Nourishment and Oral Health Show and Tell: Nutrition Classroom Presentations .

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Conduct Change. ValueMotivationAttitudeCapabilityPracticeKnowledgeAwareness. SUGAR Coating America . Per Capita Sugar Consumption1970 = 119
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Nourishment and Oral Health Show and Tell: Nutrition Classroom Presentations Jeri Waite, M. Ed., R.D. Santa Clause Barbara County Public Health Department California Children\'s Dental Disease Prevention Program Power Play Campaign, Nutrition Network

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Behavior Change Value Motivation Attitude Capability Practice Knowledge Awareness

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SUGAR Coating America Per Capita Sugar Consumption 1970 = 119# 2003 =143# % of Daily Calories From Added Sugar Children ages 6-11 get 18% Teenagers 12-19 get 20% Annual Corn Sweetener Consumption Increased to 79 # in 2003 up 400% from 1970 Countries that devour under 33 lbs of sugar for each capita have for all intents and purposes no tooth rot. Indeed, even in nations with almost no fluoride in the water, caries for all intents and purposes vanish when utilization is underneath 24# for every capita.

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"Everything Adds Up" Hidden Sugar In Foods We Eat

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Breakfast Sugar Cocoa Puffs 3.5 teaspoons 4 oz 1% milk no included 8 oz Sunny Delight 7.5 teaspoons Snack 1 organic product roll up 2.5 teaspoons Lunch Peanut spread and jam sandwich 6 teaspoons 1 little pack of Oreo cookies 4.25 teaspoons 20 oz Gatorade 5.5 teaspoons Snack 1 sack Doritos .5 teaspoons Total 29.75 teaspoons

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Breakfast Sugar 1 mixed egg No included 6 oz 100% orange juice No included 2 cuts entire wheat toast, butter No included Snack Banana and water No included Lunch Turkey sandwich, bread, cheddar meat, lettuce, tomato No included pear No included carrot-sticks No included 8 oz 1% milk No included Snack string cheddar, apple, water No included Total No additional

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"Stop The Pop" Beverage Tsp. Sugar 20 oz Gatorade 5.5 12 oz Soda 10.5 20 oz Sunny Delight 18.75 8.5 oz Fruit Punch 7.5 8 oz Chocolate Milk 4 6.75 oz Capri Sun 7

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"Think Your Drink" How Tooth Decay Starts… Sugar in pop consolidates with microbes in your mouth to frame corrosive. This corrosive, in addition to the additional corrosive from soda pops, assaults the teeth. Every corrosive assault keeps going around 20 minutes, and corrosive assaults begin once again with each taste. Continuous corrosive assaults debilitate tooth finish. Depressions start when tooth lacquer is harmed. Keep in mind! Eating routine or sugar free pop still has corrosive that can hurt your teeth. In spite of the fact that organic product beverages aren\'t carbonated like pop, they too have corrosive and sugar that can bring about rot.

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Breakfast Eaters Score better on tests and commit less errors Are more averse to be late for school Concentrate and perform better in school Behave better in school Have more vitality Have bring down rates of stoutness Get more fiber in their eating regimen Non-Breakfast Eaters Score Lower on tests Have bring down admissions of iron, folic Acid and B vitamins Snack more on fatty sustenances Have higher rates of corpulence Cause more battles in school Eat less fiber "Control Up With Breakfast" Contemplate Your Breakfast Plate !

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Build A Healthy Breakfast pick 3 sustenances from 3 distinctive nutritional categories

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"General store Savvy" Read the Label! Search for these sound ranges on names: Sugar: Less than 5 grams/serving Fat: 3 grams or less/100 calories Sodium: 140 mg or less/serving Fiber 3 grams or additionally/serving % Daily Value 5% or less = Low at least 20% = High Watch out for these: Avoid: Trans Fat Limit: High Fructose Corn Syrup Look for: entire grain

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Ten Habits of Healthy Kids  Brush and Floss your teeth  Eat 2 glasses vegetables and 1 some organic products day by day Eat breakfast each day Snack on solid sustenances  Drink water rather than sweet beverages  Eat littler sums  Eat less quick nourishments  Spend under 2 hours a day staring at the TV, playing video and PC amusements Spend no less than 1 hour a day being physically dynamic  Get 8 to 10 hours of rest at night

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Portion Distortion Super Sizing Portions Cheeseburger 20 Years Ago Today 333 calories 590 calories

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What Is A Serving?

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"Which Side Are You On?" Tips For Healthier Eating Using The Food Guide Pyramid Make a large portion of your grains whole Vary your veggies Focus on fruits Get your calcium rich sustenances Go incline with protein Change your oil

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Serving Sizes Use your hand to gauge divide sizes! Clench hand = 1 glass Palm = 3 ounces Thumb tip = 1 teaspoon Thumb = 1 ounce Handful = 1 or 2 ounces

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Eating With Style "How to Eat" Eat general meals Plan for sound snacks Eat when hungry and stop when full Eat gradually, bite deliberately Eat a wide assortment of sustenances Sit down when you eat, attempt to eat as a family Eat from a plate or bowl not from a pack or box Do not eat while sitting in front of the TV, concentrate on eating Drink water rather than sweet beverages Take little parts Try new nourishments Cook nourishments strongly, stay away from broiled sustenances Trim all noticeable fat from meat and expel skin from poultry Limit high sugar, salt or fat sustenances Read nourishment names

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