Not attempting to make everybody who takes the course a frameworks engineer, yet attempting to give aeronautics designe.

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Not attempting to make everybody who takes the course a frameworks engineer, yet attempting to give plane design specialists a frameworks point of view.. Course Goal. 3. Space Systems Engineering Course Overview. NASA is persuaded to have colleges add Systems Engineering to undergrad educational modules requirements.This course utilizes a space topic, however is relevant to designing orders other than aerospace.This co
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Course Overview Module Space Systems Engineering, adaptation 1.0

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Course Goal Not attempting to make everybody who takes the course a frameworks build, however attempting to give aviation design specialists a frameworks point of view.

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Space Systems Engineering Course Overview NASA is spurred to have colleges add Systems Engineering to undergrad educational programs prerequisites. This course utilizes a space topic, however is material to building disciplines other than aviation. This course is composed as a pre-essential to the senior capstone configuration class. A considerable lot of the frameworks building instruments and strategies are vital for good framework plan. This course was produced and steered at The University of Texas at Austin in the Department of Aerospace Engineering, 2008. Presentations Instructor; Teaching Assistant Students, including their SE encounter Review of Syllabus & Schedule (gifts) Grade - homework, exams, ventures, readings Access to materials

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Semester-long Reading Assignment (1/2) Intent : to additionally comprehend parts of frameworks building through expert writing. Select one book from rundown: Note: All books accessible on

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Semester-long Reading Assignment (2/2) Write a 5-7 page book provide details regarding the significance of the book to frameworks building. Inquiries to address in report: What are the primary focuses that the book is attempting to get opposite a specialist\'s point of view? How is the book significant to learning/rehearsing frameworks designing? Were there any ideas in the book that ought to be incorporated into the educational modules? Did the author(s) make a decent showing with regards to clarifying specific points? Did you learn anything? Did you appreciate the book? Take-away: what will you recall most from perusing this book? At end of semester: Turn in individual book report. Lead book discourse with your kindred perusers. Create a solidified rundown of advantages and disadvantages for incorporating the book in the frameworks designing educational programs.

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Alternative Semester-long Assignment (1/2) Intent : to take in frameworks designing lessons from past space mission disasters. Select one disappointment report from rundown: WIRE Mishap Investigation Board Report June 8, 1999 Genesis CONTOUR Comet Nucleus Tour Mishap Investigation Board Report ; May 31, 2003 The Hubble Space Telescope Optical Systems Failure Report; November 1990 The NEAR Rendezvous Burn Anomaly of December 1998; November 1999 SOHO Mission Interruption; Joint NASA/ESA Investigation Board Final Report; August 31, 1998 Beagle 2 Independent Review Report; September 29, 2000 Report on the Loss of the Mars Polar Lander and Deep Space 2 Missions; JPL Special Review Board; 22 March 2000 Mars Observer Mission Failure Investigation Board Report; December 31, 1993 Mars Climate Orbiter Mishap Investigation Board Report; November 10, 1999 Lewis Spacecraft Mission Failure Investigation Board last report; February 12, 1998 Note: All disappointment reports accessible from the educator.

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Alternative Semester-long Assignment (2/2) Write a 5-7 page book report noting the accompanying inquiries concerning the mission disappointment report you chose. Inquiries to address in report: What frameworks designing inadequacies were recognized by the Mishap Investigation Board (MIB) as contributing elements to the mission disappointment? Do you concur? Where in the improvement lifecycle did these elements happen? As the lead frameworks design on a comparable venture what might you do to diminish the likelihood of comparable issues? For extra foundation perusing on space mission incidents, allude to the accompanying reports: General Accounting Office Better Mechanisms Needed for Sharing Lessons Learned GAO-02-195 – recognizes lacking frameworks building as a contributing cause to most venture disappointments. Gaining From NASA Mishaps: What Separates Success From Failure? Extend Management Challenge 2007 February 7, 2007; Faith Chandler, NASA Office of Safety and Mission Assurance.

