NATIONAL Nourishment Save Office (NFRA).

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Storehouse Complex. 2. NFRA BACKGROUND. The National Food Reserve Agency (NFRA) is a Parastatal of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture
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´╗┐NATIONAL FOOD RESERVE AGENCY (NFRA) By Dr. M. I. Lawal, Coordinating Director, NFRA Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources

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NFRA BACKGROUND The National Food Reserve Agency (NFRA) is a Parastatal of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture & Water Resources (FMAWR). NFRA was set up to address key issues and imperatives identifying with farming generation, preparing, stockpiling and advertising. NFRA radiated from the merger of the accompanying previous offices/divisions of the FMAWR: - Projects Coordinating Unit (PCU), Strategic Grains Reserve (SGR), Fertilizer office, Cooperatives office, and FDA\'s Engineering/Mechanization and Post - Harvest Technology divisions.

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NFRA VISION To guarantee maintainable access, accessibility and reasonableness of value sustenance to all Nigerians and for Nigeria to end up a critical net supplier of nourishment to the worldwide group

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NFRA MISSION In the short term, to altogether enhance Nigeria\'s agrarian efficiency; In the medium term, to extend and enhance substantial scale generation, stockpiling/preparing limit and additionally obliged framework to accomplish nourishment security; In the long haul, to accomplish national nourishment adequacy and determine more than half of the country\'s outside trade through horticultural fare.

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NFRA Management Structure Presently, the Acting Executive Officer of the Agency is a Coordinating Director, who reports to the Honorable Minister of Agriculture & Water Resources through the Permanent Secretary. The six Departments of the Agency are: -Food Reserve & Storage (FRS); -Agro-Processing & Marketing (APM); -International Collaboration & Partnership (ICP); -Agric Production & Inputs Services (APIS); -Cooperatives Development; -Finance & Accounts; and -Administration. The Agency\'s operations are decentralized with Regional Offices in each geo-political zone. The Regional workplaces have nearer linkage with the states, Local Governments and the agriculturists.

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Functions of the Food Reserve & Storage Dept Operating the vital sustenance save stock Establishment, operation and upkeep of storerooms Operating the Guaranteed Minimum Price (GMP) system Management and circulation of nourishment items

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Functions of the Agro-Processing & Marketing Dept Development of bungalow ventures Development of agro-mechanical parks Development of significant worth included items and business sector for agrarian produce Development & administration of fare molding and handling focuses in organization with the private division Operation of value control administrations to guarantee consistence with universal fare benchmarks

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Functions of the International Collaboration & Partnership Dept Collaborating with national and worldwide offices in actualizing ventures for Nigeria\'s farming advancement Coordinating the tasks supported by givers (World Bank, AfDB, IsDB, FAO, and so on) to guarantee family unit and national nourishment security, destitution lightening and vocation change in Nigeria Providing arranging, observing & assessment support for proficient and powerful execution of the benefactor ventures and also the home developed National Program for Food Security (NPFS). Help of linkage between ranchers, State ADPs and horticultural research and preparing organizations.

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Functions of the APIS Dept: Fertilizer Services Fertilizer quality control & direction to cultivate development in the sub-area Support of compost particular augmentation bundles Providing national/worldwide manure market information and data Linkage with private segment manure plant speculators and consolation of nearby mixing plants

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Functions of the APIS Dept: Tractorization Facilitating ranch automation by helping ranchers to have admittance to tractors and other homestead hardware through Public Private Partnership (PPP) courses of action Supporting expansion bundles on rural motorization

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Functions of the Finance & Accounts Dept Operating the Agency\'s yearly spending Management of advantages and inventories Preparation of conclusive records Carrying out general money related administration of the Agency

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Functions of the Administration Dept Carrying out work force administration and general administrations capacities Taking charge of preparing and HR improvement of the Agency Development of staff welfare

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NFRA ACHIEVEMENTS IN 2009 63,859.27mt of arranged grains were secured out of the 124,000mt focused on (51.5% accomplishment). Contract s for obtainment of extra 170,000mt of arranged items granted and supplies in advancement 25,000mt of grouped nourishment wares were disseminated 612 unemployed young people were prepared and have finished their temporary job on different endeavors including poultry generation, crop/nectar creation and agro-handling. The development of 75 units of 2,000mt - limit group distribution centers 48 units have been finished.

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NFRA ACHIEVEMENTS IN 2009 CONT\'D 11No existing storehouse edifices including the plants and subordinate gear were kept up. Development of 20 extra storehouse edifices were started across the nation amid the year. The foundation of two agro-preparing homes in the nation is in advancement. Work is advancing in the across the country foundation of 17No rice preparing plants of 40mt limit each. Financial specialists were chosen and assembled for the foundation of 6No fare crop taking care of, conservation and molding focuses across the country.

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NFRA ACHIEVEMENTS IN 2009 CONT\'D The FMAWR through NFRA advanced the utilization of ensured seeds by ranchers with a specific end goal to enhance efficiency. In the 2009 trimming season, more than 1,300mt of guaranteed seeds of rice, maize, sorghum, millet, cowpea, soyabean and beniseed were supplied by authorize seed organizations to the 37 ADPs and sold to ranchers at half endowment. 5No Agricultural Seed Centers were built up under the manufacture, work and own (BOO) model of open private association (PPP) activity.

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NFRA ACHIEVEMENTS IN 2009 CONT\'D Agricultural Production Survey comes about by the State ADPs were arranged and distributed by the organization. The consequences of the reviews led by the State ADPs and broke down by the Agency in 2009 showed that in 2008, the area range developed to cassava by little holder ranchers expanded by around 10 percent when contrasted with the 3.26million hectares in 2007. Notwithstanding, the yields of most harvests by the little holder agriculturists did not increment considerably when contrasted and that of the previous years. Likewise, on ware market costs, the distinctions in the business sector costs of most items somewhere around 2008 and 2009 were by and large not more than 20%.

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NFRA ACHIEVEMENTS IN 2009 CONT\'D Under the tractorisation program, the FGN finances the expense of a tractor to the tune of 25%; State government 15%; and the recipients 60%. Contracts for the supply 2,600 units of tractors and executes was granted in 2009 692 units of tractors and actualizes conveyed.

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CHALLENGES Inadequate office settlement antagonistically influenced staff efficiency Delay in the section of the bill setting up the Agency by the National Assembly unfavorably influenced staff confidence and profitability

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CONCLUSION NFRA exercises are by and large centered around craving and neediness decrease in accordance with the MDG and government goals/arrangement pushes identified with riches creation, solid job of the Nigerian citizenry and youth occupation, among others. The Agency is resolved to accomplish more in tending to the full esteem bind way to deal with actuate the intensity of the rural part in Nigeria. So as to enhance the accomplishments recorded in this way, subsidizes ought to be discharged on time to upgrade brief execution of the arranged exercises/ventures.

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