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Win Money And Discounts Shopping At Neighborhood And Internet Businesses ... Win Residual Income Referring Family And Friends To Shop Where You Shop ...
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National Black Yellow Pages second Most Referenced Source For People Of Color

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Objectives Most Comprehensive Reference Guide Preferred Source to Reach People of Color Recycle Money Back To The Community

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History Over 20 Years Old, Founded – 1984 Copyrighted And Privately Held Home Office – Columbia, Maryland

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Originally In Book Format Originally Perfect Bound, Canary Yellow Cover, 50 lb. Security Paper Now Internet Accessible ( ) Description

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Benefits Single Point of Contact An International Network Of Consumers & Businesses Recycle Money Back To The Community Buying From Businesses

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Benefits (Cont\'d) Consumer Rewards & Discount Shopping Earn Money And Discounts Shopping At Neighborhood And Internet Businesses Sales Commissions Earn Residual Income Referring Family And Friends To Shop Where You Shop

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Sections Organization - National Organizations - Landmarks & Museums - Historical Colleges & Universities Government - Caucuses - Embassies - Elected Officials - Appointed Officials Business - Listings - Banner Ads

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Target Market Black U.S. Purchasing Power 2004 - $679 Billion 2010 - Projected At $1 Trillion U.S. Information 2003 - Black Population - 38.3 Million 2002 - Black Owned Businesses - 1.2 Million

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Target Market (Cont\'d)

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Target Market (Cont\'d)

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Target Market (Cont\'d)

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Pricing Strategy Free Advertising Upgraded Advertising Competitively Priced Free Representative Signup Free Membership

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Distribution Channels Individuals Family/Friends African American Consumers Purchasing Agents National Black Yellow Pages Leads Internet Users International Buyers

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Distribution Channels (Cont\'d) Organizations National Black Yellow Pages Leads & Listings Fraternities & Sororities Libraries & Schools Government Agencies Religious Bodies

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Distribution Channels (Cont\'d) Businesses National Black Yellow Pages Leads & Listings Minority Business Enterprise Officials African American Business Owners National Accounts

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Direct Mail Regular Mail E-Mail Direct Sales Representatives - Conferences/Expos - Conventions/Fairs Bookstores Direct Response Telemarketing - Leads - Listings Advertising - Ethnic Publications - Targeted Radio/TV - Feature News - Corporate Pubs Sales & Promotions

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Advertising Options

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Advertising Options (Cont\'d)

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Registration Advertisers Representatives Members

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Registration (Cont\'d) Advertisers - Free Advertising - Competitively Priced Upgraded Listings

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Registration (Cont\'d) Representatives - Area Coordinator - Acquires Designated Sales Area - Paid % Of Assigned Area Commissions - Sales Manager - Sponsors 1 Sales Representative - Paid % Of Sponsored Representatives - Sales Representatives - Free Signup - Markets Products & Services - Paid % Of Advertising Sales

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Registration (Cont\'d) Members - Free Membership - Discount Shopping At Neighborhood & Internet Businesses

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Conclusion Advertisers - Connected To Growing Database Of Buyers Worldwide - New Customers Eager To Purchase Products & Services - Low Or No Cost Advertising Representatives - Receive Commissions - Additional Revenue Stream Without Cost Of Inventory Members - Keep Money In Their Pockets. - Earn Cash For Something They Do Everyday… Shop!

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Next Step Register At ( ) Or Mail Your Forms To: National Black Yellow Pages P.O. Box 2843 Columbia, Maryland 21045

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