New Plans of action for Suppliers: Transforming Challenges into Focal points.

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New Plans of action for Suppliers: Transforming Challenges into Favorable circumstances Jim McElya, President and Chief Cooper Standard Car January 18, 2006 Cooper Standard Car Who We Are ($ in millions) Cooper-Standard Car LTM Sept. 05 sales: $1,844
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New Business Models for Suppliers: Turning Challenges into Advantages Jim McElya, President and CEO Cooper Standard Automotive January 18, 2006

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Cooper Standard Automotive Who We Are ($ in millions) Cooper-Standard Automotive LTM Sept. 05 sales: $1,844 LTM Sept. 05 Adjusted EBITDA: $202 13,269 workers 48 areas NVH Control LTM Sept. 05 deals (1) : $353 % total: 18% N.A. market position: #1 Fluid Handling LTM Sept. 05 deals (1) : $634 % total: 34% Global business sector position: #3 Body Sealing LTM Sept. 05 deals (1) : $893 % total: 48% Global business sector position: #1 Direct, control, and transport liquids and vapors all through a vehicle Seal the entryways, windows, and different parts of the vehicle from water spillage and wind commotion Control and detach clamor and vibration in a vehicle and enhance ride and taking care of (1) Excludes corporate ends

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Cooper Standard History Cooper Engineered Products of Cooper Tire Sales: $425MM Products: NVH, Sealing, Hose Acquired October 1999 Acquired January 2000 Divestitures/Other Holm Industries Oliver Rubber Winnsboro The Standard Products Company Sales: $1,100MM Products: NVH, Sealing Siebe Automotive Sales: $400MM Products: Fluid Handling Exited Facilities Estover Langage Cleveland CSA Division of CTR Sold December 2004 Successful Integrations Brand-name Global OEM Supplier

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Good Year for Sales & Profits 52 Plants 18,000 Employees The Future Looked Bright for Cooper Standard Automotive The Year 2000 Environment for Success was Right

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Competition warms up in Chinese auto market… US car deals set out toward second greatest month ever… Toyota hopes to pick up U.S. piece of the overall industry in 2000… Detroit Automakers posting sound earnings… Mitsubishi and DaimlerChrysler consent to alliance… Ford says 2000 will set a record… Ford to turn off Visteon… DaimlerChrysler hopes to best 2000 income goal… Automotive exchange trade to be called Covisint… Supplier union proceeds at quick pace … The Future Looked Bright for the Industry The Year 2000 Environment for Success was Right

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Federal Mogul documents for bankruptcy… Foreign Automakers support N.A. market share… Suppliers face intense times ahead… (9/11) U.S. Automakers suspend production… 0% financing brings back buyers… U.S. car parts creators oppose more value reductions… Big suppliers reject DCX 5% demand… GM considers making more European cuts… Ford cuts generation, cautions of lower earnings… Rougher streets lie ahead for Japan’s automakers… Industry Challenges Environment for Success was Volatile

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$1.5 Billion USD in Sales $1.8B LTM 9/30/05 USD Sales 52 Plants 40 Plants 18,500 Employees 13,250 Employees What Have We Done Over Time? 1/3 of CSA Employees in LCM Countries Mexico Czech Republic Poland Moved More Products to LCM Countries Expanded into China 2000 2005

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$1,385.9 M USD Sales through Q3 of ’05 $202M USD LTM 9/30/05 Adjusted EBITDA Solid Results; Others battled Results The Year 2005

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Acquired Rubber Hose Operation from Gates Equity Investment in Guyoung Tech Co. Regarded with Various Industry & Customer Awards Announced Acquisition Results Fluid Handling Systems Division The Year 2005

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Achieved Increased Profits and Attained Status as a Global Player in Industry Summary of CSA Advantages Examine old plan of action Implement minimal effort plan of action Replace Expand product offerings & frameworks abilities Eliminate Excess limit Grow Eliminate Move operations to ease fabricating nations Deal with material difficulties &

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