Newham Clubhouse Premises Permit.

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The clubhouse as a major aspect of a bigger recreation and diversion offer. ... Newham allowed 1x Large Casino Premises License. Betting floor space to be min 1,500 ...
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Newham Casino Premises License Presentation to Potential Applicants December 10 th , 2008

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Welcome Bernadette Marjoram, Head of Regeneration & Physical Development London Borough of Newham

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Today\'s Agenda 2.00pm – Welcome – Bernadette Marjoram 2.05pm - Introduction – Joe Duckworth 2.15pm - Technical Presentation – Stuart Baillie 3.00pm - Tea and espresso 3.15pm - Question & Answer 4.15pm - Close

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Introduction Joe Duckworth, Chief Executive London Borough of Newham

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Newham\'s Expectations Securing the best neighborhood advantage for Newham, this to include: A considerable money related commitment towards securing enhancements for the general population of Newham. Critical occupation creation and business era. The clubhouse as a major aspect of a bigger recreation and excitement offer. World class engineering and economical improvement.

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Support for the Casino License "It is our consistent perspective that a gambling club would be liable to convey recovery advantages to Newham without huge danger of impediment." Advisory Commission on the Newham Casino (Oct 07). 78% backing from Citizens\' Jury for Newham continuing with the Casino License with suitable conditions (Feb 08). Supported by HM Government (Mar 08).

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Why Newham? Newham\'s is the main 2005 Act gambling club permit accessible in London. Catchment of around 6 million individuals. Worldwide landings from City Airport and Stratford International. 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. 50,000 new homes arranged by 2020. Real recovery open doors in progress. Critical transport speculation.

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Add Transport Plan

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Technical Presentation Stuart Baillie, Project Manager London Borough of Newham

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Technical Presentation Content The License The necessities Competition process Evaluation and appraisal Application/License Fees Timescales Legal Agreements Town Planning contemplations Contacts and additional data

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What is the "Substantial" Casino Premises License? Newham allowed 1x Large Casino Premises License. Betting floor space to be min 1,500 sq. m. to max 3,500 sq.m. Table gaming range min 1,000 sq. m. Up to 150 Category B1 to D gaming machines however close to 5 x number of gaming tables utilized as a part of club. Most extreme big stake on B1 machines £4,000.

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Due Process Gambling Act (2005) Newham proposition (March 2006) Casino Advisory Panel (January 2007) Advisory Commission for Newham Casino (October 2007) Citizens\' Jury (February 2008) Final Government endorsement (March 2008) Local powers organizing (continuous)

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Who Can Apply The candidate ought to be the proposed Casino Operator. Premises permit candidate ought to hold (or have connected for) Operating License and have right to possess. Something else, candidate ought to apply for temporary explanation.

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Statutory necessities extra to the Premises License Planning assent - Newham Operating License - Gambling Commission Personal Licenses for clubhouse staff - Gambling Commission

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The Process Stage 1 – Regulatory Test Stage 2 – Greatest Local Benefit Test

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Stage 1 – Regulatory Test Meeting the Licensing Objectives (allude to Part 2 of The Gambling Act 2005 (Premises Licenses and Provisional Statements) Regs 2007 Preventing betting from being a wellspring of wrongdoing or confusion, being connected with wrongdoing and scatter or being utilized to bolster wrongdoing. Guaranteeing that betting is led in a reasonable and open way. Shielding youngsters and other defenseless people from being hurt or abused by betting. A scale arrangement of the premises is additionally required.

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Stage 2 - The Principles Provision of a scope of top notch recreation and amusement offices Place contemplations and locational sensitivities Physical environment and security Tackling issue betting Preventing access for the youthful and powerless Contributing fiscally to extra group administrations and offices

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Stage 2 - Principles (kept) Preventing wrongdoing and standoffish conduct Control of produced activity and commotion Communication and counsel with neighborhood groups Providing employments and preparing open doors Quality of building configuration and the earth Financial suitability Attracting voyagers and different guests Monitoring and writing about the effect of the club

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The Application Pack Will be accessible from time of publicizing the Competition (around March 2009). To contain: Timeline for rivalry Stage 1 application structure Detailed criteria for Stage 2 Assessment framework for Stage 2 Details of the appraisal procedure Stage 2 format

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Evaluation Process Stage 1 – Licensing Officer handling. Choice – Licensing Officers/Committee. Stage 2 – Assessment Panel – criteria based assessment. Choice – Licensing Committee.

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Cost to the Applicant Types of Application Provisional Statement application charge £10,000 Premises permit application expense £10,000 Application charge for premises permit where a Provisional Statement has been issued £5,000 Annual License Fee £10,000

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Council Resourcing Licensing Committee getting proper preparing. Venture Sponsor – Head of Regeneration and Physical Development. Venture Board involving officers from Regeneration, Licensing, Legal, Finance, Procurement. Evaluation Panel including officers and master counsels.

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Indicative Timeframe Consultation and Adoption of Gambling Policy – by end February 2009 Issue of Invitation and Application Pack – March 2009 Stage 1 Submissions by end April 2009 Stage 2 Commences July 2009 (subject to claims process) Complete procedure by end 2009 (subject to volume of uses and any advances)

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Legal understandings At Stage 2, the Operator will be required to show its capacity to convey its proposition in order to exhibit profit to the territory. Thusly a fitting concurrence with the site proprietor ought to be set up to involve/build up the site. The triumphant Operator is additionally liable to be required to go into a legitimate concurrence with LBN to convey on the \'offer\'.

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Town Planning Considerations Planning and Licensing are separate administrative procedures. Authorizing power might not have respect to probability of arranging assent. Due Planning forms and timescales apply. Arranging assent does not at all commit the Council to recompense the Premises License nor does any understanding connected with the Licensing procedure commit the Local Planning Authority to issue arranging assent. Segment 106 Agreement might be required. Empower pre-application dialogs with the Local Planning Authority. All records submitted as a component of an arranging application will be in general society space.

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Summary Ensure that you comprehend Newham\'s desires. Consider the Gambling Commission and arranging necessities. Be acquainted with distributed enactment.

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Single Point of Contact Denise Mulligan, Regeneration Projects, London Borough of Newham Email: Casino Information Line: 020 8430 2610 Website being produced for data upgrades

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