Netherlands Antilles Practical Advancement.

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Netherlands Antilles Practical Advancement. Netherlands Antilles Practical Advancement Coordination Bunch - Barbados Project of Activity - . Kingdom of the Netherlands. Comprising of three nations: Netherlands Antilles Aruba Netherlands
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Netherlands Antilles Sustainable Development Netherlands Antilles Sustainable Development Coordination Group - Barbados Program of Action -

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Kingdom of the Netherlands Consisting of three nations: Netherlands Antilles Aruba Netherlands Antilles are completely self-sufficient in interior issues. Official dialect Dutch

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Netherlands Antilles Leeward Islands: (Language Papiamentu) Curaã§ao Area 444 km2 Population 130.000 Bonaire Area 288 km2 Population 12.000 Windward Islands: (Language English) St Martin Area: 34 km2 Population 42.000 St. Eustatius Area: 21 km2 Population 2.200

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Netherlands Antilles (Cont) Saba Area 13 km2 Population 1.400 National Statistics Overall Area: 800 km2 Distance in the middle of Leewards and Windwards: 900 km Overall Population 185.000 Per Capita Income US 11,000

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Sustainable Development Constraints, Gaps Federal Government Structure: practically speaking an organization of five regulatory elements, solid nearby island recognizable proof (approach plan versus execution) 185.000 individuals, 6 governments and parliaments Problems of Scale between the islands: outcomes for: HR capital/subsidizing government inspiration

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SustainableDevelopment Constraints, Gaps cont. Issues of Coordination of Policies Problems of financing sources Sustainable Development Awareness and Motivation Skewed pay dissemination and expanding destitution Volatile Economics

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Actions Taken: Climate Change Historical Willemstad and a large portion of Bonaire at sealevel, yet no move made yet against ascent of sealevel. Water Desalination Plants discriminatingly found Natural and Environmental Disasters St. Martin and Curaã§ao have fiasco arranges set up. Waste Management Landfills on most islands. Government Cooperation between island waste administration organizations two wastewater treatment plants on Curaã§ao, maybe a couple arranged in Bonaire

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Actions Taken Cont. : Coastal and Marine administration Marine Conservation Parks set up in every one of the islands. Enactment shifts Bonaire and Saba have Coastal Management laws and arrangements set up, Curaã§ao not yet affirmed. Bonaire globally perceived as best manegement routine of Coral Reef administration together with Belize. As of late additionally Saba got acknowledgment all things considered.

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Actions Taken Cont. 2 : Freshwater Resources Curaã§ao: 100 percent desalination through refining in conjunction with vitality creation Planned switch to littler converse osmosis plants on distinctive locales on the island Bonaire and St. Martin, 100 % reverse osmosis Saba and Statia ; Rainwater catchment. Statia has water quality/amount issues

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Actions Taken: (Cont 3) Land Resources mining of limestone on Curaã§ao, constrained horticulture on every one of the islands (under 5 %) of sustenance utilization

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Actions Taken: (Cont 4) Energy Resources 80 year Refinery on Curaã§ao, government claimed and rented to Venezuala’s PdVSA Diesel Energy Plants on all islands Curaã§ao and Bonaire have wind and sun based vitality administrations fitting in with the best on the planet Two wind vitality parks particle Curaã§ao and Energy Company simply consented to arrangement with Coastal Hotels for Cold Seawater Cooling Systems

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Actions Taken: (Cont 5) Tourism Resources Introduction of Quality Tags for marine and area based tourism offices in Curaã§ao and Bonaire 2004 Expansion to different islands Sustainable Tourism Awareness Program approaching Tourists from Europe for Curaã§ao and Bonaire 2004 Expansion to American, local and neighborhood tourism Recycling projects with Hotels Inclusion Willemstad UNESCO World Heritage List

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Actions Taken: (Cont 6) Biodiversity Resources National Nature Policy Law and Masterplan in Place Island enactment behind timetable Full participation and usage of SPAW Protocol (Cartagena Convention), CITES, Turtle Convention a.o. Area and Marine Parks set up on all islands possibility Study on going for setting up a national Trustfund for Nature to fund marine and area based parks

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Actions Taken: (Cont 7) Human Resource Development Profound Reorganization of Primary and Secondary Schooling System on Curaã§ao, Bonaire and St. Eustatius Expansion of University through participation in the district progressing cerebrum channel to Holland Implementation BPOA Coordination Group proposed and agent National Assessment Report wanted to be prepared well before Mauritius

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