November 7 th 2006.

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Architects are by and large dependable just for the configuration of new structures (or the renovation of existing ones), and accordingly don't advance ...
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Project ENERBUILDING Promoting the Rational Use of Energy and Small Scale Renewable Energy Sources applications in Buildings Contract n. EIE/06/196 Duration: 01/11/2006 - 30/10/2009 Coordinator: Adiconsum – Associazione Difesa Consumatori e Ambiente November 7 th 2006

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This is to be accomplished through the dispersal of data and help tending to end clients (families, nearby directors, youthful understudies), as their mindfulness raising is viewed as vital for the advancement of ventures. The undertaking will be actualized in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal in 36 months by a consortium shaped by shoppers\' relationship and in addition specialized bodies. In short: The Enerbuilding venture plans to overcome non mechanical hindrances blocking speculations for the improvement of RES and RUE applications and advancements for a productive utilization of vitality in structures. November 7 th 2006

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Background There is an absence of exact and dependable data for end shoppers (families, little estimated ventures, nearby powers, and so on). The pretended by Local Authorities is lacking educational module give careful consideration to vitality and natural issues. Architects are by and large mindful just for the outline of new structures (or the repair of existing ones), and hence don\'t advance any recommendations concerning very vitality productive plants and offices or the utilization of renewable vitality sources accessible locally. Installers, when requested that intercede on the warming framework, from time to time propose an answer in light of inventive innovation. November 7 th 2006

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Objectives The primary goal of the venture Enerbuilding is to advance the improvement of interests in RES applications consolidated with RUE advances for a reasonable utilization of vitality in houses and open structures to the benefit of both nature and individuals Specific destinations and target gatherings are: To illuminate and help end clients to expand their attention to the financial points of interest in advancing the fundamental speculations with the end goal of utilizing RES and RUE applications and advances in structures. To give learning and devices to nearby directors for an effective vitality administration openly structures (schools, swimming-pools, habitats for old individuals and so forth.) To expand mindfulness among youthful understudies of vitality sparing and protecting nature showing accessible specialized arrangements. November 7 th 2006

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Outcomes 1 Setting up of a call focus in each of the four accomplice nations Creation of a site with various segments for every accomplice nation Printing and dispersal of 4 reasonable aides (380.000 duplicates in the generally speaking) in 4 dialects: isolates houses, apartment suites/square of pads, open structures, new structures Setting up a versatile display stand and a video to be utilized amid understudies gatherings. November 7 th 2006

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Outcomes 2 Organization of question and answer sessions and support in 30 radio and TV telecasts in all the accomplice nations Organization of Conferences for the overall population of customers Organization of Workshops for neighborhood executives Organization of gatherings with Secondary School understudies in every one of the nations included Organization of a Final International Conference November 7 th 2006

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Coordinator ADICONSUM – Associazione Difesa Consumatori e Ambiente Via G.M. Lancisi, 25 00161 Roma email: Tel.: +39 064417021 November 7 th 2006

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Partners Italy France Spain Portugal FIRE ( Italian Federation for the Rational Use of Energy ) APER ( Association of RES Producers ) CLCV (Consumer affiliation) ADEME ( French Environment and Energy Management Agency ) CECU (Consumer affiliation) ESCAN ( Spanish vitality and environment counseling firm ) DECO (Consumer affiliation) November 7 th 2006

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