NIS-PH Organizing New activity.

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NIS-PH Organizing New activity Tbilisi, Georgia,September 18-20, 2003 Valeriu Sava, Viorel Soltan, Roxana Bonnell Premises: PH Idea in NIS still considered as a zone, which works with definitions and terms deducted from social drug and soviet san-epid framework
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NIS-PH Networking New activity Tbilisi, Georgia,September 18-20, 2003 Valeriu Sava, Viorel Soltan, Roxana Bonnell

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Premises: PH Concept in NIS still considered as a zone, which works with definitions and terms deducted from social prescription and soviet san-epid framework L ack of relationship between showing , research and administrations giving W eak impact o n choice trying procedure S poradic endeavors to build up the N ew P ublic H ealth idea in NIS don\'t prompt expected rusults as far as time and quality.

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The issue in NIS locale The troubles to advance successful general wellbeing approach improvement in NIS (e.g. accumulation of information to distinguish significant wellbeing issues and making this information accessible, understanding why the issue exists, outlining mediations that are confirmation based, assessing viability of intercessions, spreading discoveries through state funded instruction and engagement in wellbeing activity)

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Main sources: Lack of the involvement in general wellbeing zone and inadequate number of Public Health pros prepared in new way Sporadic, shaky and powerless connections between the new general wellbeing masters and the current overall general wellbeing systems and assets Absence of Regional Center for coordination and data in Public Health

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Project objective To make a minimum amount in the NIS Public Health for affecting choices in the nations and in the locale by building a system of people and foundations that can assume administration parts in advancing Public Health approaches and programs

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Project goals: To make a local Informational Resource Center (IRC) which will encourage the interrelashionship between the system individuals and will organize the system exercises. To recognize needs and subjects for talks particular methodology o f PH the NIS district and to fortify joint exploration undertakings between the system individuals.

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Project goals: To build up the satisfactory devices and instruments that will guarantee sharing of data between the system individuals (online database, listserv and so on.) To make components for assessment of general wellbeing inverventions and procedures, actualized in the area and to disseminate the outcomes and learsons learned for further advancing.

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Proposed Activities: C ollect ing , alter ing, organiz ing and distribut ing of the data with in the system by t he Health P olicy organizer Application of orderly approach by utilizing a mix of system instruments At slightest two phases of usage

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First stage (June-December 2003) Building an email bulletin secured the accompanying points: workforce advancement; wellbeing division change; helpless populaces Not just circle “information” yet serve as a plausibility to share preparing materials and apparatuses for support, open strategy, media and so forth, best practice and lessons scholarly Target bunch: master council individuals, program facilitators, Soros-establishment sub-load up and staff who need to get Russian dialect pamphlet

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Second Stage (from January 2004) Develop of Website , served a piece of the other on-line devices mix: Discussion bunches/gatherings – online issue-particular examination for pre-decided time period. Shared Database – expanding accessibility of data and productivity of data trade through formation of shared participation database accessible on the web. System developer (contact database) – searchable database encouraging joint effort with part vocation memoirs and authoritative profiles.

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Second Stage (from January 2004) Online meeting – online issue-particular talk accessible on the site for pre-decided time period. Digest/site – month to month overview of data sent to participation with articles attached to site where full data is accessible. Can fuse numerous issues. Research organizations – a month to month diary concentrated on a significant issue which incorporates articles, meetings, and critique of activities and best practice appropriated by email.

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Some disconnected from the net system apparatuses: Seminars and meetings – social occasion of members to talk about a typical concern or issue. Workgroups – gathering of specialists made to address a solid objective in a pre-decided timeframe. Trainings – obviously characterized preparing objectives (best if issue based) supporting limit building did over a pre-decided period of time.

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Last issue: The accomplishment of this undertaking depends of your dynamic participation… Online examinations, meetings, posting Share experience on promotion endeavors, crusades, distributions, databases, actualized tasks, lesson learned

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Thanks for your consideration! Valeriu Sava , Health Policy facilitator, Soros Foundation Moldova, Chisinau Email: vsava@

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