Nursery Crop Protection.

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The failure to showcase the nursery plants as an aftereffect of: ... Are not created in nursery compartments that contain two or more diverse genera, ...
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Nursery Crop Insurance New York Crop Insurance Education Program Risk Management Agency USDA New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets

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Causes of Loss Adverse climate; Fire; Wildlife; Earthquake; or Volcanic emission. Protection is likewise given against the accompanying if because of a reason for misfortune recorded previously. A misfortune in plant values as a result of a powerlessness to market such plants, gave such plants would have been showcased amid the harvest year; Failure of the watering system water supply; or Failure of, or lessening in, the influence supply.

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Uninsurable misfortunes We don\'t safeguard against any misfortune created by: Disease or bug infestation, unless: A sickness or bug infestation happens for which no powerful control measure exists

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Uninsurable misfortunes proceeded with The powerlessness to showcase the nursery plants as a consequence of: The refusal of a purchaser to acknowledge generation ; Boycott; or a request from an open authority denying deals including, however not constrained to, a stop deals request, isolate, or phytosanitary confinement on deals;

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Uninsurable misfortunes proceeded with Cold temperatures, if chilly security is required on the qualified plant list, unless: You have introduced satisfactory cool assurance gear or offices and there is a disappointment or breakdown of the icy security hardware or offices coming about because of an insurable reason for misfortune. The most minimal temperature or its term surpassed the capacity of the required cool security gear to keep the guaranteed plants from maintaining frosty harm.

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Uninsurable misfortunes proceeded with Collapse or disappointment of structures or structures, unless the harm to the building or structures results from a reason for misfortune. Any reason for misfortune, if the main harm endured is a disappointment of plants to develop to a normal size. Inability to take after perceived great nursery hones.

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Nursery At slightest half of the gross salary must be from the wholesale promoting of plants. Note: Amount of protection depends on reported insurable plant stock qualities

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Insured Crop Year 2011 Crop Year: Starts June 1, 2010, closures May 31, 2011 (Sales Closing: 05/01/10) Subsequent Crop Years will begin on 06/01 and closes on 05/31 Continuous enlistment accessible with 30 day sitting tight period for assurance to begin .

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Coverage and Price Election Choices Only You Can Decide What Coverage Is Right For You! Cataclysmic Coverage (CAT) half of your normal yield and 55% of the Price Election Buy-Up Coverage half to 75% of your normal yield and up to 100% of the Price Election

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Federal Government Subsidy

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Plant Types Buy-up Insurance Buy-up Insurance Small Fruits Herbaceous Perennials Roses Ground Cover and Vines Annuals Foliage Palms and Cycads Liners Deciduous Trees (Shade & Flower Broadleaf Evergreen Trees Coniferous Evergreen Trees Fruit and Nut Trees Deciduous Shrubs Broadleaf Evergreen Shrubs

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Insured Crop and Plants The harvest protected will be all nursery plants and plant sorts in every practice, contained on the Eligible Price List, in which you have an offer, and that:

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Insured Crop and Plants Are appeared on the Eligible Plant List Includes plants developed in the nursery, that meet the base size necessities, yet are excluded on the producers\' wholesale index/value list. Note: you may present a supplement to the inventory at the very latest the business shutting date to include plants.

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Insured Crop and Plants Are not developed available to be purchased as Christmas trees; Are not stock plants, or plants being become exclusively for harvest of buds, blooms, or greenery; May deliver consumable natural products or nuts gave the plants are made accessible available to be purchased; and Are not created in nursery holders that contain two or more diverse genera, species, subspecies, assortments or cultivars.

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Wholesale inventory or value list at the very least, your Wholesale list or value list must: Be sort composed and readable; Show an issue date on the spread page (might be manually written); Contain the name, address, and telephone number of your nursery; Be given to clients and utilized as a part of the offer of your plants; and List every plant\'s name (exploratory or normal), field developed plant or compartment size , and wholesale cost .

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Coverage Levels You may choose either cataclysmic danger assurance or extra scope for every safeguarded rehearse. $300 Administrative Fee owed for every practice.

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Insurance Attachment For New Policies: Insurance appends 30 days after the date you present your solicitation.

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Minimum Container Size Minimum holder size is 1" in distance across Liners are characterized as plants in standard nursery compartments with a measurement equivalent to or more prominent than 1 creep yet under 3 inches

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Production Inventory Value Report (PIVR) PIVR must be submitted at time of use PIVR must be put together by May 1, before begin of harvest year for protection to connect on June 1 st . Protection doesn\'t connect until PIVR is submitted, subject to a 30-day hold up Previous product year PIVR can\'t be moved over

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PEAK INVENTORY ENDORSEMENT Peak Inventory Value Report - A report that expands the estimation of insurable plants over the worth provided details regarding the PIVR, and announces the scope initiation, and scope end dates. Constrained to 200% of essential unit esteem

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Rehabilitation Endorsement New Endorsement - takes care of expense for restoration of Field Grown plants Available just for Buy-up protection Endorsement must be chosen: At time of utilization for introductory harvest year; or, Prior to begin of yield year if officially guaranteed under arrangement If support is chosen, all Field Grown plants must be safeguarded.

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Pilot Nursery Grower\'s Price Endorsement Pilot Endorsement Available: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Washington, Oregon and Alaska

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Pilot Nursery Grower\'s Price Endorsement You may utilize your wholesale plant value that is accounted for on your Upgraded Plant Report. This cost is more prominent than the cost contained in the Plant Price Schedule however is not exactly, or equivalent to the cost in your index or value list.

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Loss Example $100,00 – Plant Inventory Value X 65% Coverage = $65,000 Amt. of Ins. In case of a Loss $100,000 Field Market Value Before Loss - $50,000 Field Market Value After Loss = $50,000 Value of misfortune - $35,000 Deductable = $15,000 Indemnity Payment

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Building the 2010 Revenue Bridge - Crop Ins. is the Foundation Slide politeness of Steve Johnson, IASU JAN FEB MAR OCT NOV DEC APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP

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