O nce upon a birthday . . ..

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The greater part of the Lords and Ladies of the domain. wearing their finest ... to go to the delegated function and. on edge to view a day of playing around. You will ...
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O nce upon a birthday . . . An illustrious festival was pronounced on Saturday thirteenth of May for the whole charmed kingdom. T here was a honorable kid named Davison P. who turned into a whimsical five year old. at 123 Your Address making joyful from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m.

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Y ou will perform something more than support, fun or obligation, B y respecting King Davis ask for, in lieu of Kingdom Gifts. Birmingham Children\'s Hospital A ll of the Lords and Ladies of the domain wearing their finest Kingdom dress to go to the delegated function and restless to observe a day of pointless fooling around. T o be in great support with the King, please make your 100% duty deductible check payable to the Birmingham Children\'s Hospital and convey it with you to the illustrious occasion. M erlin the Magician was supposed to be there, T o discover the fortune that all would share.

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A nd when its opportunity to say goodbye to you affectionate, The Pearce family charitably thanks their visitors and trusts they all will live H appily E ver A fter ! S ir Lancelot will lead us in the diversions and join the respectable group\'s of the domain. THE END Regrets 555-5555 T ogether we will eat at the smorgasbord feast. Pizza and Kingdom Cake most definitely. Substitute Rain Date: twentieth May Invitations by M elissa V

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