New FERC License for the Priest Rapids Project .

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New FERC License for the Priest Rapids Project. Public Utility District No. 2 of Grant County, WA Joe Lukas, Sr. Policy Advisor. Priest Rapids Dam. Wanapum Dam. Relicensing Process. Pre-Application 1994-2003 $50M of Studies and Consultation 12,000 Page Application
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New FERC License for the Priest Rapids Project Public Utility District No. 2 of Grant County, WA Joe Lukas, Sr. Approach Advisor

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Priest Rapids Dam

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Wanapum Dam

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Relicensing Process Pre-Application 1994-2003 $50M of Studies and Consultation 12,000 Page Application Filed with FERC in 2003

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Relevant Laws Federal Power Act Endangered Species Act Clean Water Act National Historic Preservation Act Northwest Power Act National Environmental Policy Act

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Application Details Exhibit An a depiction of the Project Exhibit B-Project operation and asset usage, vitality and limit, future improvement arranges Exhibit C-development history and proposed development plan Exhibit D-expenses and financing, arrive, water rights, control values, financial aspects

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Application Details Exhibit E-Environmental Report 1) General portrayal of the region 2) Water utilize and quality 3) Fish, natural life and organic assets 4) Historical and archeological assets 5) Recreational assets 6) Land administration and style 7) Geological and soil assets

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Application Processing 2004-2008 NEPA, FPA, ESA CWA 401 Certification from WA DOE Bull Trout BiOp from USFWS Salmon and Steelhead BiOp from NOAA Section 18 Prescriptions Hanford Reach, Salmon Settlement and Yakama Agreements Filed w/FERC

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The New License!!!! Issued by FERC on April 17, 2008 At 1,893 MW, 2 nd Largest FERC Licensed Hydro Project (biggest ordinary) New License from April 1, 2008 through March 31, 2052 (44 years) Many New Requirements

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7 New Turbines at Wanapum Dam

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Article 401: 25 Plans 9 Plans on Salmon and Steelhead Measures 16 Other Aquatic Resource Plans

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Article 401: CWA Certification Fish Bypass Systems, TDG Measures, Water Quality Plans, Adaptive Management

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Articles 402-408 Gatewell Exclusion Screens Tailrace Pumps for Fishways Fishery Operations Plan Habitat Modifications in WAN tailrace WAN Gate Seal Investigations Crab Cr./Burkett Lake Enhancements Reserved Fishway Authority

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Articles 409-415 Wildlife Habitat Management Plan Wildlife Habitat Monitoring Bird Collision w/T-Line Protection Northern Wormwood Conservation Rare, T&E Plant Monitoring Bald Eagle Perching and Roosting Northwest Power Act Alterations

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Articles 416-420 Historic Properties Management Plan MOA with Wanapum Indians Recreation Resource Management Plan Shoreline Management Plan Use of Project Lands

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Acknowledgments Laurel Heacock Tom Dresser Stephen Brown Nancy Craig Melanie Beck Rex Buck Pete Rice Angela Buck Brett Lenz Jeff Atkinson Ross Hendrick Dave Moore Julie Yount Bill Wilson Linda Jones Doug Ancona Nancy Craig Alyssa Buck Shannon Lowry Brad Strickler Mike Clement Ray Ellis Leon Hoepner Cliff Sears Mona Kaiser Jerri Mickle Tim Culbertson Chuck Thonney Greg Minden Debbie Lowe Curt Dotson Sheryl Dotson Don Ziegler Stuart Hammond Dawn Woodward Kathy Kiefer Sarah Morford Rita Bjork Rod Noteboom Vera Claussen Tom Flint Randy Allred Terry Brewer Bob Berndt Greg Hansen Don Godard Bill Hewitt Mike Conley John Devine Luanna Grow Christine Stallard Anne Chamberlain

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