New Mutuals in Housing the Rochdale story .

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New Mutuals in Housing – the Rochdale story. Mutuals Forum 4 November 2010 Gareth Swarbrick. Social housing – some facts and figures. 3.8m social rented properties nationally 1.9m of which Council owned Over 1m Council homes managed by Arms Length Management Organisations
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New Mutuals in Housing – the Rochdale story Mutuals Forum 4 November 2010 Gareth Swarbrick

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Social lodging – a few statistical data points 3.8m social leased properties broadly 1.9m of which Council claimed Over 1m Council homes oversaw by Arms Length Management Organizations Public part acquiring rules - more than 200 stock exchanges since 1989 Various shared lodging models - Community Gateway, Community Mutual, Tenant Management Co-operations, and so on

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RBH – our identity Set up in 2002 Arms Length Management Organization 13,800 properties 620 representatives Turnover - £32m Capital venture program - £9m

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Rochdale – a position of differences

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Concentrations of intense hardship Employment advertise rebuilding Skills and Work Income Health Impact of open segment cuts Rochdale – the difficulties

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No financing for social lodging improvement Affordable lease? Security of residency Rent strategy for existing stock Welfare advantage change Coalition Government – developing approaches

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What this implies for RBH A requirement for: Greater opportunity and adaptability Creativity Resilience A need to: Generate extra venture Reshape what we do and how Engage our workers and clients in this

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Our Future Options Review Investment & Involvement Commission – inhabitants, councilors, RBH Board individuals Independent Chair – Professor Ian Cole Assessment criteria Revenue maintainability Investment in homes and neighborhoods Role of greatest social landowner in ward Customer (occupant) contribution in basic leadership

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The choices Remain inside open obtaining limits Go back to Council Stay as ALMO Outside of open getting limits Traditional stock exchange Hybrid ALMO/stock exchange display Something new?

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Finding another model – the beginning stage People The people group served by RBH Those who work for RBH

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Rochdale individuals – what do they require? Secure and nice home to live in Access to warmth and crucial administrations A protected situation Ability to take care of their own wellbeing and prosperity Opportunity to learn and be prepared Jobs and work Tenants need these things, so do staff, 85% of whom live locally

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Rochdale individuals – willing to assume more liability Tenants 81% happy with administration yet just 58% happy with chances to partake in basic leadership Employees 86% happy with RBH as business however other overview comes about demonstrate a craving to assume more liability Can commonality be an impetus for: Increasing dynamic support from clients and representatives? Along these lines meeting our more extensive difficulties?

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Our common legacy

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Our shared legacy

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Our Vision \'A one of a kind and earth shattering model for the social lodging segment, empowering us to reshape what we do, how we do it, and to create extra interest in our homes and groups\'

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Our Vision Co-possession -occupants and representatives as members Culture change Co-generation -shared needs -cooperating

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What this could mean for Rochdale another sort of common lodging stock move Rooted in Rochdale Flexibility Efficiency Local monetary advantages Opportunities Energy Financial Services Aging populace Training and occupation

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Energy Sustainability Can the shared lodging body turn into a vitality administrations supplier? Era and supply of warmth and influence Provision of administrations Insulation Retrofit Smart metering Micro-renewables Education/conduct change

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Financial Services Opportunity to give a scope of budgetary administrations to clients Directly: Professional cash exhortation Education – money related ability Either straightforwardly or in association Savings accounts Personal credits Microcredit for SMEs Access to fundamental ledgers

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The Aging Population Reconfiguring elderly people convenience to take care of future need and demand – convey Council\'s Elderly Persons Housing Strategy Membership structure gives premise to receiving the Circle approach On request help for free living Volunteer neighborhood aides Social system for instructing, learning and sharing Employment openings Reduced weight on open administrations

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Training and Employment Local livelihood Apprenticeships Traineeships Local obtainment – supply chains Training Academy - Center of Excellence Confidence developing Capacity incorporating skilling Support with work Opportunities with nearby accomplices, contractual workers and providers

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What does this mean for Government? A model Big Society lodging venture Public division change Community strengthening Philanthropic activity A model that is scaleable - the reason for a chain of shared suppliers A model that is localist A model that will convey But it is a model which challenges the lodging conventionality

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Our next strides Investment and Involvement Commission last report – November Further meeting with CLG on 18 November Council Cabinet choice – December/January Detailed program arrange Work with CLG, HCA, occupants and representatives to take forward Go live – April 2012?

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