Nursing Program Open House Tea .

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Nursing Program Open House Tea. Class of 2012 May 19, 2009 4-6pm. Introduction of Faculty/Staff. Karen Jensen RN, PhD Kaleen Cullen, RN, FNP Laura Newton, RN, PhD Coleen Nevins, RN, MSN Beth Williams Administrative Support Coordinator
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Nursing Program Open House Tea Class of 2012 May 19, 2009 4-6pm

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Introduction of Faculty/Staff Karen Jensen RN, PhD Kaleen Cullen, RN, FNP Laura Newton, RN, PhD Coleen Nevins, RN, MSN Beth Williams Administrative Support Coordinator

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Introductions and Ice Breaker Introduce yourself to amass with a similar sounding word usage sentence in view of your first name: Example: "I\'m odd Karen. I like kissing little cats " Pattern: I\'m descriptive word Name. I like activity ing thing.

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Congratulations !

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Tips for Student Success Kaleen Cullen RN, FNP Assistant Director Nursing Program CSU Channel Islands

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Characteristic of attendants Think Critically Responsible Caring & thoughtful Emotional dependability Detail Oriented Open disapproved and adaptable Sensitive to the differences in others Excellent interpersonal, interchanges , and math abilities Life long learner

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Overview of the Curriculum Based on Neuman calculated system Framework characterizes Environment, Health, Nursing Program targets (p 9-13 handbook) Completion of level I destinations after finishing of the second summer session

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Required Curriculum & Advisement pp 24-26 handbook Table I, II III call attention to which courses must be finished at a C or better CSUCI advisement nursing courses – nursing counsel CSUCI advisement general training advisement focus IMPORTANT: June 15 4:30-7pm acknowledged understudies; June 18 4:30-7 exchanges

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Important Reminder All Program necessity shapes (Medical, Background Check, Immunizations, CPR Due to the Program Office by July 17, 2009 Keep your own duplicate of all prerequisites of the program in a fastener (i.e. Wellbeing evaluation, Student Health Insurance, CPR card, Fire Card)

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Requirements of the Program – Health Appraisal/Physical Examination

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Criminal Background Checks Through Corporate Screening Directions in parcel (VERIFY STUDENTS) Must finish a demand for criminal individual verification and medication screening Once you have finished the procedure email Beth Williams and she will send you a lab slip for medication test Price $100

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CPR Current CPR card for Healthcare Provider BLS with AED Must include: Adult, baby and kid One and two man AED

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Uniform Dove uniform Suggestion 2 tops 2 pants 1 polo shirt 1 coat (select) 3 patches Name label First, last Student Nurse Order by 7/10/09 Patch right upper front of uniform

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PDA Required of all understudies See particulars for PDA on page 43 of the handbook. You won\'t have to buy a PDA in the event that you as of now have one however they should meet the determination in the handbook moreover required to buy programming for PDA which incorporates: Drug Reference, Signs & Symptoms & Lab Manual to stack on the PDA these will be accessible in the book shop in the spring

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Student Health Insurance All CSUCI –will need evidence of understudy medical coverage

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Mandatory Fire Safety Class August 22, 2009 8am-2:30 pm $20 Bring money or cash arrange – no checks One hour break for lunch Location Aliso Hall Auditorium

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Important Policies to Review Criteria for program duration, LOA, leaving program p 31 Grading Practices p 33-40 Clinical Absence Policy p 37 Pregnancy p 45 Need for dependable transportation

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Important Policies Continued Clinical lab information exchange p47-48 Need to distinguish EOP understudies before clinical information exchange Scholarships Judicial process p 52-56 Extracurricular: Committees, Volunteers 4 You! p59 Awards upon graduation p 60

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Other Information Complete Photo ID discharge and get your photo taken before you leave Students with Spring Courses in advance get transcripts to us by June 15, 2009 Volunteers 4 You! Pledge drive Stethoscopes

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