Nubarashen Landfill Gas Catch and Power Era Venture in Yerevan.

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Nubarashen Landfill Gas Catch and Power Era Venture in Yerevan ARMENIA Diana Harutyunyan Artem Kharazyan artemduke@yandex.r u EC "Specialized Help to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Moldova with deference
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Nubarashen Landfill Gas Capture and Power Generation Project in Yerevan ARMENIA Diana Harutyunyan Artem Kharazyan artemduke@yandex.r u EC “Technical Assistance to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Moldova regarding their Global Climate Change Commitments” Project

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CONTENTS Introduction Project Background Goal and Objectives Description Project R elated D ocuments Benchmarks Current Status Implemented and P lanned A ctivities

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Introduction The Republic of Armenia is an inland nation situated in the Caucasus sandwiched between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea and boarded by Georgia toward the north, the Azerbaijan Republic toward the East, the Republic of Turkey toward the west, and Islamic Republic of Iran toward the south. Zone - 29.800 km 2 Population – 3.2 mln National capital and the biggest city - Yerevan .

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Introduction Armenia marked the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change on June 13, 1992, and approved it on May 14, 1993. In December 2002 the National Assembly of Armenia sanctioned the Kyoto Protocol, which made Armenia the 108th party to join the Protocol. In 2003 the Ministry of Nature Protection of RA was delegated as Designated National Authority for CDM under the Kyoto convention Climate Change Information Center and site built up 1997 Law of the Energy Saving and Renewable Energy was embraced o n December 6 , 2004 . EC “Technical Assistance to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Moldova as for their Global Climate Change Commitments” Project began in April 2004

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Studies directed for distinguishing proof of potential CDM ventures in Armenia Arpachi miniaturized scale hydropower plant undertaking (Hydro Energia Co., Ltd/Armenia and Ecofys BV/Netherlands) Introduction of Co-era System to the District Heating System in Yerevan (GoA, NEDO, Shimizu Corporation) Feasibility Study on Development of Hydro Power Plant Project in Republic of Armenia (GoA, NEDO, Shimizu Corporation) Feasibility Study on Utilization of Methane Gas and Power Generation of Municipal Wastes in Yerevan (GoA, NEDO, Shimizu Corporation) – current task

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Project Background The last study gave off an impression of being the most encouraging. Consequently, after a progression of counsels with the key services and authorities this exploration together with other important studies served as a premise for the Project\'s advancement Design Document (PDD). The study introduced diagram materials on the Republic of Armenia, strong waste administration utility in Yerevan, ecological enactment, framework of the execution site and so forth

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Project Site The Nubarashen landfill site has been taking care of the strong misuse of Yerevan City following the time when its foundation on the edges of the Yerevan in 1960. The landfill’s downright territory is 60 ha.

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Nubarashen Landfill Site To the focal point of the city Border Section A Section B Section C MH Entrance Sand space The space for generators is under thought Map of the Nubarashen Landfill Site The landfill site is partitioned into three segments, A, B and C, every covering a zone of 20 ha. Site A began administration in 1960 and turned out to be full in 1985. Site B has been in administration from 1986 until the present day. Site C has been put aside for future utilization. Source: Project Design Document, Shimizu Corp.

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Project Background Almost all the waste heading off to the Nubarashen landfill is made out of household waste released by natives, though mechanical waste records just a little extent. The measure of waste conveyed into the landfill is generally assessed as 420-450 tons/day, notwithstanding taking the most traditionalist evaluated 149.000 tons/year.

