New Inn Plan and Upgrades.

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New Hotel Design & Enhancements Spring 2009 Release Preview

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Spring 2009 Release Preview Empowering explorers and travel supervisors with better basic leadership instruments Egencia endeavors to champion deliberate advancement through the improvement of predominant self-administration online apparatuses that: Are anything but difficult to utilize Meet and surpass the necessities of voyagers and travel chiefs Create financially savvy and proficient approaches to book and oversee travel Help you Get Ahead ™

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New Features Overview Welcome to our discharge sneak peak concentrating on the most recent answers for your travel program, including New Hotel Design & Enhancements * Meetings & Incentives Integration Dynamic Messages * this presentation

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New Hotel Design & Enhancements Available in Australia, Canada, India & U.S. All Technology Tiers

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New Hotel Design & Enhancements Egencia\'s new lodging outline and improvements offer more prominent convenience, making an upgraded inn shopping way that conveys expanded proficiency through capable devices and assets, including Google Maps. Egencia\'s new and inventive inn shopping way gives an enhanced client encounter that is savvy by outline Streamlined indexed lists empower Arrangers and Travelers to rapidly check inn query items and pick the inn rate that meets both voyager and organization needs Interactive mapping innovation, list items, and approach pointers incorporate shading coded map pins to support strategy agreeable conduct

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For Travel Managers, a Lot to Like Encourage approach consistent explorer conduct , driving expanded system investment funds Deliver effectiveness and convenience, thus prompting higher reception Interactive Google map pinpoints the pursuit location or historic point, accelerating the way toward finding the right lodging in the right area Negotiated and favored inns are effortlessly identifiable on the guide by means of shading coded pins, highlighting favored merchants

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For Travel Managers, a Lot to Like Hotel sorting rationale for non-city/airplane terminal ventures regards both organization arranged and favored inn connections and separation sort criteria Improved rate portrayals help voyagers and arrangers all the more effortlessly recognize an inn\'s quality include courtesies, adaptability and cancelation arrangement Hotel brief is intended to drive program consistence and online appropriation by reminding explorers when their outing does exclude an inn

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Enhancements Help Arrangers & Travelers Easy-to-use seek structure helps Travelers and Arrangers rapidly hunt down inns worldwide by city, air terminal or halfway address or select one of their organization\'s custom destinations Streamlined results empowers Travelers and Arrangers to rapidly examine the page and discover the inn they are searching for Interactive Google map pinpoints the inquiry location or milestone, which speeds up the way toward finding the right inn in the right area Color-coded inn map pins make an organization\'s favored inns less demanding to distinguish

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Enhancements Help Arrangers & Travelers and Arrangers can drag the guide to progressively upgrade inns showed on the guide and in list items Rules and confinements have been uncovered and the dialect overhauled to diminish disarray about ESR (Expedia Special Rates) and EPR (Egencia Preferred Rates) rates Hotel brief reminds occupied Travelers and Arrangers when an outing does exclude an inn , helping them complete excursion arranges while staying inside organization strategy

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Hotel Search Wizard

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Standardized Hotel Search Wizard Hotels tab The Hotel Search Wizard appears to be identical on the Egencia landing page, inns tab and Change look pop-up. Change look pop-up

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City/Airport or Address Radio Buttons City/Airport or Address Radio Buttons The wizard dependably shows the two pursuit sort radio catches: City, Airport or Address

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City/Airport or Address Search Field Find inns almost a city or neighborhood Search Field We now have enhanced perceivability of location ventures! Clients can utilize the same field to information: City Airport US Address or International Address Partial location Intersections Zip code, and Broad purposes of interest

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New! Custom Destinations Drop-down Menu Custom Destinations Drop-down Menu For organizations where one or more custom lodging destinations are characterized, the custom, Company destinations drop down menu will show. The menu contains a thing for each custom destination characterized for the present organization, sorted in order by custom destination show name, up to 35 custom destinations.

