NCHN Meeting April 20-22, 2009.

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NCHN Meeting April 20-22, 2009 Marion Florence Marion District Restorative Center Lower Florence Dark Stream Human services DHEC-Area 4 Lake City Group Clinic Clarendon Williamsburg Clarendon Remembrance Doctor's facility DHEC-Locale 6 Williamsburg Doctor's facility Dark Waterway Social insurance
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NCHN Conference April 20-22, 2009

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Marion Florence Marion County Medical Center Lower Florence Black River Healthcare DHEC-Region 4 Lake City Community Hospital Clarendon Williamsburg Clarendon Memorial Hospital DHEC-Region 6 Williamsburg Hospital Black River Healthcare Williamsburg Technical College Black River Healthcare (2) COASTAL PLAIN RURAL HEALTH NETWORK Clarendon Lower Florence, Marion and Williamsburg Counties South Carolina

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Rural Health Networks Upper Midlands Northeastern Lakelands Coastal Plain Low Country Healthcare

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Coastal Plain Rural Health Network The Mission “Through the sharing of thoughts, endeavors, and assets, the individuals from the Coastal Plain Rural Health Network will use their joined aptitudes and systems administration capacities to upgrade and enhance the general wellbeing status of the nationals in our regions.” The Vision “ To fortify human services availability and quality to the subjects of the Coastal Plain Rural Health Network Region.”

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We Have A Great Story To Tell… Let’s begin long prior when five group doctor\'s facilities were framed in our Network locale – devoted to giving quality social insurance to all residents. Williamsburg Regional Hospital Clarendon Memorial Hospital Lake City Community Hospital Mullins Hospital Marion Memorial Hospital

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Look how we have changed! Overhauled veneers and enhanced innovation that give proceeded with quality medicinal services to rustic nationals. CEOs that have confidence in their healing centers and groups. John Hales, CEO Williamsburg Regional Hospital Gene Tucker, CEO Marion Regional Healthcare System Lake City Community Hospital Not Available

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Together, we understand we are more grounded together than separated! Barbara Brooks, CEO Black River Healthcare System Edward R. Frye, CEO Clarendon Health System

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Partnerships: The way to improving human services in Rural South Carolina Dr. Graham Adams, Executive Director Ms. Sheri Seigler, Flex Coordinator NETWORKS Were Created! Mr. Jim Allen, Consultant

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Joining in the exertion were different offices who likewise put stock in giving medicinal services to our provincial subjects. Mrs. Linda Johnson, DHEC Mr. Derrick Mims, DHEC Dr. Covia Stanley, DHEC Mr. Cleve Cox, Williamsburg Technical College George Harrison, MD

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Mr. Edward Frye, Jr., CEO George Harrison, M.D. Mrs. Scherrie Cogdill, Director Ms. Cassandra Brunson, Assistant Mrs. Linda Johnson Mr. Derrick Mims Covia Stanley, M.D. Mr. John Hales, CEO Mr. Quality Tucker, CEO Dr. Graham Adams, Executive Director Mr. Jim Allen, Consultant Ms. Sheri , Flex Coordinator Dr. Cleve Cox, President Mrs. Barbara Brooks, CEO

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Scherrie Cogdill, Director – 40% of time spent on CPRHN We have been occupied – let’s begin with the staff. Cassandra Brunson, Assistant – 60% of time on CPRHN

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Some of Our Accomplishments…. 2006-2009 Two Network retreats encouraged by Mrs. Rita Salain that created work anticipates our Network.

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Network Retreat cont.. Rita can keep even the most uncontrollable gathering of people in line!

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Coastal Plain Rural Health Network We have gone Smoke-Free! Smoke-Free Properties Throughout The Network Marion Regional Healthcare System Clarendon Health System Black River Healthcare

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Partnerships having any kind of effect. DHEC and the Coastal Plain Rural Health Network DHEC Cancer Grant An awesome chance to give screenings to malignancies of the bosom, prostate, colon and cervix. 2006-2008

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A Really Big Home Run for the Network. $700,000 in subsidizing over a three year period from the Duke Endowment Prevention Screening Program PPIP Assistants presently in 15 practices destinations with two extra workplaces on-line summer 2009. These practices incorporate OB-Gyn and Surgical Program being coordinated by three full time PPIP collaborators and one low maintenance executive. The Putting Prevention into Practice Project

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Prevention Practice Assistants Lesley Dykes McKinzie Simpson Ashley Welch

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Special individuals buckling down. $58,000 from the March of Dimes to lead perinatal training classes all through the CPRHN to non-english speaking Latino ladies. Mauro Diaz-Donaire, M.P.H, Bi-Lingual Health Educator Jim Allen, Program Coordinator

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We are more grounded together than apart…..

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Contact Information Scherrie P. Cogdill, Director P.O. Box 550 Manning, SC 29102 (803) 435-5246 .:tslidesep.

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