O peration S upport O ur T roops Shreveport Part.

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Is it safe to say that you were mindful?. In spite of declared troop diminishments in Iraq, a large number of U.S. troops aredeployed in the Middle East. Current assessments: 98,000 in Iraq; 94,000 in Afghanistan; another 40,000 went to Afghanistan by summer\'s end.. Numerous persevere through troublesome conditions and need solaces we all underestimate
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O peration S upport O ur T roops Shreveport Chapter

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Were you mindful? Regardless of reported troop diminishments in Iraq, a huge number of U.S. troops are conveyed in the Middle East. Current appraisals: 98,000 in Iraq; 94,000 in Afghanistan; another 40,000 made a beeline for Afghanistan by summer\'s end. Numerous bear troublesome conditions and need solaces we as a whole underestimate… Inclement climate Sand storms

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Troops abandon friends and family… 9 month old child of Army CAPT who finished 3 arrangements Army spouse whose husband sent 2 mo. after their wedding Pet looking & sitting tight for "Father" to return home to serve in Iraq and remote zones of Afghanistan.

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Here are MY saints… My child, Dustin has verging on finished 2 nd 12-15 month arrangement in Iraq My girl in-law, Janeen presently headed stateside from her 1 st 12 month sending in Afghanistan

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Operation Support Our Troops (OSOT) Non-benefit association devoted to supporting our troops serving in damages way & has given help by delivery required supplies to troops since 2002 Exists to bolster our sent administration individuals in a positive way ( not addressing U.S. military arrangement)

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Operation Support Our Troops (OSOT) Organization began by Mary Kay Salomone (her dad & sibling were WP graduates, her better half is a WP graduate, one child is WP graduate, one child is an Army veteran instructing at WP & girl wedded a WP graduate) when child asked her assistance in getting required supplies to troops in the beginning of sending to Afghanistan and Guantanamo (after 9/11/01) She got consent/endorsement by the Pentagon to dispatch OSOT and initially participation was constrained to guardians of current WP cadets/graduates. Non-political push to show appreciation to and backing of troops any route conceivable by sending products/letters to help assurance and supplement fundamental needs.

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The OSOT Motto "We will be here, the length of they are there… "

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Sponsoring a crate You can contribute a thing or a few things from the OSOT List of Items to be stuffed in a container, or Pick things from the OSOT List of Items and pack a whole box yourself. In the event that you pack a case, please abandon it unlocked so that an OSOT part can check/tape enclose for shipment understanding with OSOT Rules…

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Who can support a crate? City/Service associations School bunches Scout troops Individuals/Families Church gatherings/Sunday school bunches Neighborhood bunches

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FALL/WINTER ITEMS Hot cocoa blend/tea Ramen noodle and/or moment soup Instant corn meal/cereal Tuna in foil packs Popcorn (financially popped/pressed) Granola/power bars Chocolate (just in frosty climate) SPRING/SUMMER ITEMS Crystal Light & Gatorade drink blend (canister/ind. pcks) Plastic pipes (to empty drinks into bottles) Trail/Chex blend Pringles potato chips BEEF Jerky Gum/hard confection (customary & sugarless) Troop Wish List (things to gather/give)

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FALL/WINTER ITEMS Baby wipes Chapstick/Carmex Body salve Gold Bond powder Hand sanitizer Cough/throat tablets Greeting cards Writing supplies SPRING/SUMMER ITEMS Paper dust veils Eye drops Gold Bond powder Fly swatters Flip-flops (Dollar store) Sun piece moisturizer Small amusements/balls Ziploc baggies (qt & lady size) Troop Wish List (things to gather/give)

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ANY TIME OF YEAR Disposable razors Deodorant (stick) AA/AAA Batteries Toilet paper (4/pack) Kleenex bundles Travel size cleanliness items (found in lodging bathrooms) Athletic tube socks Athletes foot cream Emery loads up Deodorant Tooth brushes Toothpaste Dental floss Q-tips Troop Wish List (things to gather/give)

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Troop Wish List (things to gather/give) Newspaper funnies (particularly full shading) & sports areas Children\'s work of art/welcome (i.e. Valentines, Easter, Patriotic, Halloween, Christmas & Get Well cards sent to injured troops) Notes/letters of consolation (which REALLY helps their confidence) Prayers Monetary gifts

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Items that can NOT be sent Any thing containing PORK Home Baked Goods (just financially stuffed things) Fresh organic product Religious Articles ANYthing demonstrating "female skin" (considered "Erotic entertainment") Cigarettes Aerosol jars

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How would I be able to and/or our gathering make gifts? Things can be taken to the accompanying accumulation destinations: - St. Eli zabet h Ann Seaton Catholic Church at 522 E. Flournoy-Lucas Rd. Shreveport - 318-798-1887 - American Cl im ate Controlled Storage 6721 Pines Rd. Shreveport - 318-688-4637 - ALL UPS Stores in the Shreveport/Bossier zone - Bank of Montgomery at 952 Keyser Ave. Natchitoches - 318-352-3060 For thing get, please call ahead so game plans can be made.

