New Tending to Necessities to Enhance Address Quality.

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Change Strategies. Decrease CostsIncrease Delivery Point Sequencing to 95%Improve ServiceReduce UAA by half. . . By 2010 we will probably:. . Yearly cost of wrong or missing essential number. Expense of Poor Addressing. . REJECTED. 1 Automation Handling. 2 Manual Handlings. }. $60M Undeliverable.
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New Addressing Requirements to Improve Address Quality February 2007

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Transformation Strategies By 2010 we will probably: Reduce Costs Increase Delivery Point Sequencing to 95% Improve Service Reduce UAA by half

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Cost of Poor Addressing Annual cost of wrong or missing essential number REJECTED } 1 Automation Handling $ 60M Undeliverable 2 Manual Handlings

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New Addressing Requirement Current To meet all requirements for mechanization rate rebates: Run Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS ™) address-coordinating programming Standardizes addresses Provides ZIP + 4 code CASS Cycle L New necessity viable August 1 Validates exactness of conveyance guide Potential effect toward mailers around 2% Many mailers reporting lower drops in match rate!

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CASS Delivery Point Validation U. S. Postal Service 6060 PRIMACY PKWY STE 201 Memphis TN 38188-0007 John Smith 123 Main Street Memphis TN 38188 Delivery Address Exists? CASS Cycle L will require that a ZIP + 4 must be alloted if the essential number DPV approves. In the event that the essential address can\'t be checked, no ZIP + 4 can be returned. The seller must return just the 5-Digit ZIP Code. Yes 38188-8134 No 38188

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New Software Performance Products being conveyed: Servers – PC Approximately same time 80 organizations offer arrangements Mainframe 0% to 20% expansion 6 organizations offer arrangements 23 confirmed CASS Cycle L arrangements

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Business Process Solutions Responding to your issues: LACS Link™ address upgrade settlement Allows interval utilization of new ZIP + 4 without changing current address Call focus utilization of DPV Available now Allows front-end catch of value address information DirectDPV™ endless supply of CASS Cycle L Improves handling execution by diminishing excess CASS handling of locations

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Communications/Activities To Date Provided notice to merchants (Feb \'06) Discussed at 2006 National Postal Forum Addressing Symposium Mailers\' Technical Advisory Committee Presented at May and Nov gatherings Formed workgroup to get ready for August 1 usage Presented at more than 30 Postal Customer Councils Numerous exchange squeeze articles Distributed USPS letter through sellers (Feb \'07)

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Articles in PCC Insider & Mailers Companion Improve Deliverability Requirements for mailers looking for postage mechanization rebates

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Communications Effectiveness Emailed 174 studies NPF Address Quality Specialist Certificate holders 38% reacted 95.5% mindful of CASS Cycle L necessities 55.7% have known for over 10 months 77% over 7 months 52.4% have performed quality examination in readiness 88.9% began arrangements to meet new prerequisites

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Planned Communications/Activities Presenting at a few industry affiliation gatherings Conducting online course for Business Service Network (Feb \'07) Sending email impacts by means of "DMM Advisory" Conducting extraordinary Q&A session at Postal Forum Partnering with Sales & Business Acceptance on correspondence/preparing Publishing articles (inner/outside distributions) Ongoing 1-on-1 interview administrations gave to help singular mailers

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How to Prepare for CASS/DPV Mailers ought to: Run documents against Delivery Point Immediate Validation apparatus to decide affect Review and implement Immediate to August 1 new procedures inside organization Correct awful addresses Immediate to August 1 Use Address Element Correction (AEC) AEC I – revises 30-35% AEC II – settle 90% Evaluate seller items Improve inward procedures Test and incorporate new software Feb 1 – Aug 1 Implement Aug 1, 2007

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Address Quality Resources More data about address quality projects and routinely redesigned Frequently Asked Questions are accessible on the web: The National Customer Support Center can likewise answer inquiries at 1-800-642-2914 or CASSMAN.NCSC@USPS.GOV

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