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Test Preparation. People are not required to take pre-licensure or proceeding with training courses before taking the test; notwithstanding, it is unequivocally prescribed. While finishing instruction and utilizing the Content Outlines and related Reference Lists will help MLO\'s to better get ready to take the test, these alone don't promise an individual will breeze through the test..
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NMLS Testing & Education SAFE Mortgage Loan Originator Testing Information April 2010

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Test Preparation

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Consider the Following: Individuals are not required to take pre-licensure or proceeding with instruction courses preceding taking the test; in any case, it is firmly prescribed. While finishing training and utilizing the Content Outlines and related Reference Lists will help MLO\'s to better get ready to take the test, these alone don\'t promise an individual will breeze through the test.

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Consider the Following: Completing pre-licensure or proceeding with training and planning to take the test are not one in the same. MLO\'s, especially those new to the business, are likely going to need to invest extra energy concentrating on for the test .

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Tools to Prepare for the Test

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Content Outlines: give the fundamental structure or blue print for a test part are utilized to guide test question composing Can be utilized as an apparatus to help hopefuls get ready for the test are found on the NMLS Resource Center Professional Requirements> Testing> Test Content Outlines

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Review Test Content Outlines Each test segment has its own blueprint National Component Unique State Specific Components Outlines delineate: particular test content and question dispersion (weightings)

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Here\'s what they resemble… Component Name Weighting

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Here\'s what they resemble…

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Know the Reference Lists Most substance diagrams are trailed by a Content Reference List. The Reference List refers to huge numbers of the assets utilized as a part of building the SAFE MLO Test. Applicants ought to utilize this rundown to help in test planning. Course materials additionally make utilization of the Reference List.

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Taking the Test

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Test Time- - National Component 2.5 hours test time (150 minutes) 15 minutes dispensed for instructional exercise (before test) 15 minutes designated for discretionary review (after test) Total seat time = 3 hours 100 inquiries in 150 min. = 1.5 min. per question

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Test Time– State Components State Test Components 1.5 hours test time (a hour and a half) 15 minutes distributed for instructional exercise (before test) 15 minutes apportioned for study (after test) Total seat time = 2 hours Approx. 60 questions in 90 min. = 1.5 min. per question *State test lengths differ from 55 to 65 absolute inquiries

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When Entering the Test Center Arrive 30 minutes before your test arrangement Bring a current , government provided ID with hopeful\'s photograph and mark Expect to be captured; palm print may likewise be taken Basic number cruncher (not budgetary adding machine) and scratch paper are given

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When Entering the Test Center Candidate may not take anything into testing room (might be requested that show unfilled pockets) All assets, for example, notes, mobile phones, watches, wallets must be put in a locker All applicants must read and consent to the NMLS Rules of Conduct preceding taking the test

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Be Aware of NMLS Rules of Conduct Stress the privacy of the majority of the test inquiries and test materials, as they are the copyrighted, restrictive property of NMLS.  Any endeavor to change, distribute, transmit, or make subordinate works of the test materials, in entire or to a limited extent, is an immediate infringement of copyright laws, the Agreement and the Rules of Conduct and will subject you to elected and/or state sanctions.

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Test inquiries are: composed by home loan topic specialists audited, altered, and endorsed by master panels comprising of both controllers and industry experts made from substance diagram classifications and subcategories bolstered by reference materials (laws, regs , and so on.) (see Content Outlines)

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Test Questions Debunked All inquiries are 4-alternative various decision. For instance: If a candidate works 40 hours consistently and is paid $13.52 every hour, what is the candidate\'s month to month wage? (A) $2,163.20 (B) $2,343.47 (C) $2,379.52 (D) $2,487.68

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Test Questions Debunked No trap inquiries are utilized The inaccurate answers may appear to be conceivable yet are mistaken All inquiries have one and one and only right answer No "The greater part of the Above" or "Nothing unless there are other options" alternatives No short reply, fill-in-the-clear or genuine/false inquiries Take time to peruse addresses painstakingly and read the majority of the answer choices!

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Test Questions Debunked "You" is not utilized. Legitimate names are not utilized. For instance: What does an advance originator use to decide the evaluated estimation of a property taking into account a scientific examination of comparative property deals? (An) An evaluation (B) A business sector review (C) A zone overview (D) A money saving advantage investigation Not: What does John Doe use to decide the assessed estimation of a property in view of an explanatory examination of comparable property deals? What would it be a good idea for you to use to decide the evaluated estimation of a property taking into account a logical correlation of comparable property deals?

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Un-Scored (Pretest) Questions There are ten pre-test addresses that show up in the National Component and every State Specific Component that are being pilot tried for future use. These pre-test inquiries are being "experimented with" to figure out whether they meet fitting norms of value to be utilized as scored inquiries on future SAFE MLO tests. On the off chance that a test question does not meet set up testing guidelines, it won\'t show up as a scored question on a test.

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Un-Scored Questions: are pre-decided and don\'t influence a hopeful\'s score in any capacity are not set apart in any noticeable path to the test-taker (applicants can\'t recognize a scored or an un-scored inquiry) are scattered arbitrarily all through the test, so all inquiries ought to be offered an explanation to the best of your capacity

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Reschedule/Retake Policy

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If you have to Reschedule a Test Must contact Pearson VUE or Prometric straightforwardly to reschedule Must be rescheduled no later than 12 p.m. nearby time two business days before arrangement Appointment planned for: Cancelled/Rescheduled by 12:00 p.m. neighborhood Sunday, Monday Thursday of the previous week Tuesday Friday of the first week Wednesday Monday of that week Thursday Tuesday of that week Friday Wednesday of that week Saturday Thursday of that week *If an occasion happens amid the typical cancelation/reschedule period, this timetable conforms to characterize "timely cancellation" as one day sooner than expressed previously.

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Retake Policy Must hold up 30 days between every test taking endeavor May make an enlistment and calendar an arrangement immediately yet can\'t take the test preceding the end of recommended hold up time After each fourth fizzled endeavor, a 180 day hold up time is organized After finishing a test segment, you are not be permitted to retake that specific test segment.

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