Nature and Affection.

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Nature and Adoration Islamic Thinks about Gathering I am not here on earth for struggle, Affection is the mission of my life. Yunus Emre The most ideal approach to know God is to love numerous things. Van Gogh
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Nature and Love Islamic Studies Group

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I am not here on earth for struggle, Love is the mission of my life. Yunus Emre The most ideal approach to know God is to cherish numerous things. Van Gogh Islamic Studies Group

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Outline Materialistic View of nature Islam’s View of Nature Love of God Approaches of Some Islamic Scholars Qur’an and Nature (Reflection on that) Conclusion

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M aterialistic View of Nature is a machine, has no worth and communicates no feeling of reason . Nature is a dull undertaking, soundless, scentless, dismal: simply the hustling of matter, interminably, pointlessly. A tree , for instance, increases a large portion of its undeniable worth through human intercession. So that it’s potential to turn into a seat, a table or other bit of furniture is its key wellspring of worth. The main esteem that nature can have is instrumental worth . Experimental things have no social and profound quality. (In the conventional definition of logical laws ,they are intended to be free of social predisposition or otherworldly import.)

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The Islamic View of Nature/cont. Qur ’ a sees the normal world as a domain of “sign s ” (ayah pl. ayat) , a locus of noteworthy : revealing a heavenly magnificence obliging a consideration on the double profound and cozy. The motivation behind the Qur’an, is “to stir in man the higher cognizance of his complex relations with God and universe”. (M. Iqbal)

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The Islamic View of Nature/cont.2 Any mindful perusers of the Qur ’ a will be captured by wonders that are a sign of Lord . Muslim reacted to the welcome of the Qur ’ an and consider everything to be an indication of Divine.

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“there is not a thing but rather observes His praise”. (Qur\'an 17:44)

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Everything observes His praise….. The seven sky and the earth, and all creatures in that, proclaim His radiance; there is not a thing but rather observes His acclaim; but then you see not how they pronounce His magnificence!

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Everything observes His commendation ..

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the most ideal approach to know God The most ideal approach to know God is to adore numerous things. Whosoever cherishes much performs much, and can fulfill much, and what is done in affection is well done. One must dependably attempt to know more profound, better and the sky is the limit from there. That prompts God—that prompts steadfast confidence . Van Gogh

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“ Come forward, and carry with you a heart That watches and gets ” .

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The Qur’anic Bases "We are closer to him than his/her jugular vein." (Qur\'an 50:16) "To God has a place the East and the West: wherever you turn, there is the Face of God.“ (Qur\'an 2:115)

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I was a concealed fortune, and I craved to be known; along these lines I made the creation all together that I may be known." Hadith Qudsi

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Islam on Environment Rumi ( 1207-1271) Yunus Emre (d.1321) Said Nursi (1877-1960)

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Jalal al-Din Rumi (1207-1273) He is the best mysterious writer of Islam . Pulled in otherworldly seekers from each religion on the planet Even in his day, Rumi was searched out by vendors and lords, sincere admirers and defiant seekers, acclaimed researchers and regular workers, men and ladies. At his memorial service, Muslims, Christians, Jews from Arabs, Persians, Turks and Romans regarded him. Listen to his call for seekers of truth :

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R umi: The Poet of Love.. Come, come, whoever you are. Vagabond, admirer, significant other of clearing out. It doesn’t matter. Our own is not a troop of depression. Come, regardless of the possibility that you have broken your pledge a hundred times. Come, once more, come, come.

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God and Creation In Rumi’s understanding, everything is alive. God makes everything with a particular request, obligation, reason, and significance. There is not at all like inert matter in his framework .

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A tree opening its hand in request to God simply like as an adherent

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A M uslim Praying

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Y unus Emre He was a thirteenth century dervish from Anatolia. He assumed an exceptional part in Turkish society, writing and reasoning. A few journalists see him as the most critical writer in Turkish history; his verse, dialect and logic formed Turkish culture and still do as such. He trusted that each molecule on the planet, vitalize and spiritless was showing the magnificence and enormity of God .

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Love and creation O man of adoration, open your eyes; take a gander at the substance of earth. Perceive how these dazzling blooms, embellishing themselves, came [and then] went on. Each blossom, with thousand teasing air, acclaim God with supplications. These feathered creatures with lovely voices discuss reiterations of the King.

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Yunus joins to the general supplication to God of creation to God With the mountains and rocks I get you out, my God; With the winged animals as dawns I get you out, my God. With Jesus in the sky, Moses on Mount Sinai, Raising my staff high, I get you out, my God.

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Universal Love He trusted that each molecule on the planet, energize and spiritless was showing the excellence and enormity of God . Come here, how about we make peace, how about we not be outsiders to each other. “We adore all animals for the purpose of their Creator”!

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L et every one of us be companions Come, let all of us be companions for once, Let us make life simple on us, Let us be significant others and friends and family, The earth should be left to nobody.

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S ai d Nursi Said Nursi was conceived in 1877 in eastern Turkey and kicked the bucket in 1960. Nursi was a religious researcher of the most elevated standing. He gave his life to the recovery of the customary Islamic comprehension of universe and its ethical ramifications. In his accentuation on the profound parts of Islam, Nursi is viewed as a current illustrative of the Islamic Sufi legacy.

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S ai d Nursi He had close ties with every one of the animals around him and called them as “my brethren”. He would give the felines and pigeons that came to him a player in his own sustenance. He censured one of his understudies who slaughtered a reptile, saying, "Did you make it?" While in jail, he was most vexed when the flies were murdered by splashing, and composed a short piece called The Treatise on Flies. At the point when going for journeys in the wide open, Nursi would ponder ‘the Great Book of the Universe’, and urge his supporters to peruse it .

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the powerful Qur\'an of the universe “everything, from the sky to the earth, from the stars to flies, from blessed messengers to angles, and from planets to particles, prostrates, loves, lauds and celebrates Almighty God. Their love changes as indicated by their abilities and the Divine Names that they show; it is all different." There is no inconsistency between the teachings of the Qur’an and the book of nature.

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Qur’an and Nature In the sky\'s production and the earth, in the rotation of night and day, in the boats cruising through the sea for the advantage of humankind, in the water which God sends down from the sky and with which He resuscitates the earth after its demise, scattering over it a wide range of brutes, in the winds\' law and mists oppressed between the earth and sky: [There] are signs for individuals who reason. (2:164)

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request and parity in the universe There is a request and equalization in the universe which is made by God. no inefficiency, purposelessness, and nonattendance of advantages in the way of things. The Qur’an additionally says: “Eat and beverage, however squander not in excess." (7:31). In this way, the humankind ought to take lessons from eco-frameworks and lead a savvy and parsimonious life.

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Cat\'s Eye Nebula taken by the NASA Hubble Space Telescope

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If the sea were ink .. The Qur ’ a says: “If the sea were ink for the expressions of my Lord, definitely the sea would be spent before the expressions of my Lord were done, regardless of the fact that We brought another (sea) like it, for its aid.” (18:109)

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Conclusion God has made this world and endowed it to people alone, They are not the proprietors and e

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