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2. OPERATIONIRAQIFREEDOM. Re-DeploymentMedical Threat Briefing. Name
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Notes/Changes Briefer – if administration individuals are finishing the wellbeing appraisal through AKO you may cover up/preclude/alter slides 25 however 31. They are for use if the administration part is rounding out the printed copy structure DD 2796 V03.06 – included Post-Deployment Health Reassessment Form data

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OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM Re-Deployment Medical Threat Briefing Name & Unit Prepared by: U.S. Armed force Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine (800) 222-9698/DSN 584-4375/(410) 436-4375

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Re-organization Medical Briefing Purpose of this preparation Background on wellbeing concerns Health dangers from this area Re-arrangement therapeutic prerequisites Homecoming Stress Summary and where to get more data

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Purpose of this preparation To guarantee that any worries you may have about your wellbeing are tended to and that you comprehend the restorative prerequisites for re-sending

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Background Over 300,000 US and Coalition Forces are re-conveying from backing of Operation Iraqi Freedom Of most extreme significance is power wellbeing security and tending to concerns you may have about your wellbeing

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Medical Requirements for Re-sending In-theater Receiving this post-sending therapeutic danger instructions Completing the Post-Deployment Health Assessment (DD Form 2796) Receiving post-sending therapeutic screening (of 2796), testing, and follow-up Understanding where to go for wellbeing issues or worries after you return Home Station Tuberculosis skin test (TB), blood draw and any demonstrated referral arrangements, DD2900

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Threat Categories Infectious Vector borne Animal related Environmental Diarrheal ailments Tuberculosis Malaria Dengue Meningococcal Meningitis Leishmaniasis Q-Fever Rabies Avian Influenza Sandfly Fever Schistosomiasis Typhoid/Paratyphoid Typhus Boutonneuse Fever West Nile Fever Leptospirosis Medical Threats for the Region

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The most generally reported wellbeing issues saw in theater: Upper respiratory ailment Diarrhea Common Health Problems Reported

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Upper Respiratory Infection Can be brought on by various distinctive things, infections, microorganisms, dust particles The contributing variables are close living quarters, variety in rest schedule, stress, change in cleanliness propensities Symptoms resolve in a couple days If you are encountering indications of a frosty, such as depleting sinuses, sore throat or hack for over 2 weeks, look for restorative consideration

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Diarrheal Diseases It is typical for practically everybody to have some entrail aggravations because of changes in eating regimen and dietary patterns Can be created by microscopic organisms, infections, or parasites If you as of now have looseness of the bowels manifestations (free watery stools, more than 3 times each day), address a human services supplier

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Infectious Diseases: STDs/Bloodborne Sexually Transmitted and/or Bloodborne Diseases HIV/AIDS Gonorrhea Chlamydia Syphilis Hepatitis B If you went without sexual contact while sent, you are not at danger for STDs

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Infectious Diseases: Tuberculosis ailment is available in the Iraqi nearby populace Caused by a microbes spread by hacking, wheezing, talking, or spitting from tainted people Symptoms Cough proceeding for quite a while, mid-section torment, weight reduction, night sweats, fever, and shortcoming The TB skin test will appear in the event that you have been presented to somebody with dynamic sickness, not as a matter of course that you have the ailment

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Infectious Diseases: Malaria Blood parasite transmitted by mosquitoes Disease is not in Kuwait Your danger is low in most Iraq areas and is regularly impacted Symptoms Incubation period: 8-14 days Symptoms: fever, influenza like ailment, chills, cerebral pain, muscle hurts, and weakness If you are at high danger of getting this ailment you will be advised to take intestinal sickness drugs Follow your directions totally to abstain from becoming ill!

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Infectious Diseases: Leishmaniasis A parasite transmitted by sand fly chomps Symptoms Non-recuperating injuries Sometimes - fever, weight reduction, shortcoming, frailty, swelling of spleen and liver Symptoms can show up weeks to months in the wake of getting nibbled If you encounter any of these indications, while sent or after you return home, ensure you address a human services supplier! Sand flies are little - one and only third the span of mosquitoes.

