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NCATE The NCATE Visit at Old Westbury October 13-18, 2006 Patrick O'Sullivan What is NCATE? National Board for the Accreditation of Instructor Training Programs An associate audit accreditation We have our site visit October 13-18, 2006 Why NCATE?
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NCATE The NCATE Visit at Old Westbury October 13-18, 2006 Patrick O’Sullivan

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What is NCATE? National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education Programs An associate survey accreditation We have our site visit October 13-18, 2006

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Why NCATE? Eighty-two percent of general society favors obliging educators to move on from broadly certify proficient schools. Accreditation is seen to fortify a calling, after bookkeeping, building, prescription, nursing, and other set up callings. 66% of the nation’s new educator graduates are from NCATE authorize organizations, (Most states have decided to utilize NCATE principles to audit foundations). 700 out of 1,200 instructor readiness organizations are NCATE authorize or possibility for accreditation, (the staying 500 are assessed by their states).

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What are the NCATE targets? To guarantee that establishments get ready instructors who: Know the topic Demonstrate information of compelling showing practices Reflect on their practice and adjust their guideline Can show understudies from diverse foundations Have been administered by expert educators Can coordinate innovation into direction

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The 6 NCATE Unit Standards Standard 1: Candidate Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions Candidates get ready to work in schools as educators know and exhibit the substance, pedagogical, and proficient learning, abilities, and attitudes important to help all understudies learn. Standard 2: Assessment System and Unit Evaluation The unit has an appraisal framework that gathers and breaks down information on candidate capabilities, applicant and graduate execution, and unit operations, to assess and enhance the unit and its projects. Standard 3: Field Experiences and Clinical Practice The unit and its school accomplices plan, actualize, and assess field encounters and clinical practice with the goal that educator hopefuls and other school faculty create and exhibit the information, abilities, and manners important to help all understudies learn.

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Standard 4: Diversity The unit plans, actualizes, and assesses educational programs and encounters for hopefuls that incorporate working with various workforce, differing competitors, and all understudies in P–12 schools. “All students” incorporates understudies with exceptionalities and of distinctive ethnic, racial, sexual orientation, dialect, religious, financial, and local/geographic starting points. Standard 5: Faculty Qualifications, Performance, and Development Faculty are qualified and model best proficient practices in grant, administration, and educating, including the evaluation they could call their own adequacy as identified with competitor execution. They additionally team up with associates in the orders and schools. The unit methodicallly assesses workforce execution and encourages proficient advancement. Standard 6: Unit Governance and Resources The unit has the administration, power, spending plan, work force, offices, and assets for the planning of contender to meet proficient, state, and institutional measures.

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The procedure Submit Preconditions, including the Conceptual Framework Submit Program Reviews (Childhood Education, Exceptional Education, Adolescence Education Social Studies, Adolescence and Middle Childhood Education Spanish, Math, Biology, Chemistry) Create and execute an appraisal framework for the Education Unit Submit Institutional Report

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Our Conceptual Framework lays on three standards: • A promise to planning instructors as experts • A dynamic engagement in advancing a simply world • A faith in the interdisciplinary way of learning and practice •

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A pledge to get ready educators as experts. Our objectives are To outfit hopefuls with the center information and abilities to cultivate a gainful learning environment, and the way to overhaul such information To get ready contender for achievement in their starting field studies To get ready possibility to direct keen and expert perception of understudies keeping in mind the end goal to create focused on instructional arrangements Arts and Sciences staff take an interest in this procedure through The general training center necessity Required A&S fixations for rudimentary training competitors, and a noteworthy for auxiliary instruction applicants

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A faith in the interdisciplinary way of information and practice. Our objectives are: To furnish hopefuls with a wide interdisciplinary information base To give applicants the pedagogical aptitudes to outline interdisciplinary educational program To incorporate innovation in showing and learning Arts and Sciences workforce take part in this procedure through Interdisciplinary divisions and majors Grants – Long Island Consortium for Interconnected Learning

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A dynamic engagement in advancing a simply world. Our objectives are: To make pioneers who configuration and effectively actualize educational modules in a comprehensive and multicultural setting To make pioneers who apply course substance and abilities as they take part in exercises in light of the assorted needs of the group To plan experts who exhibit a pledge to value and equity through the utilization of socially responsive methodologies To get ready applicants who advocate with respect to youngsters when kid manhandle, disregard or viciousness is suspected To advance social equity through dynamic association in Service Learning encounters Arts and Sciences personnel take an interest in this procedure through STEP and CSTEP Grants to bring more minority understudies into the sciences Hispanic and Latino social focus to advance social comprehension Outreach exercises embraced by the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities

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What is your part in NCATE? NCATE is assessing the establishment, not the SOE Teacher Education hopefuls have a place with all offices (Teacher readiness is an all-college obligation since 70-80% of the planning happens outside the SOE). Know the Conceptual Framework – know how your work fits into the CF Chair, Program Coordinators and Directors ought to be accessible on grounds October 16 th and 17 th . NCATE Board of Examiners may visit a class on October 16 th or 17 th.

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What is the Institutional Report? The IR incorporates a diagram of the College The IR incorporates key focuses from the CF The IR explains on every one of the six measures Standards 1 and 2 are essential Familiarize yourself with the Table of Contents, in any event, of t

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