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spooky comic books and. watches old blood and guts films. He additionally gathers abnormal and. one of a kind ... He simply adores his Wolverine boots. Nigel dependably wears sun glasses. what's more, ...
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Nigel is a guitar player from Liverpool. He cherishes antiquated, straight-ahead rock music. His most loved groups are the Smashing Pumpkins and My Chemical Romance. He additionally adores metal. In his extra time, he peruses spooky comic books and watches old blood and gore flicks. He likewise gathers strange and one of a kind vintage toys.

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Nigel is wearing a Union Jack T-shirt, a dark denim coat and light Levis. He simply cherishes his Wolverine boots. Nigel dependably wears sun glasses and conveys his guitar with him any place he goes.

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Nigel has ginger hair and dark eyes (which we don\'t get the opportunity to see all the time). He is a tall person and exceptionally thin. Nigel needs to be a hero, however he is additionally concentrating on to be a music educator. To be safe, Nigel?

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Nigel dependably has a little grin all over. He gets a kick out of the chance to tell jokes yet he at times chuckles so anyone might hear. He is known not a pleasant person with a considerable measure of companions. What might you want to say to us, Nigel?

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Nigel Welcome To The Black Parade I\'m only a man, I\'m not a saint Just a kid, who\'s intended to sing this tune Just a man, I\'m not a legend I DON\'T CARE!!

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