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Additional Options Additional Options The Check-in and Check-out date controls have another area, however their UI and usefulness are the same. The Guests drop-down menu is not demonstrated when more than one voyager is being masterminded (Group shopping does not bolster more than one explorer for every room) When the structure is at first stacked, the Hotel name, lodging class connection is shown. At the point when tapped the Hotel name and Hotel class controls are shown. Interface and usefulness are unaltered.

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Improved! Inn Search Egencia\'s Hotel Search has some extraordinary upgrades: Reduced quest disappointments for residential areas through enhanced pursuit blunder taking care of Select from a rundown of urban communities or retry their hunt by giving extra address data The inn look manages the client to improved location based inquiry.

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Improved! Sorting Default: City versus Region Enhanced lodging sorting for location based inquiries regards both organization arranged and favored inn connections and separation sort criteria, by defaulting to city versus region view .

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Hotel Search Results Page

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The Sort by drop down menu gives the explorer a chance to sort the lodging results by the thing most essential to them. The "#" lodgings close is the quantity of inn results came back from the ebb and flow look The " Area " channel is shown for city, and airplane terminal and custom Hotel Destination seeks The channel by luxuries interface is overhauled, however the separating conduct stays unaltered , The site will play out another hunt in view of the new determinations, and will show those inns that match the greater part of your pursuit channel criteria. Lodging Search Result Page

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The Standard Google controls permit Travelers and Arrangers to zoom, drag, or change from guide to half breed or landscape view. Query items Interactive Map Features Map pin pointers give a visual area of the ebb and flow lodgings included on the indexed lists page. The shade of the pins on the guide give extra perceivability into the lodging rate sort: Green – Company favored or arranged rate Gold – Egencia favored rate Blue – Expedia uncommon rate Gray - GDS just rate

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Search Results Interactive Map Features The Interactive Google map pinpoints the hunt location or point of interest with a green bolt , speeding the way toward finding the right inn in the right area The green bolt shows up for location, milestone and custom destinations seeks Hovering over the green bolt marker will show the pursuit location, historic point or custom destination name

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Search Results Interactive Map Features When the voyager drags or zooms the guide, the " Update inns on guide " catch shows up. Tapping on the catch commences a geo-focused hunt.

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Interactive Map Pane Features The property data pop-up shows up when the pin is tapped The pop-up permits the Traveler or Arranger to effectively review lodging data in light of the guide area Clicking on the " View rates " catch powerfully conveys the chose inn to the highest point of the list items sheet and naturally opens the rate showcase to show inn rates

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Interactive Map Pane Features Travelers and Arrangers can drag the guide to progressively redesign inns showed on the guide and in indexed lists

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Search Results – List Pane Features The Scroll bar takes into consideration usability when seeing inn query items without dislodging the guide Clicking on Views Rates or Hide Rates grows or gets the rate show.

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Hotel Rate Display Features The Search results will show up to 5 rates for every rate sort – Egencia Preferred Rates, Expedia Special Rates, & Published Rates Egencia Preferred Rates incorporate the flying creature symbol

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Hotel Rate Display Features The arranged rate incorporates the Company name (Hotel Demo) and the handshake symbol. The lodging Photos, Features & Amenities, Location joins have not changed.

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The extraordinary rate information pop-up shows up when the cursor floats over the " Flexible " rate sort portrayal or snaps on " more data " Hotel Rate Display Features

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The " No installment required " and " No cancelation charges " have been included for consciousness of rate adaptability. Courtesies are brought up, including devotion focuses, free breakfast, and so on. Inn Rate Display Features

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When a marked down rate is accessible, the first normal rate every night will be appeared with strike out estimating. Inn Policy & Discounted Rates The site now shows arranged, distributed and Egencia Preferred Rates (EPRs) and Expedia Special Rates (ESRs) on the indexed lists page as opposed to the lodging data site Rooms & Rates page.

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Hotel Policy & Rules Rate straightforwardness – Rooms & Rates page Terms are unmistakably noticeable, and didn\'t really got to through a connection The dialect has been upgraded to enhance clarity and perception of the tenets and confinements For instance: Cancelations and changes must be made before 11:00PM neighborhood inn time versus the old message of 12:00AM

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When a reduced rate is accessible, the origina

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