National Association of Purchasing Management Metro Detroit, Inc. NAPM-MD .

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National Association of Purchasing Management – Metro Detroit, Inc. (“NAPM-MD”). The Mission of ISM is to Lead Supply Management. 2.
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National Association of Purchasing Management – Metro Detroit, Inc. ("NAPM-MD")

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The Mission of ISM is to Lead Supply Management 2

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The NAPM-MD is the neighborhood associate of the ISM. By joining the NAPM-MD, you will have entry to the endless assets of the ISM in addition to you will have a nearby association, concentrated on the Supply Management calling, for systems administration and access to the NAPM-MD site. The NAPM-MD site is situated at: . 3

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Strategic Imperatives ISM is the idea pioneer that pulls in and connects with supply administration experts and others affected by the calling. ISM is a crucial part of individual supply administration experts in exceeding expectations and progressing in their professions. Affirmed Professional in Supply Management (CPSM) is perceived as THE fundamental capability required to prevail as a supply administration proficient. ISM extends its worldwide impact. ISM controls crucial skill. ISM is sorted out to be adaptable and receptive to accomplish fabulousness and to advance hierarchical values and esteem. 4

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Community Diversity Environment Ethics Principles of Social Responsibility Timeline Commission set up January 2002 Committee set up August 2003 Presented surprisingly April 2004 89 th Annual International Supply Management Conference Committee name change to Committee on Sustainability and Social Responsibility January 2008 Eight zones Financial Responsibility Human Rights Safety Sustainability

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New Tool to Aid in Social Responsibility Program Implementation Report discharged that will help supply administration experts to start and additionally improve social obligation programs in their associations. Illuminates why the seven standards are vital Provides format for associations to build up a business case for social obligation Steps for usage Overview of costs Benefits Risks The layout might be found at the accompanying WEB address: . 6

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Supporters of the ISM Principles of Social Responsibility

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SMART! An ISM Assessment Tool Appraises aptitudes of your supply administration group to reveal learning crevices Web based poll Results assembled into a report Outlining a preparation and advancement procedure for your particular production network needs Validates your business case for preparing Ensures that your whole supply administration group is continually driving your association to the cutting edge. Contact Rene Yates, C.P.M. alternately Toni Caserta ISM Professional Development Services 10

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SCORE! New Professional Development Scorecard Personal expert advancement scorecard and its going with procedures Useful apparatus to bolster an individual\'s deep rooted proficient advancement objectives and destinations Can essentially enhance headway openings and employer stability Can enhance the individual\'s association , Members Only, Member Information & Online Tools, Personal Professional Development Scorecard Developed by Robert A. Kemp, Ph.D., C.P.M. furthermore, Mark A. Thompson, C.P.M. 11

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Inside Supply Management ® Redesigned with another look and repositioned content that is significant, alluring and adjusts to the dynamic supply administration calling Shorter, less demanding to-process articles More individual, sagacious exchange on hotly debated issues Detailed profiles of how your supply administration peers have handled difficulties A month to month section on authority Monthly substance dedicated to basic subjects, for example, costs, procedure and worldwide issues Enhanced show of the ISM Report on Business ® Distributed month to month as an advantage of ISM enrollment Official production for notices to the ISM participation

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Certified Professional in Supply Management CPSM Pass every one of the three exams or, for current dynamic C.P.M.s pass the scaffold exam Bachelor\'s Degree Three (3) years supply administration encounter Courseware created for survey teachers Train-the-Trainer Comprehensive preparing Consistent preparing materials

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CPSM-Additional Information Educational degrees past Bachelors don\'t diminish necessities No grandfathering from C.P.M. to CPSM You should take the extension exam Or ALL Three of the CPSM exams

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CPSM Recertification Requirements Every three (3) years with 60 Continuing Education Hours (CEHs) Categories for procuring CEHs – school courses & workshops (taken or instructed), commitments to the calling, articles. Competitors will have the capacity to retake each CPSM Exam for 20 CEHs however just in their last year of accreditation or amid their beauty period. One Year Grace period – resets confirmation date

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CPSM Study Materials CPSM Study Guide ISM Professional Series (3 volumes) CPSM Supplementary Reading List CPSM Diagnostic Kit (Available in 2009) The Supply Management Handbook ISM Glossary of Key Supply Management Terms

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CPSM Study Materials Study Guide $59 part , $89 nonmember Three book ISM Professional Series Individual Volumes $85 part , $115 nonmember Set of Three (Discount) $200 part , $280 nonmember

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What do the CPSM Exams resemble? Number of inquiries & time permitted (local) Exam 1 – 165 inquiries (150 scored) 2 hours and 45 minutes permitted Exam 2 – 165 inquiries (150 scored) 2 hours and 45 minutes permitted Exam 3 – 180 inquiries (165 scored) 3 hours permitted Bridge Exam – 180 inquiries (all scored) 3 hours permitted Exam Scores are legitimate for a long time.

