New Technology Case Study: North Carolina State Fair .

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New Technology Case Study: North Carolina State Fair. Presented by Natalie Alford, Public Information Officer. N.C. State Fair Social Media Campaign. Goal: Increase awareness and interest in the 2008 Fair. Use the Internet and a variety of social media outlets to:
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New Technology Case Study: North Carolina State Fair Presented by Natalie Alford, Public Information Officer

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N.C. State Fair Social Media Campaign Goal: Increase mindfulness and enthusiasm for the 2008 Fair. Utilize the Internet and an assortment of web-based social networking outlets to: present the N.C. State Fair to new gatherings of people interface with media recently participate in open discussions to make associations and answer questions increment pre-Fair "buzz" and energy

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Strategy: Four-month long web-based social networking effort Create and keep up a valuable, intriguing web journal. Make long range interpersonal communication profiles on Facebook and MySpace. Make a small scale blogging account on Twitter. Record and transfer video to YouTube.   Engage in two-path correspondence with our intended interest group. _________________________________ N.C. State Fair Social Media Campaign

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Target Audiences: Current and potential fairgoers and their companions. Understudies. Customary media columnists who utilize online networking destinations to manufacture stories, and interface with each other and their gatherings of people. New media, including bloggers, online picture takers and web-based social networking movers and shakers. _________________________________ N.C. State Fair Social Media Campaign

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Overall Theme: How would we emerge among the various sites and Web locales? Utilize the 2008 logo and message "Set aside Time for a Great Time" on all person to person communication and blog pages to make a uniform and conspicuous topic and look. Trade the logo and topic every year. Subject and system will turn into a marking apparatus to perceive the Fair as a fun, educational online nearness. _________________________________ N.C. State Fair Social Media Campaign

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Tactic: Blog "Pan fried at the N.C. State Fair" Created on July 8, 2008 utilizing Contributors: Press Office staff, however essentially one individual: Karlie Justus. Pre-Fair web journals were likewise used to advance other Dept. of Agriculture occasions: Ag Jam, Farmer\'s Market, and so on. Blog could be gotten to through connection on Fair Web webpage landing page, or via looking for it on an internet searcher like Google or Yahoo. Websites could be perused on Facebook through a RSS channel, furthermore on MySpace by reposting the substance. A few online journals highlighted video footage shot amid the reasonable utilizing a Flip Mino video recording gadget. Likewise blogged about our advertisements. _________________________________ N.C. State Fair Social Media Campaign

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Tactic: Blog "Broiled at the N.C. State Fair" Analysis: Viewed 12,460 times between July 8 and November 6, 2008 Blog was populated with 173 posts, 221 viewer remarks, and 2 supporters. Followed blog utilizing Google Analytics. Blog activity topped to right around 1,500 perspectives for each day amid the initial few days of the reasonable. _________________________________ N.C. State Fair Social Media Campaign

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Tactic: Blog "Broiled at the N.C. State Fair" Benefits: is a Google item, which implies that your blog content has better web improvement and will tend to rank higher in a Google look. Illustration: Searched Google for "Southern style" and the N.C. State Fair blog positioned number seven on the rundown. Simple approach to have challenges. To start with reaction to this blog wins a State Fair T-shirt. Decipher the Text Message to win State Fair prizes. Consolidate recordings, pictures and advertisements into blog content. Blog substance was utilized by neighborhood TV and daily paper outlets. Content supplemented conventional public statements and tip sheets. Substance does not should be long and nitty gritty. _________________________________ N.C. State Fair Social Media Campaign

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Tactic: Blog "Pan fried at the N.C. State Fair" Suggestions: Embed blog into Fair Web website for steady look and expanded viewership. The 2008 N.C. State Fair Web website design was not the right size and configuration, so one year from now\'s Web webpage will be changed in accordance with suit the blog. Set up your blog\'s URL now! "ncstatefair" was taken, so we needed to utilize "2008ncstatefair" Don\'t fear negative input. Utilize the blog to address negative remarks strategically. Blog settings permit you to endorse remarks before they are posted. Build up standard components like "Craftsman Spotlight," "Caught at the Fair" and compose some substance early. Dole out one individual to keep up the blog and post routinely, yet permit others to contribute, as well. _________________________________ N.C. State Fair Social Media Campaign