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See the entire picture See the timberland and the trees View from alternate points of view Look for interdependencies Understand changed models Think long haul "Go wide" in considering circumstances and end results connections Think about potential advantages (openings) and also about unintended outcomes (dangers) Focus on critical thinking, not discovering reprimand Systems Thinkers … With thanks from: Astronomy Picture of the Day; Apollo 17: Last on the Moon Credit: Apollo 17, NASA; examined by Kipp Teague ( Systems Thinking Playbook, Sweeney and Meadows; 1995

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Interview with NASA Administrator, M. Griffin on "The True Challenge of Project Management" Dr. Griffin proceeded with that frameworks designing and venture administration are inverse sides of a similar coin. To discuss one without the other is defective. The misfortunes of Challenger and Columbia, the Hubble Space Telescope " s imperfect optics, Mars Observer, Mars Climatology Observer \'99, Mars Polar Lander, Genesis - these projects\' issues were because of disappointments in program administration and frameworks designing. They all must be taken a gander at as learning encounters, to gain however much from them as could reasonably be expected so we can rehash as few of them as would be prudent. So how would we educate the 10,000 foot view idea? On the off chance that all concur that the capacity to work at the 10,000 foot view level is truly vital, how would we show it? Dr. Griffin said we can recognize the characteristic, see it in certain youthful designers. In the event that we infer that it is an aptitude you can\'t educate, search for the individuals who have it and utilize them. I am helped to remember you can figure out how to play the piano, however in the event that you don\'t have the inborn ability it will dependably be constrained, not normal. We have to play to our qualities and play up other\'s qualities too. It wasn\'t such a long time ago that frameworks designing wasn\'t viewed as a formal teach. Today, there is a group of learning committed to frameworks building and program administration. They have been formalized and can be instructed. You will be unable to instruct how to see the 10,000 foot view, yet you can educate the devices and abilities to individuals to encourage seeing it . Dr. Griffin distinguished a few things that are troubling or in his words "frightening" regarding frameworks designing and program administration. Once in a while there is an inability to comprehend the frameworks building is the last door of "the general ship of designing." If the lead frameworks design misses something, chances are that the program supervisor is not going to catch it, nor should it be his business to do as such. Frameworks building can\'t be just an arrangement of instruments and procedures for guaranteeing that all the framework interface necessities are met. They are parts of it, however to dismiss the master plan is a disappointment of frameworks designing. Frameworks building is about asking the correct inquiries, less having the responses to every one of the inquiries. It is about limiting the unintended results of a plan .

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The Need for Systems Thinking "Issues can\'t be explained by a similar level of suspecting that made them." Albert Einstein

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Back-up Note : Depending on how much time is spent on the course diagram data, including the syllabus and timetable, more slides and dialog can be included the general point of frameworks considering. There are various slides incorporated into the go down that can be maneuvered forward into the body of the address.

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Characteristics of Engineers with High Capacity for Systems Thinking Ref: "Learning, Abilities, Cognitive Characteristics and Behavior Competencies of Engineers with High Capacity for Engineering Systems Thinking", Moti Frank, Systems Engineering, Volume 9, Number 2, Summer 2006

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Systems Thinking – Why is it Important? Controls Impacts Customers Authorities Life Cycle (Disposal) System "Issues can\'t be tackled by a similar level of feeling that made them." Albert Einstein To fathom and deal with the necessities, and to build up the arrangement, we need to see how it fits into the bigger arrangement of which it is a section. Condition When our reaction to circumstances and difficulties is divided, the outcomes are regularly inadequate or foolish.

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Systems Thinking – Hierarchy Why is it Important? "Always remember that the framework being tended to by one gathering of designers is the subsystem of another gathering and the super-arrangement of yet a third group."* * Dennis M. Buede , The Engineering Design of Systems , 2000, John Wiley & Sons. As frameworks designers we should consider items above, companion items, and subordinate items.

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Include a case for frameworks considering… What is the framework? Can simply utilize the Shuttle.

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Systems Thinking Example Think of the Space Shuttle, I.e., the Space Transportation System (STS)… how might you characterize the framework?

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Hierarchical Relationships for Systems of Interest Program System of Interest Project System of Interest System of Interest Subsystem Assembly

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Enabling Systems, or together can be considered as a System of Systems A Satellite with Three Enabling Systems GPS Enabling System Satellite of Interest TDRSS Enabling System Launch Vehicle Enabling System

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Hierarchical Relationships for Enabling Systems Program System of Interest Enabling Systems Project System of Interest Enabling Systems System of Interest Subsystem Enabling Systems Assembly Systems building center must incorporate all parts of the earth in which the arrangement of intrigue works.

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Understanding the framework prerequisites paying little heed to the position of one\'s item in the framework disintegration progressive system Assessing the effect of framework necessities on the subsystem for which one is mindful Assessing the effect of subsystem limitations on the framework Ass

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