Nearby Group Sites: Getting Associated.

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Condition of Michigan Department of Information Technology 4 ... Condition of Michigan Department of Information Technology 6. 6. From Vision to Action ...
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Nearby Community Web Sites: Getting Connected Tanesha Hixon, Office of Technology Partnerships Michigan Department of Information Technology

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This will sting for a minute! Making & keeping up a Web website is a ton like getting a shot… It\'s significantly less excruciating than you might suspect (and less costly) And it will pay profits for a considerable length of time to come!

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Why the Web? Sites are adding to better government: Allowing projects and administrations to be offered in a more dynamic and intelligent way Providing a 24x7 open door for native cooperation Reaching more individuals from the groups Furnishing a venue for new projects Improving trust in government and notoriety among constituents

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But, don\'t believe me! Listen to what your partners are stating… Still not persuaded?

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Quotes Slide Contacting local people… .. " XYZ Township " Village of Kent City " " City of XYZ Still not persuaded?

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Improving Productivity & Reducing Cost Adding a Web webpage for your group will: Reduce printed material Reduce telephone calls Avoid mailings Help inhabitants help themselves! Lead to bring down managerial costs Increase time accessible for basic errands

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Enhancing Economic Development Increase tourism with web advertising Promote your neighborhood and authentic attractions! Pull in new organizations and inhabitants Make your group noticeable to potential new occupants and organizations hoping to migrate!

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Improving Resident Service Increase comfort and speed in getting data or administrations Residents can get present meeting minutes in not more than seconds! Access to precise, avant-garde data 24x7 access to taxpayer supported organizations Residents can get to data time permitting! Usage of e-taxpayer supported organizations, sparing yearly treks to the neighborhood government office Residents can acquire and submit structures and allows online! What goes on the Web?

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Meeting minutes Contact data Services Forms & licenses Events FAQ\'s Department postings Newsletters You control the substance: Showcase your most correlated news Web-based projects are likewise generally welcomed…

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Web-based applications Online… not in line! Property charge information Online installment of property assessments Permit entry for get and submitting allows So, how can every one of this work?…

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Ways to begin MDIT free projects!: Work with a nearby college MDIT is banding together with local people, colleges, the Michigan Township Association and the Michigan Municipal League Over 71 destinations have as of now been made! Utilize the neighborhood government improvement layout Allows you to redo the format when helpful Comes with nitty gritty "how to" guide Contact us for an electronic duplicate today! Contact a web advancement organization: Will create and keep up your site for you Help is just a telephone summon! Altered look and feel We can offer assistance!

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Contacts & Questions MDIT Office of Technology Partnerships George Boersma, Director (517) 335-1507 Tanesha Hixon (517)373-9502

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