.NET Associated Logo Program Enrollment and Utilizing the Windows Capability Administration winqual.microsoft.

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.NET Associated Logo Program Enlistment and Utilizing the Windows Capability Administration http://winqual.microsoft.com Registration The .NET Associated Logo Program influences the Microsoft  Windows  Logo Program Capability Administration.
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.NET Connected Logo Program Registration & Using the Windows Qualification Service http://winqual.microsoft.com

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Registration The .NET Connected Logo Program influences the Microsoft  Windows  Logo Program Qualification Service. Your product/application that devours or uncovered a Web administration must be tried by Veritest before enrolling. You must get a Verisign ID for secure confirmation This report contains orderly guidelines on the best way to enlist for the .NET Connected Logo Program.

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.Net Connected Submissions To finish the whole enlistment process, you must finish all progressions underneath: Pass Certification testing at Veritest Sign up for a Verisign ID Register for Logo Usage Enter Marketing data and substance (this is obliged to show your item in the .NET Connected Directory)

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.Net Connected Submissions Test your uncover/devour web administration at Veritest Expose a Web administration Applications that uncover a Web administration are tried by Veritest to guarantee the XML Web administration fits in with the specialized criteria characterized by Microsoft on www.microsoft.com/net/logo , and is composed on the Microsoft .NET Framework. Amid the test, an apparatus will be utilized to approve the information organizations of the uncovered Web administration. Applications that uncover a Web administration must be available from the Internet. On the other hand, access to the application from the Internet can be set up by means of dial-up availability to the application utilizing RAS. Expend a Web administration Applications that devour a Web administration ought to be submitted specifically to Veritest, and also get to gave to the Web administration it devours. Both the application being guaranteed and the Web administration it devours, are tried to guarantee it meets specialized prerequisites and are composed on the Microsoft .NET Framework. Veritest will introduce the applications on both frameworks with and without .NET Framework and has the application being affirmed expend the Web administration while observing all system movement of the test framework. This permits Veritest to check the application expends the correct Web administration. For more data on the Expose or Consume tests, please take after guidelines accessible at http://www.veritest.com/affirmation/ms/netconnected/or email netconnected@veritest.com .

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Enrolling in the Service Get a VeriSign Class 3 – Code-marking ID A VeriSign ID shields your organization from mimic and assurances that every single driver accommodation originate from your organization. On the off chance that you have questions on the best way to do this, please download the Step by Step guide for Verisign at www.microsoft.com/net/logo

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CHANGE IE SETTINGS!! Setting the .Net Connected Security Level for utilization with the .NET Connected Wizard To utilize the .Net Connected Wizard, you should set the Security Level as takes after: On the Tools menu in Internet Explorer, click Internet Options. On the Security tab, click Internet, and afterward click Custom Level. Under Miscellaneous - Access information sources crosswise over spaces, snap Enable or Prompt. Click OK, and afterward click OK once more.

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Home Page – http://winqual.microsoft.com If you encounter challenges coming to the landing page, please attempt another server: http://europe.winqual.microsoft.com http://americas.winqual.microsoft.comâ â â â  http://asia.winqual.microsoft.com

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Home Page – Submission Status Use the status highlight to get a snappy status of any accommodation

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Establish your Account If you don\'t have a record, select Not Listed

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Establish a Qualification Service Account

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Provide Code-Signed File Sign the WLPQS.exe document and transfer it to Microsoft. This stride gives confirmation of your organization name by means of the VeriSign ID.

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After your VeriSign ID is checked, enter contact data for 2 account managers and the charging data for your organization. The framework will produce 2 interesting passwords for the two new record heads:

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Sign into Qualification Service

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Sign Legal Agreements in Account Administration Sample understandings are accessible at www.microsoft.com/net/logo

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Account Administration Accepting Legal Agreements Account Administration can be utilized to include divisions or clients, redesign Verisign IDs, consent to legitimate arrangements and submit organization design.

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Online Legal Agreements **Legal Agreements are obliged to make entries and perspective information. Just an executive level delegate can acknowledge the understandings for a given organization. (On the off chance that the chairmen are not chief level work force, they can make a login for the executive.) To start making entries immediately, acknowledge the relevant assentions for .NET Connected 1. .NET Connected testing understanding 2. .NET Connected logo permit understandings

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Create another accommodation

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Select Submission Type - .NET Connected Logo Program

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Select .NET Connected Type - Consume or Expose

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Select .NET Connected Categories

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Select Primary .NET Connected Category Primary class data is gathered for index purposes just

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Select Contacts

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Product Details

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Product Details (cont’d)

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Product Detail Page depiction Product reference name Product form please enter the item\'s rendition – i.e.: Visual Studio 6.0, Visual Studio.NET, BizTalk Server 2000 and so on. Item declare date – please enter the date when your item will be accessible. Where is this item accessible – Some items might just be accessible to certain business accomplices through an agreement. In the event that you plan to control your item deals and oblige a business association with the clients, we give you the choice by permitting you to check this case. On the off chance that your item is accessible to anybody (regardless of the possibility that there is an expense related) you can check this determination. Is this a BizTalk Server Adapter – numerous organizations compose XML Web administration connectors that associate with BizTalk Server. In the event that you meet the criteria and have worked with the BizTalk Server group to confirm this, you can decided to choose yes. On the off chance that you select yes, this accommodation will be explored by the BizTalk Server group. The BizTalk Server Adapter Criteria is as per the following: Achieve Microsoft Certified or Gold Certified Partner status Pass a structural planning and reconciliation survey with the Microsoft BizTalk Server item group Provide a client reference utilizing the joint arrangement. Will the client pay to utilize this item – please check this case if your item will have an expense connected with it to the client.

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Platform and Language Information

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If the item is an application then we request the stages it keeps running on:

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Create Upload Package

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To Create Upload Package At this point you are requested that check your accommodation data. On the off chance that you need to roll out any improvements, you must do a reversal to the fitting step and right it. Something else, click Next to make the bundle. Click OK again when a message expresses that your information will now be prepared, added to a bundle, and transferred to Microsoft. At the point when incited to Browse for Folder, make a way where you need the documents made, and afterward click OK.

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Prepare Submission File Issues accommodation ID. Requests the area to make accommodation record. Bundles logs, and accommodation information into a solitary .taxi record and afterward transfers it to Microsoft.

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Package Created

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Complete the enlistment procedure Download your .NET Connected Logo realistic From the left route bar, snap Account Administration From the choice on the following page, click Logo Artwork Upload your organization realistic to be utilized as a part of the Directory From the left route bar, snap Account Administration From the choice on the following page, snap Company Graphics Enter showcasing data in the Product Listing Wizard (see Powerpoint in Step 4 on www.microsoft.com/net/logo for point by point regulate

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