Nature-GIS: an undertaking diagram GISIG.

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Nature-GIS: an undertaking plot GISIG Nature-GIS : an European topical system for Ensured Ranges/Nature Protection and Geological Data Topical system IST Program, code IST-2001-34641 Begin April 2002 Span 36 months Fundamental targets and yield: Goals
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Nature-GIS: an undertaking framework GISIG

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Nature-GIS : an European topical system for Protected Areas/Nature Preservation and Geographical Information Thematic system IST Program, code IST-2001-34641 Start April 2002 Duration 36 months

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Main goals and yield: Objectives To bolster the procurement of orchestrated geo-data about Protected Areas To bolster community to information and data in the EU and in the new increase nations To bring issues to light in regards to the utilization of GI-GIS in this field Output Technical rules for GI information for ensured regions Definition and exhibition of a Web access to GI information The topical system NATURE-GIS

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Expected result: utilization of the Guidelines to actualize GIS in secured regions showing of how is relevant web access to data in the field European mindfulness for a supra-national methodology in GI administration in secured ranges foundation of a dish European “Nature-GIS bunch ”

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The Nature-GIS approach

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Network and result

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Project WP’s 1 (Network administration) 2 User needs appraisal 3 Data prerequisites and strategy 4 Functional necessities 5 Access to data and GI innovation 6 Technical rules for information bases for ensured zones 7 Assessment and assessment 8 Dissemination 9 Nature-GIS towards a skillet European system for secured zones

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WP structure

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Partnership Project Co-ordinator GISIG - Geographical Information Systems International Group (I) Steering Committee Members and WP Leaders JRC-IES University of Aberdeen (UK) Ionic Software (B) University of Evora (P) Cemagref - Center National du machinisme agricole, du genie provincial, des eaux et des forets (F) Regione Piemonte (I)

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Partnership Network individuals Tarnium (F) Stiftung Europaisches Naturerbe (D) Lulea University of Technology (S) University of Cyprus (CY) VUGTK - Research Institute of Geodesy, Topography and Cartography (CZ) Estonian Environment Information Center (EE) University of West Hungary (H) University of Zilina (SK) University of Grenoble Joseph Fourier (F) University of Girona (E) Ursit (BG) Jagellonian University (PL)

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First venture stage: Assessment of: client needs information prerequisites useful necessities

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Nature-GIS site at:

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Nature-GIS as a topical system: EURIPIDES-GI: EURopean Integrated Project to Improve DEcision-production in secured areaS National and European level Concept of multifunctional secured zones Sustainability European Directives Geo Infrastructure for ensured regions

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EURIPIDES-GI Thematic Research Exploitation and linkage with other EU activities and Target Groups GI Infrastructure Leverage Activities Thematic Research Natural and Ecological perspectives. GI and … ( bio-assorted qualities security, Land utilization/area spread changes, Planning and effect of biological passages, Marine ensured zones, Global change and assurance of wetlands) Human effect and coordination in ensured regions. GI and … ( worldwide change and element assessment, urban improvement, European transport systems effect and related danger, tourism, human legacy)

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Nature-GIS and the connection to the EU strategies: An illustration: Inspire Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe

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Nature-GIS is a system uniting the diverse partners in ensured territories, both clients and specialists in IT and in nature preservation, to address the prerequisites for geographic data in secured ranges , with extraordinary reference to European arrangements in this field .

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Contact: Please reach us in the event that you require any additional data or location to: Thank you all that much for your consideration! .:tslidesep.

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