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Tactic: Facebook page Created mid-June, 2008 Facebook depiction: A long range interpersonal communication Web website propelled Feb. 4, 2004. Clients join systems composed by city, work environment, school and locale to associate and communicate with other individuals. Individuals can likewise add companions to send messages, and redesign their own profile to advise companions about themselves. Since it was initially made just for undergrads, it is a decent approach to target understudies and youthful experts. Made a profile page rather than a gathering or occasion page for a more individual, intelligent feel. Permitted us to upgrade our "status" as often as possible utilizing Twitter. RSS channel was utilized to specifically import blog entries into Facebook notes, where viewers could view and remark. _________________________________ N.C. State Fair Social Media Campaign

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Tactic: Facebook page Analysis: Facebook is extremely "popular;" useful for spreading data rapidly. One element demonstrates "individuals you may know" in light of your area, interests and profile depiction. Another component permits the greater part of your companions to in a flash observe any redesigns you make to your profile, which keeps individuals intrigued by your page. Before the end of the reasonable, we had 1,631 companions, 563 labeled photographs and 10 labeled recordings. "Labeled" means another person posted a photograph or video on their profile page, showed that you were in it and presented a connection on your profile. Case: In this photograph: N.C. State Fair, Jane Doe and Mary Sue. _________________________________ N.C. State Fair Social Media Campaign

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Tactic: Facebook page Benefits: Facebook is a simple approach to incorporate most the greater part of your interpersonal interaction endeavors: Twitter can naturally overhaul your Facebook status. Your blog can consequently be redesigned in the Facebook notes area. Add connections to your profile page that sends companions straightforwardly to specific pages on your Web website (i.e. Propel ticket deals, public statements, and so forth.) Quickly spread the news about data, for example, challenges Conducted long haul "1,000 Friends Contest" on both Facebook and MySpace. Other, transient challenges kept companions keen on the page. Companions were happy to see the N.C. State Fair on Facebook, and were willing to share their own reasonable photographs and stories. _________________________________ N.C. State Fair Social Media Campaign

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Tactic: Facebook page Suggestions: To be viewed as "genuine" among Facebook clients, the page must be redesigned day by day or even hourly. Best to dole out online networking redesigns to one individual. We were worried at first about potential miss-utilization of the site, or improper substance or remarks from clients. Posted a disclaimer: "While NCDA&CS supplies a portion of the data gave on this site, this site is not facilitated by NCDA&CS. Your utilization of this site constitutes your understanding that people other than NCDA&CS representatives may interface things to this site might be unedited, hostile, or potentially wrong. YOU ASSUME RESPONSIBILITIY AND RISK FOR YOUR USE OF THIS SITE." Use protection settings to guarantee remarks are affirmed before they are posted. _________________________________ N.C. State Fair Social Media Campaign

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Tactic: MySpace page Created mid-June, 2008 MySpace portrayal: A long range informal communication Web website offering an intelligent, client submitted system of companions, individual profiles, web journals, bunches, photographs, music and recordings for adolescents and grown-ups universally. We concentrated on diversion data on our MySpace profile . Included show specialists and different performers as "top companions," and included a music playlist application that circled music by Fair entertainers. Re-posted the greater part of the websites from our "Southern style" blog into the MySpace blog application. Included a "Commencement to the Fair" ticker, recordings and connections to show tickets and propel ticket deals. _________________________________ N.C. State Fair Social Media Campaign

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Tactic: MySpace page Analysis: By the end of the reasonable we had 941 companions, 45 profile remarks, 43 messages, 285 labeled photographs and 6,491 profile sees. Since the Fair is over, some MySpace Friends have dropped off, yet shockingly the Facebook companions have kept on increasing. Online journals were a fundamental highlight of the page. The MySpace blog range got 3,567 perspectives. Utilized similar blog content from the "Rotisserie" blog, and only reposted into MySpace. _________________________________ N.C. State Fair Social Media Campaign

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Tactic: MySpace page Benefits: MySpace serves a more extensive assortment of individuals than Facebook, including more youthful center school and secondary school bunches, and in addition grown-ups. MySpace\'s interface permits you to redo the look of your profile page. _________________________________ N.C. State Fair Social Media Campaign

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Tactic: MySpace page Suggestions: MySpace is more powerless to spam than Facebook, implying that you won\'t get the same number of value "companions." MySpace did not appear as "viral" since this profile picked up companions at a much slower pace than Facebook. There are numerous more ads on MySpace, which makes the site seem extremely jumbled contrasted with Facebook.

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