New Orleans Gallery of Workmanship: Post-Katrina.

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New Orleans Historical center of Workmanship: Post-Katrina Introduced by Michele Amicucci New Orleans Exhibition hall of Craftsmanship Set up in 1911 Unique statement of purpose from 1911: "A sanctuary of craftsmanship for rich and poor alike" Accumulation is housed in a Beaux Expressions neoclassical building
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New Orleans Museum of Art: Post-Katrina Presented by Michele Amicucci

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New Orleans Museum of Art Established in 1911 Original statement of purpose from 1911: “A sanctuary of craftsmanship for rich and poor alike” Collection is housed in a Beaux Arts neoclassical building Museum likewise has a 5 section of land figure garden

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NOMA’s Collection Includes lives up to expectations by specialists, for example, O’Keefe, Pollock, Renoir, Picasso, and Indiana

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Hurricane Katrina

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Six staff individuals and their families stayed outdoors inside the historical center to ensure the fine art They were requested to clear the gallery by the National Guard on the 6th day

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The Damage Minor flooding on the workmanship stockpiling floor Sculpture greenery enclosure endured significantly more harm than the exhibition hall building itself Total of 6 million dollars in harms

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Importance of a Risk Management Team Develop formal way to deal with the surprising Vital to prepare the staff to be more proficient Risk administration group ought to meet with the Board to keep all methods and arrangements up and coming Risk administration ought to meet with security and building upkeep

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Preparing for a Disaster Keep critical records or fine art off the ground and far from windows and rooftops Telephone tree (electrical, water, gas, different representatives) Secure the building (blocking or taping the windows)

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Planning: Collections Managers/Registrars Keep up and coming inventories of the accumulation and areas Available records and reinforcement off site Make beyond any doubt to dependably have protests and fine art legitimately put away

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Steps Taken by NOMA Before the tempest, staff barricaded and taped windows Took sketches off the divider that were close windows Stored work in the cellar in wooden cases Brought in some open air mold and attached some to trees

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After the Storm… NOMA chose to waive confirmation allowed to Louisiana inhabitants March 3 rd - NOMA revived for Friday-Sunday Now opened Wednesday-Sunday

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The Board has propelled a three year battle to settle NOMA Director, John Bullard, visited the US identifying with different galleries about the experience and endeavoring to raise cash

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Support in the Community Mellon Foundation: $500,000 Getty Trust: gave one million to workmanship and history exhibition halls in New Orleans Government of France: sorted out presentation, “Femmes, Femmes, Femmes: Paintings of Women in the 19 th Century French Society…” for NOMA

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Provided an outlet for the craftsmen of New Orleans to demonstrate the attacked town around them Served as an effort to those outside the range for backing and gifts “Katrina Exposed”

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