No Slide TitleBUREAU OF MINING RECLAMATION Joseph Pizarchik, Director .

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BUREAU OF MINING & RECLAMATION Joseph Pizarchik, Director. Monitoring & Compliance. Environmental Analysis & Support. Clerical Support. Permits. VACANT Env Prgm Mgr. William Allen Env Prgm Mgr. Karen Kellenberger Admin Officer 1. Robert Agnew Env Prgm Mgr. Shuvonna Ballard
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´╗┐Department OF MINING & RECLAMATION Joseph Pizarchik, Director Monitoring & Compliance Environmental Analysis & Support Clerical Support Permits VACANT Env Prgm Mgr William Allen Env Prgm Mgr Karen Kellenberger Admin Officer 1 Robert Agnew Env Prgm Mgr Shuvonna Ballard Secretarial Supervisor 2 Mine Subsidence Insurance Section Environmental Studies Section Surface Mining Section Molly Adams Clerk Typist 2 Compliance Section Explosives & Safety Section Lawrence Ruane MSI Pgm Admin Geoffrey Lincoln Min Res Pgm Mgr Keith Brady Min Res Pgm Mgr Bruce Carl Min Res Pgm Mgr Andrew Signore Clerk Typist 2 Rick Lamkie Min Res Pgm Spec Nicholle Harman Clerk Typist 3 VACANT Mng Specialist Sharon Hill Lcd Prf Geologist John Meehan Min Res Pgm Spec Wendy Taylor Mgmt Technician VACANT, PE Geol Spec/Trne Scott Alexander Water Pollution Biologist 2 Judy Thurston Admin Assistant 1 Amy Berrios Mgmt Technician Underground Mining Section James Charowsky Min Res Pgm Spec Linda Koontz Admin Assistant 1 Data Management & Reports Section Harold Miller Prf Geologist Mgr M. Renee Bogdan Admin Assistant 1 Robin G. Lighty Min Res Pgm Mgr Gregory Shuler Lcd Prf Geologist Tammy Masser Admin Assistant 1 Keith Previc Min Res Pgm Spec Michele Hamlin Geologic Trne VACANT Mng Specialist Tim Young Info Tech Gen 1 Last Edited 8/12/2008

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