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Sorting things & pressing boxes For security reasons , all b bull es must be inspecte d/dispatched by people and/or bunches partnered with the Operation Support Our Troops activity. Troop names/addresses (kept up by national OSOT Chairman) may not be given to others.

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Typical box pressed/transported Contains 25-35 lbs of products Should be no bigger than 72 inches in all out mass (length in addition to the separation around the most stretched out part of the container) Cost of transportation a crate is roughly $1.40/lb. alternately $35-50/bx.

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Another approach to support a crate Donate cash to buy required things or spread transportation expenses of boxes that are pressed Because OSOT is a 501(c)3 association, commitments are duty deductible . Checks ought to be composed to: Operation Support Our Troops (or OSOT ) , Inc.

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Benefits Feel great inside knowing you are conveying a grin to the substance of a serviceman/lady who is VERY far from home KNOW you are having any kind of effect in the lives of others

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If you think about whether thing gift & shipment have any kind of effect… Here\'s a selection from a Thank You letter sent the National OSOT Chairman December 2007: "in any event half of our group remained around with grins from ear to ear while tearing open the bundles. Seeing everybody\'s countenances as they got covers, snacks & treats was something straight out of Christmas morning. " And an email thank you got February 2009: " Any tiny bit of solace from home , whether it\'s a touch of chocolate or some additional toiletries, makes life here a great deal more decent for fighters , particularly who are far from their life partners & children." 

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every so often, photographs are sent through email or consistent mail from troops in detachments/legions that got boxes… Appreciative warriors

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Appreciative troopers "I don\'t know how you got my name, however I\'m certain happy you did… An essence of home beyond any doubt helps our assurance ." "At whatever point a crate arrives, substance are shared by all… It\'s incredible to know Americans back home backing our endeavors ."

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Appreciative officers "… on account of each one of the individuals who remove time from their bustling day to pack, buy, and backing those of us that secure and serve our awesome nation… YOU are serving this nation by supporting warriors in damages way ."

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Appreciative officers "Your bundles were generally welcomed by many troopers … "

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Appreciative fighters Excerpt from letter as of late got from Army officer/Unit Leader (and current day American Hero): "I got your containers yesterday after we came back from a mission. I can\'t thank you enough for your astuteness & thought… in the middle of water basins, infant wipes function admirably to stay clean furthermore evacuate carbon on our rifles… a portion of the hand sanitizer is currently being utilized by the cooks… hostile to tingle cream , nasal splash , finger/toe nail scissors and eye drops are being utilized by our doctor… Thank you such a great amount for all that you\'ve accomplished for my troopers. Consistently I get the chance to work with them I consider a gift… seeing grins on their countenances never neglects to put a grin on mine."

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Recent OSOT sorting/pressing room "makeover"

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Other ways YOU can… Partner with us to give on-going backing to our officers Have particular times for your gathering to gather things and help us spread the news to relatives, neighbors, church bunches and/or different gatherings about the OSOT venture and our endeavors Help set up drop off areas at places of worship and business foundations & secure things & financial gifts (particularly as we approach Christmas shipment in November)

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Other ways YOU can… Raise cash to store unique tasks and help with transportation costs Write/Gather cards & notes of consolation Copy/convey OSOT data to others Establish a sewing gathering that makes neck coolers & protective cap liners for troops to wear in summer months; lap covers, pads and jingle sacks for use in winter months

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OSOT-Shreveport delivers every year Valentine shipment gift due date/sorting/pressing in January Easter shipment gift due date/sorting/pressing in March July 4 th shipment gift due date/sorting/pressing in June Halloween shipment gift due date/sorting/pressing date in September Christmas shipment gift due date/sorting/pressing in November

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Our troops require YOUR bolster Please do whatever you can to help us in our endeavors to energize & support our fearless and committed troops until they all return home …

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