Nature in Craftsmanship = Workmanship in Nature By Genifer Best - Basic Craftsmanship Pro Alice Carlson Connected Learni.

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Nature in Craftsmanship = Workmanship in Nature By Genifer Best - Basic Craftsmanship Expert Alice Carlson Connected Learning Center January 10, 2009 Fitzgerald Rudimentary. Teton Science Schools Experience. Place Based Instruction. What is it?
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Nature in Art = Art in Nature By Genifer Best - Elementary Art Specialist Alice Carlson Applied Learning Center January 10, 2009 Fitzgerald Elementary

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Teton Science Schools Experience

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Place Based Education What is it? It is making an individual feeling of having a place in the world…beginning with “where you are now” It is a method for associating - profoundly to your surroundings It is not joined with a particular place The open air classroom is an instructive apparatus, yet it is only an entire\'s segment.

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Learning to Care School Yard Greater Community Neighborhood Watershed

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Using Art to Teach Life Cycles A procedure way to deal with work of art liberates everybody from “mistakes”! Forms in Nature = Processes in Art In craftsmanship all through the ages, the circle of life has been delineated actually, figuratively, incidentally, emotionally…you name it!

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We Are One All living things on Earth share a typical birthplace. We all have bodies made of Earth and offer the same life-materials.

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We are all made of stardust. We all have bodies made of six components which were conceived in the heart of a withering star – molecules of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulfur.

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We all offer daylight vitality; we all have the same water. We all live in groups. * From

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Simplified “Circle of Life”

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From Life…A Study of Georgia O’Keeffe

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To Death…Decomposition in Nature and Art

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To Birth…A New Form Emerges Plantable paper that will get to be blossoms again in the Spring.

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Movement, change, light, development and rot are the soul of nature, the energies that I attempt to tap through my work. I require the stun of touch, the resistance of spot, materials and climate, the earth is my source. – An

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