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Landfill momentum natural effect Air contamination (smell and waste unconstrained ignition) Impact on clean conditions in encompassing urban ranges Contamination of underground waters Landfill gas (LFG) from the site is discharged into the climate unchecked

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Summary of essential conditions LFG accumulation is not did on Nubarashen landfill site. No enactment obliging gathering of LFG on landfill transfer destinations in Armenia, and no such enactment is arranged. No enactment on waste required reusing Absence of specialized expertise and assets to execute LFG gathering and usage on the landfill transfer site. Nonappearance of fitting administration and control at landfill site

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Project Goal To gather landfill gas from Nubarashen landfill site in Yerevan and to blaze methane, an ignitable gas contained in LFG in a gas motor generator (GEG) with a perspective to producing power. Source: PDD

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Project Objectives Stage 1: Construction of landfill gas gathering system and supplying overwhelming types of gear for landfill administration Construction of vertical extraction wells Construction of hermetically sealed seat Construction of parallel funneling Construction of blowers Construction of gas treatment offices Construction of gas store offices Construction of flare offices Construction of wellbeing framework Construction of checking instruments in regards to above framework

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Project Objectives Stage 2: Construction of landfill gas motor generator framework Construction of force era offices Construction of gas treatment offices Construction of gas repository offices Construction of observing instruments with respect to above framework

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Project first and second stages Gas motor generator framework Note: - Existing offices Facilities that Japanese party should build Power transmission offices Power era offices Gas treatment offices Gas supply offices Air tight seat Blowers Lateral channeling B Vertical extraction wells Gas repository offices Gas treatment offices Flare offices Landfill site Power era offices To Grid GEG G System Inter-association offices

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Contribution to Sustainable Development Environmental advantages Odor and unconstrained ignition counteractive action Prevention of groundwater sullying GHG outflow aversion Economical advantages Attraction of FDI Power era framework substitution Energy viable usage impact Additional salary from force era Technology exchange Social advantages Effect as far as upgrading HR through presentation of new innovation and trainings Employment creation impact (development and operation)

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Parties Involved Host Party – Republic of Armenia City/Town/Community – Yerevan City Authorized Participant – Municipality of Yerevan City Other Parties Involved – Japan (CERs beneficiary) Authorized Participants: Shimizu Corporation Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Inc. Mitsui & Co., Ltd

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Project Participants Municipality of Yerevan City (Host Country Project Participant) Shimizu Corporation (PDD Developer) Japanese general development and designing firm Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Inc. Japan e se force organization (Project Participant) Mitsui & Co., Ltd. (Venture Participant) Japanese exchanging organization –

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Project Description CDM Activity Sector Fugitive gas catch and option/renewable vitality Sectoral Scopes 1: Energy commercial enterprises ( renewable -/non renewable sources) 13: Waste taking care of and transfer Methodologies Used AMS - I.D.: Renewable power era for a matrix ACM 0001: Consolidated technique for landfill gas exercises Activity Scale – Large

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Project Data Proposed crediting period – 16 years Estimated capital speculations – 7 mln USD Total GHG outflow diminishment – 2.16 mln t CO 2 e q Gas motor generator limit – 1.7 MW CO2 emanations force of the power dislodged – 0.1539 t CO 2/MWh Proposed undertaking timing 01/01/2006: Construction takes a shot at LFG accumulation framework 01/01/2007: Beginning of the first crediting period 01/06/2008: Construction deals with GEG 01/01/2009: Operation of GEG

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Project Related Documents Study For Utilization of Methane Gas at Landfill Disposal Sites in Yerevan, Armenia. NEDO, Shimizu Corporation – March 2004 Project Design Document Shimizu Corporation – January 21, 2005 Letter of Approval issued by the Armenian DNA – February 16, 2005 Approval by the Government of Japan February 23, 2005 Modalities of Communication with CDM EB and the Secretariat/Statement on CERs Allocation at Issuance. All task members – April 21, 2005

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Project Related Documents ( cont.) Modalities of Communication with CDM EB and Secretariat: “…Shimizu Corporation alone might correspond with CDM EB and the Secretariat as for any matter concerning the CDM venture ...” Statement on CERs Allocation at Issuance : “… 100% of the CERs issued from the CDM venture * ... be sent to Shimizu Corporation’s account in the Japanese registry” Protocol of Understanding *: “… Share of Proceeds from 1% of CERs to be withheld for the procurement of exercises of the Designated National Authority for CDM in Armenia.” *) aside from shares of procceds to be dispensed by P.8 of Article 12 of KP *) as of now is under modification of the task members and DNA

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Project Benchmarks

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Current Status Information on the venture is accessible on UNFCCC authority site at: in

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