Nez Perce Indian Water Rights Settlement .

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Nez Perce Indian Settlement, Federal Participants. InteriorSolicitors OfficeBureau of Indian AffairsBureau of Land Management Bureau of ReclamationFish and Wildlife ServiceCommerce-NOAA FisheriesEnergy-Bonneville Power AdministrationJusticeArmy Corps of Engineers. Government Goals for Indian Water Settlements.
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Nez Perce Indian Water Rights Settlement A Federal Perspective Frank Wilson U.S. Division of the Interior Office of the Regional Solicitor, Portland, OR

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Nez Perce Indian Settlement, Federal Participants Interior Solicitors Office Bureau of Indian Affairs Bureau of Land Management Bureau of Reclamation Fish and Wildlife Service Commerce-NOAA Fisheries Energy-Bonneville Power Administration Justice Army Corps of Engineers

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Federal Goals for Indian Water Settlements Water to address the Tribe\'s issues Provide implies for Tribe to utilize its water assets Keep other water clients "entire" Resolve related issues where it bodes well to do as such (e.g. ESA) Others (waivers, and so forth.)

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Nez Perce Settlement, Water for the Tribe 50 kaf different utilize water rights "springs or wellsprings" rights on government arrives Off-reservation least instream streams will be set up in the Salmon and Clearwater River bowls and held by the State of Idaho Tribe\'s water rights will be held in trust; State will hold least stream rights

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Nez Perce Settlement, Means for Tribe to Use Water Funds $50M (in addition to $10.1M) numerous utilization fish and water assets finance $23M water and sewer subsidize $38M Salmon/Clearwater living space finance (1/3 Tribal organization, 2/3 State organization with Tribal info)

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Nez Perce Settlement, Means for Tribe to Use Water Non-money related components Hatchery administration exchanges Dworshak 200 kaf assention

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Nez Perce Settlement, Other water clients On-Reservation water rights are fundamentally from the Clearwater River which has a lot of water accessible for use On-Reservation rights from tributaries are subordinated to existing uses "Springs or wellsprings" rights are, per arrangement, to be utilized "in like manner" with non-Indians Mitigation support for water acquistion, BLM arrive exchanges

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Nez Perce Settlement, Resolve Related Issues ESA § 6 understandings for ranger service and streams—build up helpful concurrences with the State to enhance natural surroundings conditions and address ESA "take" issues in Salmon/Clearwater bowls. Interest is deliberate, yet ESA security and living space subsidize give motivators to take an interest ESA § 7 counsel on Bureau of Reclamation Upper Snake Projects—give state-law component to amplify existing stream expansion program and grow to incorporate extra 60 kaf regular stream rights

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Nez Perce Settlement, Resolve related issues BLM lands exchange—Tribe may choose from 11,200 sections of land of BLM land, up to $7M add up to esteem (evaluations came in beneath $7M, so every one of the 11,200 sections of land will exchange) Increases Tribe\'s on-Reservation arrive base Consolidates possession/administration of detached packages inside the Reservation Adds non-financial esteem to Settlement

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