Nursery Maintenance and Equipment .

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Greenhouse Maintenance and Equipment. Tracey Cortez So you have a greenhouse…. Now what? Teaching? Fundraising? Research? Production? Student Projects? All of the above???. Weeds. Solarize the greenhouse Manually remove Round Up Pramitol Rock Salt
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Nursery Maintenance and Equipment Tracey Cortez

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So you have a nursery… Now what? Instructing? Raising support? Research? Generation? Understudy Projects? The majority of the above???

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Weeds Solarize the nursery Manually evacuate Round Up Pramitol Rock Salt Newspaper as a boundary

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Fans and Pads Clean your cushions once every year Let them get out Knock dry the green growth and mineral stores Use Zerotol , Triatholon , or grain straw to control green growth Do not utilize dye!!! Fans Service your fans once every year Tighten or change belts Keep additional belts close by Keep and additional engine close by

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Glazing Materials Clean your coating material once a season Just like washing windows Dirt and dust will lessen your light levels Use a hose with some cleanser Rinse off well

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Disinfecting Disinfect your nursery after every product Allow the nursery to be void every year for a few weeks so you can clean truly well Limit your odds of illnesses and bug episodes Clean water system framework too Zerotol or Triathalon Use a Foaming Sprayer to apply the synthetic – accessible from Nasco

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Fertilizer Injectors Service your manure injector once per year Send the unit to the organization If the injector won\'t work absorb it a container of water for 24 hours Keep an additional injector available You should have a RPZ reverse preventer introduced before you injector I prescribe Dosmatic Injectors

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Irrigation Supplies Dramm Red Head Water Breaker Color Storm No Kink Hoses Heavy Duty Shut Off Valves Netafim Filters Pressure Compensating Drippers Drip Line Dripper Accessories Weights Drip Stakes

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Chemical Applicators Dramm Chemdose - $2000 Apply concoction arrangement pot by pot MSO Sprayer - $1500 Hydraulic sprayer Mini Autofog - $2500 Applies compound arrangement in a fine fog Controlled by a clock Pump Sprayers Gilmour Professional Quality Hand or Backpack Use splash tank more clean! Kill

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Compost Tea Aerobic Brewer 10 Gallon - $500 24 Hours to Brew Growing Solutions Composting Vessels BW Organics Compost Project Center Waste, Food Scraps, Lawn Scraps, and so on 1 Yard a Day Machine - $26,000 Vermicompost

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Greenhouse Building and Repair BWI Grower Technical Sales Ludy Greenhouses – Sylvia Courtney Stuppy Greenhouses – Jerry Haines

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Chemicals I Use Insecticides Fungicides Growth Regulators Fertilizers Read Labels and keep a duplicate of the MSDS Sheets Use IPM Techniques to Control Insects and Diseases

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Insects Yellow and Blue Sticky Cards Use Lady Bugs and Parasitic Wasps Get free of contaminated plants Use water to relax and expel creepy crawlies Insecticides: Insecticidal Soap – M-Pede Tame/Orthene took after by Preclude Aerosols Tristar

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Fungi and Diseases Manage dampness in the nursery Allow plants to dry somewhat between waterings Water the dirt not the leaves Fungicides Actinovate Banrot Use as a soak and take after the bearings

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Growth Regulators Keep plants uniform and internodes short B-Nine Spray, exceptionally sympathetic Bonzi Spray or douse, not excusing Florel Spray, not pardoning, modest Flowers will prematurely end for 6 weeks

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Fertilizers Compost Tea Milorganite Scotts Pro Horticulture Use a manure injector

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Pots and Soil Elle Pots Paper Liner loaded with Soil TMAC Nurseries, Angleton, Texas Dillen Pots 6.5" Azaleas 10" Hanging Baskets Soil Pro Mix BX Pro Mix HP

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Supply Dealers BWI Kenny Bonded

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What to develop? Bedding Plants Potted Crops Hanging Baskets Specimen Plants Mixed Containers Topiaries Any different thoughts?

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What We Grow Poinsettias Ellisons Greenhouses Christmas Cacti Whitton Greenhouses Pansies Raker Vegetables Grown from Seed Herbs Grown from Seed Bedding Plants 40 assortments Raker or North Carolina Plant Farm Seed Seeds Park Seed or Burpee

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What are you doing? Any new thoughts?

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