National Sea-going Asset Reviews.

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National Aquatic Surveys. EPA and our State, Tribal and Federal Partners are leading factual studies of the state of the Nation\'s watersUnbiased appraisals of condition taking into account an agent test of watersCore markers utilizing institutionalized field and lab methodsSurveys spread Rivers/Streams, Lakes/Reservoirs, Wetlands, and Coastal Waters.
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National Aquatic Resource Surveys National Coastal Condition Assessment – 2010 Sarah Lehmann

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National Aquatic Surveys EPA and our State, Tribal and Federal Partners are directing measurable reviews of the state of the Nation\'s waters Unbiased evaluations of condition in view of an agent test of waters Core pointers utilizing institutionalized field and lab strategies Surveys spread Rivers/Streams, Lakes/Reservoirs, Wetlands, and Coastal Waters

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Key Objectives of the Survey What is the degree of waters that backing solid biological systems, entertainment, and fish utilization? How broad are the most critical water quality issues? Is water quality making strides? It is safe to say that we are putting resources into reclamation and assurance admirably?

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National Aquatic Resource Survey Schedule

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Monitoring Initiative – Current Allocation of Funds Provide States $8.45M in 106 stipend to partake in factually substantial overviews of the Nation\'s waters $8000 per site for territorial/national scale review in lower 48 Provide an extra $9.8M in 106 award for enhanced checking projects and state needs $169,900/State every year for system improvements laid out in state observing procedures

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EPA Use of the Surveys The aftereffects of the principal national studies - the National Coastal Assessments and the Wadeable Streams Assessment – are incorporated into EPA\'s Report on the Environment\'s key arrangement utilizes study comes about as a key measure of the execution of our security and rebuilding programs.

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National Coastal Condition Report The National Coastal Assessment was the primary national study utilizing the EMAP review outline. Three national reports delivered since 2001 (one is still in draft). These National Coastal Condition Reports incorporate factual evaluations of 100% of the country\'s estuaries in the bordering 48 states, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii. Extraordinary Lakes data included yet gathered from SOLEC markers.

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National Coastal Condition Report Reports address five key pointers of natural wellbeing: water quality, waterfront living space misfortune, residue quality, benthic group condition, and fish tissue contaminants.

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Overall Condition NCCR III

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NCCRs Planning NCCR II 2005 NCCR III 2008 NCCR IV 2011 NCCR I 2001 NCCR V 2012 1997-2000 1990-1996 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2007 2008 2009 2010 2006 NEP REPORT I 2007 NEP REPORT II 2012 ?? Blue – Data Collected Pink – No Data Collected

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National Coastal Condition Report - 2010 First meeting of State/Federal Workgroup made arrangements for June 10-11 2008 Workgroups will adjust and include pointers in 2008 New Issues: Add Great Lakes Section 106 financing Schedule: Sampling in 2010 NCCR V in 2012

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Draft Agenda for June Meeting San Antonio, TX June 10-11, 2008 Discuss subsidizing approach Present and talk about specimen draw – first "discard draft" for the Great Lakes Begin dialog of markers – including concentrate on suitable Great Lake pointers Establish pointer workgroups Plan future Webinars/gatherings

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