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NATURE AND ISLAM By: AMAL KAMAL Two Methodologies Expansive Subject 2 distinct methodologies Utilizing verses as a part of the Quran to demonstrate that Allah made nature Utilizing nature to demonstrate the presence of Allah and the exactness of the Quran SURAT AR-RAD (first approach) Juz 13 Verse 3-4 AR-RAD
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Two Approaches Broad Topic-2 diverse methodologies Using verses in the Quran to demonstrate that Allah made nature Using nature to demonstrate the presence of Allah and the exactness of the Quran

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SURAT AR-RAD (first approach) Juz 13 Verse 3-4

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AR-RAD وùŽù‡ùùˆùŽ Ù±ù„ù‘ùŽø°ùù‰ مùŽø¯ù‘ùŽ Ù±ù„û¡ø£ùŽø±û¡ø¶ùŽ وùŽø¬ùŽø¹ùŽù„ùŽ فùùŠûùŽø§ رùŽùˆùŽù²ø³ùù‰ùŽ وùŽø£ùŽù†û¡ûùŽù€ù°ø±ù‹û¬ø§â€Œû– وùŽù…ùù† كùù„ù‘ù Ù±ù„ø«ù‘ùŽù…ùŽø±ùŽù²øªù جùŽø¹ùŽù„ùŽ فùùŠûùŽø§ زùŽùˆû¡ø¬ùŽùŠû¡ù†ù Ù±ø«û¡ù†ùŽùŠû¡ù†ùâ€Œû– يùøºû¡ø\'ùù‰ Ù±ù„ù‘ùŽùŠû¡ù„ùŽ Ù±ù„ù†ù‘ùŽûùŽø§ø±ùŽâ€Œûš Ø¥ùù†ù‘ùŽ فùù‰ Ø°ùŽù²ù„ùùƒùŽ لùŽø£ùŽùŠùŽù€ù°øªùû¬ لù‘ùù‚ùŽùˆû¡ù…ùû¬ يùŽøªùŽùùŽùƒù‘ùŽø±ùùˆù†ùŽ

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AR-RAD وùŽùùù‰ Ù±ù„û¡ø£ùŽø±û¡ø¶ù قùø·ùŽø¹ùŒû¬ مù‘ùøªùŽø¬ùŽù€ù°ùˆùø±ùŽù²øªùŒû¬ وùŽø¬ùŽù†ù‘ùŽù€ù°øªùŒû¬ مù‘ùù†û¡ Ø£ùŽø¹û¡ù†ùŽù€ù°ø¨ùû¬ وùŽø²ùŽø±û¡ø¹ùŒû¬ وùŽù†ùŽø®ùùŠù„ùŒû¬ صùù†û¡ùˆùŽø§ù†ùŒû¬ وùŽøºùŽùŠû¡ø±ù صùù†û¡ùˆùŽø§ù†ùû¬ يùø³û¡ù‚ùŽù‰ù° بùù…ùŽø§ù“ø¡ùû¬ وùŽù²ø­ùø¯ùû¬ وùŽù†ùùùŽø¶ù‘ùù„ù بùŽø¹û¡ø¶ùŽûùŽø§ عùŽù„ùŽù‰ù° بùŽø¹û¡ø¶ùû¬ فùù‰ Ù±ù„û¡ø£ùúªùù„ùâ€Œûš Ø¥ùù†ù‘ùŽ فùù‰ Ø°ùŽù²ù„ùùƒùŽ لùŽø£ùŽùŠùŽù€ù°øªùû¬ لù‘ùù‚ùŽùˆû¡ù…ùû¬ يùŽø¹û¡ù‚ùù„ùùˆù†ùŽ

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Translation of verse 3 He is the person who has spread out the earth and put consequently mountains and streams, made products of each kind in sets, two and two, and made the night cover the day. Positively in these things, there are signs for the individuals who utilize their sound judgment.

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Recollection Allah (swt) made the universe which incorporates nature: mountains, waterways, organic products, and so forth. Judgment skills alluding to the conspicuous evidence of Allah’s power Non-devotees are uninformed to the confirmation that encompasses them

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Translation of Verse 4 In the earth there are tracts one next to the other: patio nurseries of grapes, cornfields and palm trees with single and twofold trunks-they are all watered with the same water, yet, We make some of them exceed expectations others in taste. Clearly, in this, there are signs for the general population of comprehension.

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Recollection Allah made grapes, cornfields, and palm trees, and so on The marvel of how such diverse plants could leave small seedlings While the plants utilized the same water (soil and sun) to develop regardless they have distinctive tastes

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Evidence (second approach) notwithstanding the Quran expressing that Allah made all of nature There is proof through nature that demonstrates Allah’s presence and reality specified in the Quran

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Mountains Discovered in the 1960’s, the hypothesis of plate tectonics expresses that mountains fill in as stabilizers for the earth (And He has set firm mountains in the earth so that it would not shake with you…)quran 16:15

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Mountains (cont.) Scientists have as of late figured out that mountains have profound basic roots installed in the ground which make the mountains molded like a peg. (Have We not made the Earth as a bed, and the mountains as pegs?) 78:6-7

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Seas and Rivers Modern science has found that in spots where two oceans meet, there is a boundary between them (He is the person who has set free the two sorts of water, one sweet and tasteful, and the other salty and sharp. Furthermore, He has made between them an obstruction and a disallowing parcel) 25:53

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Deep Seas (Or [the unbeliever’s state] is similar to the murkiness in a remote ocean. It is secured by waves, above which are waves, above which are mists. Darknesses, one above another. In the event that a man extends his hand, he can not see it…)24:40

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Deep Seas (cont) Scientists have found the amazing haziness of the profound oceans Also, inward waves, or waves under the surface, have as of late been found .:tslidesep.

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