Needs Appraisal.

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Needs Evaluation. Process by which the project organizer distinguishes and measures crevices between what is and what should be. Needs Evaluation. Should likewise incorporate the groups resources appraisal. Needs Appraisal. Characterize the group Characterize the intended interest group
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Needs Assessment Process by which the system organizer distinguishes and measures holes between what is and what should be.

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Needs Assessment Should likewise incorporate the groups resources evaluation.

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Needs Assessment Define the group Define the intended interest group Understand the group around the intended interest group Demographic information of both

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Needs Assessment Perceived nourishment and wellbeing needs of the group & target gathering of people

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Needs Assessment Health status of the group & target crowd Nutrition status of the group & target gathering of people

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Needs Assessment Resources accessible in the group & target gathering of people Assets of the group & target crowd

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Epidemiology The event\'s investigation and determinants of wellbeing occasions among individuals.

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Epidemiology Behavioral the study of disease transmission evaluates what individuals do and what they maintain a strategic distance from

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Epidemiology Nutritional the study of disease transmission eating conduct and how that conduct impacts wellbeing status, sickness grimness and mortality

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Primary Data Collect the information your self Qualitative Quantitative Use mixed bag of techniques

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Secondary Data Collected by another person Compiled accumulated, condensed Uncompiled not amassed

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Define the Community Workbook pp. 3-5 Community and target group of onlookers separate Geographic limits Cultural limits

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Define the Community Demographic information Workbook pp. 16-23 target gathering of people group Media study Workbook pp. 6-7

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Health Status Define sufficiently particular so know how to build up the system

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Health Problem Condition-particular measurements How can it happen in the intended interest group? Are any parts of the wellbeing issue novel to the intended interest group?

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Health Problem Condition-particular measurements Will rate of issue change if tended to by means of instruction? Will rate of issue change if change approach?

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Health Problem Condition-particular measurements Will rate of issue change if change approach? In what manner will people’s conduct need to change to diminish issue?

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Health Problem Condition-particular measurements Incidence rate: number of new instances of sickness per time period

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Health Problem Condition-particular measurements Prevalence rate: number of existing instances of an infection at one time

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Health Problem People-particular measurements What is the wellbeing issue the intended interest group is most agonized over? Rate of wellbeing issue in that gathering?

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Health Problem People-particular measurements How do individuals act that have the issue? How do individuals act that don\'t have the issue?

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Health Problem Gathering the data Workbook pp. 24-27 Other WEB locales Leading reasons for death and handicap

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Health Problem Gathering the data Compare crosswise over groups Compare district or city to state or national level What else gather?

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Nutritional Status Indicators of healthful status, measures of sustenance utilization & dietary propensities, accessibility of diverse nourishments, nourishment obtaining propensities

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Nutritional Status Gathering the data Workbook pp. 28-42 What may this incorporate?

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Nutrition Monitoring NHANES III 1988-94 CDC, HHS 2 mo & more established FFQ & one 24-hr nourishment review SES

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Nutrition Monitoring NHANES III biochemical investigation of blood and pee physical exam anthropometrics bp, bone thickness, wellbeing

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Nutrition Monitoring CSFII 1994-96 USDA 1-day & 3-day sustenance records 24-hr nourishment review

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Nutrition Monitoring DHKS 1994-96 USDA connected to CSFII information, dispositions, conduct

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Monitoring frameworks - accumulate information at incessant interims and utilization equivalent strategies and methods

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Surveillance frameworks - persistently gather information, utilize exceptionally basic methodology and all utilization same devices and techniques

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BRFSS Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System irregular digit phone populace based some sustenance questions

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PNSS Pregnancy Surveillance System greater part is WIC information project based patterns in pervasiveness of pre-birth and early outset

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PedNSS Pediatric Nutrition Surveillance System WIC, EPSDT & Head Start project based screens nutritious status of youngsters in broad daylight supported

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YRBS Youth Risk Behavior Survey checking framework asks a couple nourishment questions

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EPSDT Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment

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Research Literature Compiled NHANES, CSFII, & DHKS examined and distributed Other studies

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County & State Health Dept. Crucial measurements State consequences of BRFSS, YRBS Other system information - WIC, EFNEP, Early Start

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Community Resources Identify different associations Human assets Financial assets Community qualities

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Community Resources Policies and practices of different associations Who can be lead association? Accessibility of other nourishment administrations

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What information to assemble?

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Possible Steps in Needs Assessment Create a course of events Call individuals in the group Ensure secrecy Systemize the information social affair process

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Formative Evaluation to help with molding the project, leaflet, & to help arranging Needs appraisal, arranging, pretesting Quality certification

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Pretesting Assess cognizance Assess consideration & review Id solid & frail focuses Gaging delicate or dubious components Test acknowledgment of messages for social propriety

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Needs Assessment Questions?

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Interpretation of information next

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