November 15 th , 2006 Meeting.

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November 15 th , 2006 Meeting A dangerous atmospheric devation is the best test confronting our era. Understanding it is our most prominent open door. Environmental Change Implies: Prologue to Warm Higher temperatures
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November 15 th , 2006 Meeting

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Global warming is the best test confronting our era. Understanding it is our most noteworthy open door.

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Climate Change Means: Introduction to HEAT Higher temperatures More Intense, More Frequent, and Longer Lasting Heat Waves in the 21st Century . Gerald A. Meehl and Claudia Tebaldi. Science 13 August 2004. Longer dry seasons “Drought Could Double By End of Century, Met Office Hadley Center exploration shows.” Eleanor Burke. Diary of Hydrometeorology, imminent. More sizzling seas Penetration of Human-Induced Warming into the World\'s Oceans. Tim Barnett, et al. Science 8 July 2005. Liquefying ice tops Threatened Loss of Greenland Ice-Sheet . Jonathan Gregory, et al. Nature 8 April 2004. Quick ocean level ascent Paleoclimatic Evidence for Future Ice-Sheet Instability and Rapid Sea-Level Rise. Jonathan Overpeck, et al. Science 24 March 2006.

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Introduction to HEAT Effects will be: More capable, dangerous storms Impact of CO2-Induced Warming on Simulated Hurricane Intensity and Precipitation. Thomas Knutson and Robert Tuleya. Diary of Climate 15 September 2004. Mischief to horticulture and economies Climate Change and the Global Harvest: Potential Impacts of the Greenhouse Effect on Agriculture . Cynthia Rosenzweig and Daniel Hillel. Diary of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics January 1998. Flooding of coastlines and seaside urban areas Coastal Megacities and Climate Change. Robert J. Nicholls. GeoJournal 21 November 2004. Most noticeably bad effects on poor groups and creating nations Climate change sways most prominent on creating nations. Universal Institute for Sustainable Development. December 2005. Environmental change may hurt Asian economies . Anticipated, Ben Preston, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization. Reported by AP 9 October 2006.

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Global Warming: Not Just An Environmental Problem Introduction to HEAT Economic Collapse (Stern Report) Political Instability (Pentagon Report) Social & Moral Concerns Global Poverty, Inequality, and Future Generations

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A note of earnestness: Introduction to the Campus Climate Challenge “We have at most ten years—not ten years to choose activity, however ten years to modify on a very basic level the direction of worldwide nursery emanations . On the off chance that rather we take after a vitality escalated way of crushing fluid powers from tar sands, shale oil, and overwhelming oil, and do as such without catching and sequestering CO 2 emanations, atmosphere debacles will get to be unavoidable.”  â â â â â â â â â  -James Hansen, Director NASA Goddard Institute for Space Science The New York Review of Books, July 13, 2006

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Many individuals are discussing the issue.

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Hopkins Energy Action Team speaks the truth arrangements.

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This test is a tremendous open door. Prologue to the Campus Climate Challenge Solve an Earth-wide temperature boost Energy freedom A more grounded clean vitality economy Cleaner air and healthier groups Efficiency spares cash

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The Solutions Introduction to HEAT Solutions can be as straightforward as: Buildings intended to utilize 30% as much power. Cleaner, more effective vehicles for school armadas. Lights that utilization 33% as much power as ordinary globules. … however we have to get this going .

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The insurgency begins on grounds. Prologue to HEAT Students at 345+ universities and secondary schools are as of now a Campus\' piece Climate Challenge, crusading to make their schools pioneers in tackling an Earth-wide temperature boost.

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We are a major ordeal Higher Education in the US Large Emissions Reductions 4,100 Colleges and Universities ~5.7% Nationwide Electricity Use Centers of Technological and Policy Innovation Important neighborhood and local monetary drivers Model conduct for other huge establishments Training Ground for Next Generation of Leaders ~18 Million student and graduate understudies Most looked for after customer demographic in America Hubs of Grassroots Organizing Hundreds of dynamic grounds bunches Local center with national planning limit

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No foundations in advanced society are better prepared to catalyze the essential move to a feasible world than colleges. They have admittance to the pioneers of tomorrow and the pioneers of today. They have purchasing and speculation power. They are generally regarded. Importantly what they do matters to the more extensive public.” ~ David Orr, Author

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Introduction to HEAT We can demonstrate general society what is conceivable. Each time we persuade a school to go 100% carbon-unbiased, we redefine known limits. We need this to happen in more places than any other time in recent memory. We can instruct our era about an Earth-wide temperature boost arrangements. Regardless of the possibility that each grounds in the nation slice its a worldwide temperature alteration contamination to zero tomorrow, it wouldn’t be sufficient to stop environmental change. We need to verify the greater part of our companions think about environmental change, how to stop it, and that we must stop it. Present starting 10/25/06

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Momentum is building… Introduction to HEAT September 2006 – California will lessen carbon emanations 25% by 2020 October 2006 – NYU runs 100% renewable with the biggest buy of wind vitality by any school. Wells Fargo Bank purchases 550 million kilowatt-hours of wind vitality, biggest ever corporate buy. The College of the Atlantic resolves to net-zero a dangerous atmospheric devation contamination. …Who’s next?

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Johns Hopkins Is Next! Prologue to HEAT Carbon Neutrality Stronger supportability group Sustainability Department/Academics Get other JHU divisions included

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What’s included in carbon nonpartisan? Vitality : use renewable or counterbalance the carbon Electricity  100% renewable Other (steam/chilled H 2 O plants)  on location era Transportation : switch to biodiesel Procurement : reused items, gear, cleaning supplies Buildings : materials utilized, LEED affirmation Food : go neighborhood Waste/reusing : reusing spares vitality and assets

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Other contemplations Need to make an approach that considers imagination in usage Set due dates for points of reference and guarantee a system for responsibility (yearly report) Invest a sure measure of the blessing in advancing renewable vitality

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We require your help now! Get ready “outreach guide” by this weekend Recruit understudy gatherings to join HEAT Priority gatherings: Are there any PC/web related gatherings that can make us a site? Business/econ gatherings/class raps to do preparatory monetary expense/advantage examination? What are the methodology for receiving an approach at JHU? Who do we have to converse with? Gather tests of commonplace: Hopkins approaches Carbon nonpartisan arrangements from different schools More particular (renewable vitality, transportation, and so on) strategies from different schools Work with Davis to discover other neighborhood digester undertakings we may put resources into Find out what our enrichment puts resources into and how to oblige it to put resources into renewables Research ways that different schools are subsidizing their practical approaches How to include a little understudy expense for executing the strategy? Arrangement a kickoff week before finals (?)

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Clips UK feature Student activity Train Stats Leo http://www.leonardodic

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