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CPSM Exam 1 Foundation of Supply Management 25 errands Content Areas Contracting/Negotiations – 5 Tasks – 32 Questions Cost/Finance – 5 Tasks – 32 Questions International – 3 Tasks – 17 Questions Social Responsibility – 3 Tasks – 14 Questions Sourcing – 3 Tasks – 20 Questions Supplier Relationship Management – 6 Tasks – 35 Questions

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CPSM Exam 2 Effective Supply Management Performance 24 undertakings Content Areas Forecasting – 3 Tasks – 19 Questions Logistics – 4 Tasks – 19 Questions Materials & Inventory Management – 4 Tasks – 19 Questions Organization/Department Assessment – 4 Tasks – 26 Questions Planning – 2 Tasks – 15 Questions Product Development – 2 Tasks – 12 Questions Project Management – 2 Tasks – 19 Questions Quality – 3 Tasks – 21 Questions

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CPSM Exam 3 Leadership in Supply administration 32 assignments Content Areas Leadership – 18 Tasks – 96 Questions Risk and Compliance – 8 Tasks – 32 Questions Strategic Sourcing – 6 Tasks – 37 Questions

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CPSM Bridge Exam The scaffold will be a solitary exam covering contemporary subject matter of substance not covered in the current C.P.M. Exam.  The scaffold exam will be accessible to test through the end of 2014.

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CPSM Bridge Exam Contracting/Negotiations – 3 Tasks – 5 Questions Cost/Finance – 5 Tasks – 12 Questions International – 3 Tasks – 8 Questions Social Responsibility – 3 Tasks – 5 Questions Sourcing – 2 Tasks – 2 Questions Supplier Relationship Management – 4 Tasks – 6 Questions Forecasting – 2 Tasks – 5 Questions Logistics – 4 Tasks – 12 Questions

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CPSM Bridge Exam Materials & Inventory Management – 4 Tasks – 12 Questions Organization/Department Assessment – 3 Tasks – 10 Questions Planning – 2 Tasks – 9 Questions Product Development – 1 Task – 3 Questions Project Management – 2 Tasks – 8 Questions Quality – 1 Task – 3 Questions Leadership – 10 Tasks – 30 Questions Risk and Compliance – 6 Tasks – 15 Questions Strategic Sourcing – 6 Tasks – 35 Questions

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Certified Purchasing Manager (C.P.M.) Expiration date for issuing new C.P.M.s will be December 31, 2013 Will keep on recertify current C.P.M.s Value and acknowledgment of your C.P.M. are changeless.

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Certified Purchasing Manager (C.P.M.) Requirements Pass the four modules of the C.P.M. Exam 5 years experience or 3 years with a four year degree from a licensed school or college Full-time; proficient non-administrative; non-bolster Maintain recertification like clockwork, may keep on recertify Lifetime Certification – 18 years of experience These necessities have not changed.

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C.P.M. Recertification Requirements Every Five (5) years with 84 Continuing Education Hours (CEHs) Categories for gaining CEHs – school courses & workshops (taken or instructed), commitments to the calling, articles. Competitors will have the capacity to retake C.P.M. Modules 3 &/or 4 for 42 CEHs each (not accessible for enlistment after 12/31/2008). One Year Grace period – does not reset affirmation date

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Important Dates 12/31/2008 – Postmark cut-off date for C.P.M. Exam Registration processing* 12/31/2009 – Last day to test C.P.M. Modules enlisted before 12/31/2008 12/31/2013 – Postmark cut-off date for C.P.M. Unique/Original Lifetime Applications 12/31/2014 – Last day Bridge Exam is accessible to test *Note: Exam Registrations are substantial for one (1) year from the date of enrollment.

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ISM\'s Profe

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