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Animal Associated Diseases Naturally happening Anthrax Rabies Avian Influenza

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Anthrax (Naturally Occurring) No presentation to bioagent Anthrax reported Bacteria transmitted by creatures, creature stows away or debased meat Symptoms On skin. Advances from knock rankle ulcer, swelling, and fever If you have a ulcer with a dark scab or that has had a troublesome time recuperating, please ensure you address a medicinal services supplier

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Rabies The wild canines wandering troop ranges in Kuwait and Iraq could convey rabies Caused by infection in the spit of contaminated warm blooded creatures or bats Rabies is about 100% deadly If you were nibbled by a pooch, or some other creature, post presentation treatment must be begun quickly

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Animal Contact Diseases Avian Influenza H5N1 Rare instances of H5N1 flu could happen in operational powers presented to tainted poultry runs. In the improbable occasion that H5N1 flu picks up the capacity to productively spread specifically from individual to individual, starting a human flu pandemic, countless strengths worldwide could be influenced. Extremely serious ailment; casualty rate higher than half in symptomatic cases Seek therapeutic treatment instantly in the event that you feel sick.

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Other Disease Threats Other less regular irresistible infections are secured in your Redeployment Medical Guide for Missions in Support of Operation Iraqi Freedom tri-fold

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Environmental Threats Environmental appraisals continuous at all essential troop areas in Kuwait and Iraq Air, soil and water examined for: Pesticides Chemicals and overwhelming metals Radiation As of May, 2003, particulate matter (dust) levels were a moderate danger yet no other wellbeing dangers discovered Smoke from front line and oil well flames was not a wellbeing risk

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Environmental Threats: Dust levels are reliably higher than different territories of the world Smoke and air contamination are like numerous modern regions in the US Can bring about runny nose, sore throat and hack; may exacerbate sensitivities Symptoms for the most part resolve in a couple days in the wake of leaving the territory; if not, look for medicinal consideration

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Post Deployment Requirements In-theater Receiving this post-arrangement restorative risk instructions Completing the Post-Deployment Health Assessment (DD Form 2796) Receiving post-organization therapeutic screening (of 2796), testing, and follow-up Understanding where to go for wellbeing issues or worries after you return Home Station TB skin test, blood draw and referral arrangements, DD 2900

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DEPLOYMENT HEALTH ASSESSMENTS Available through AKO under the "My Medical Readiness" join

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Post-Deployment Health Assessment Form Page 1: Service Member Administrative Information

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Post Deployment Health Assessment Form DD Form 2796 must be finished close to 30 days before withdrawing for home station Page 1: Administrative data Deployment area Country, list all Operation Iraqi Freedom * You will require your DD 2796 close by to withdraw from theater * Do not pack it in your sacks

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Post Deployment Health Assessment Form

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Post Deployment Health Assessment Form Page 2: Service Member Report immunizations, drugs, and human services amid sending process Report encounters, manifestations or concerns Page 3: Service Member Report conceivable exposures and length Identify possibly dangerous circumstances that may concern you *You will require your DD 2796 to out-procedure from theater*

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Post-Deployment Health Assessment Form Page 4: Health Care Provider Assessment

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Redeployment Requirements In-theater Redeployment medicinal danger preparation Post-sending wellbeing evaluation (DD Form 2796) Post-sending therapeutic screening, testing, and follow-up Know where to go for wellbeing issues or worries after you return Home Station Tuberculosis skin test, blood draw and referral arrangements, DD2900

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Post Deployment Health Assessment Form Page 4: Health Assessment Face-to-face discourse with Health Care Provider (HCP) Answer in view of how you are feeling today Review of finished DD 2796 with HCP Follow-up might be prescribed at home station Answering yes to any inquiries won\'t postpone your takeoff from theater * Hand-convey a duplicate of your DD 2796 completely through your home station out-handling *

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Redeployment Requirements In-theater Redeployment therapeutic risk instructions Post-sending wellbeing appraisal (DD Form 2796) Post-sending restorative screening, testing, and follow-up Know where to go for wellbeing issues or worries after you return Home Station Tuberculosis skin test, blood draw and referral arrangements, DD2900

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Directions for post-organization wellbeing inquiries and concerns Step 1 Be mindful that a few conditions (like jungle fever, tuberculosis, and others) may not deliver indications for quite a long time to months after you return home. Step 2 Contact your nearby MTF or non military personnel medicinal services supplier for issues, inquiries, or concerns saw after re-arrangement, and make a point to enlighten him/her regarding your sending. Step 3 If you feel sick, your essential human services supplier can do an underlying evaluation. In the event that side effects continue or your condition is not enhancing, ensure you come back to your human services supplier . Step 4 The DoD Deployment Health Clinical Center is constantly accessible to answer your inquiries, and any inquiries your social insurance supplier ( regular citizen or m

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