiwan Industry began making up for lost time OSS exercises in 1998-1999. Linux-situated organizations set up. The primary Linux display in Taiwan was held in year 2000. Presently for the most part plunged into the inserted framework, 3 Linux PDAs were appeared in LinuxExpo 2002. Numerous equipment organizations have items with Linux gadget driver. 5

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OSS Community in Taiwan Software Liberty Association of Taiwan ( SLAT ) a NPO Founded in 2001, devoted to advancing OSS and serving the free programming groups. Holds yearly International Conference on Open Source (ICOS) and numerous other group situated occasions. Different Active User Groups 6

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Chronology of Major Events on OSS in Taiwan 7 Drawn by T.- C. Liu

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Applications of OSS Technology - Industry Servers (for web, email, ... and so forth) Network items (switch, Quality of Service gadget, load-adjusting gadget, firewall, ... and so forth) PDAs (counting programming advancement pack in light of WinCE, Qt installed or Gtk) Appliances (computerized VCR, ... and so forth) 8

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Applications of OSS Technology - Community Desktop: Internationalization/localization (i18n/l10n) of bundles Font administration apparatuses CD-ROM linux (knoppix and alike) ... and so on Web system: Zope/CMF/Plone, Perl/Python/PHP, i18n/l10n structure, blog, ... and so on 9

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OSS Role among Sectors in Taiwan Drawn by T,- C. Liu, taking into account the Chinese rendition of P.Yeh and C.- K.Hung 10

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National Strategy on OSS Build a situation with the expectation of complimentary programming industry improvement Cultivate aptitude and propelled advancements Chinese IT applications: set up interface guidelines and create crucial programming Promote free programming trade QoS estimation instrument Promote across the country usage of free programming Free programming as an option in light of free rivalry rule under Government P rocurement Act 11

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Government-subsidized OSS-related Projects 2 Government shaped a Linux advancement team in 2001. Approx. NT$20M was supported for linux research and open hotspot for science training in 2002 (National Science Council) Grants for mechanical research by implication identified with Linux achieved NT$60M in 2002 Promotion of open source in K-9 schools began in 2002. 12

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Government-subsidized OSS-related Projects 1 A Free Software Steering Committee is framed inside NICI A Free Software Working Committee is shaped under MoEAIDB Several tasks are under talk and survey for FY2003. Open source programming foundry Compatibility test focus Demonstration ventures Open source principles improvement … and so forth 13

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Open Source Software Foundry A scaffold among government, industry, group and the scholarly world. Concentrate on building a base for open source improvement. A foundry like for nearby designers to interface in neighborhood dialects. Give specialized, operational and lawful help National archive of e-government related activities endeavor to help government with obtainment of open source arrangements/administrations, and help industry find capable open source staff Lead by Academia Sinica. 14

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OSSF Network Academia Government - national lab - college - MoE - MoEA - Parliament OSSF Community Industry - NPOs - LUGs - guidelines bunches - administration nexus - IA 15

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OSS Compatibility Test Center Provide state sanctioned tests on open source programming similarity on equipment Strive to influence with OSS the solid and various equipment industry in Taiwan Lead by Taipei Computer Association 16

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Conclusion Taiwanese OSS improvement in recorded point of view Form a cross-legislative unit to fortify OSS advancement in Taiwan Set up restricted OSS foundry to communicate with various parts Leverage with neighborhood IA industry 17

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Thank You! Contact Info: Der-Tsai Lee IIS, Academia Sinica, Taiwan <> Open Source Software Foundry <> 18

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