Objective 5 – Data Innovation - Subsidizing Necessities.

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Objective 5 – Data Innovation - Subsidizing Necessities . All out Expense By Year/Source Non-Repeating. Downright Cost By Year/Source Repeating. Absolute Expense By Year/Source. Stable IRM spending plan for development of administrations and precise gear substitution.
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Objective 5 – Information Technology - Funding Requirements Total Cost By Year/Source Non-Recurring Total Cost By Year/Source Recurring Total Cost By Year/Source Stable IRM spending plan for extension of administrations and efficient gear substitution Maintain satisfactory base and stockpiling to address growing issues IRM and school personnel help create understudy IT capability Central and school based IT staff to bolster showing examination and organization Distance Learning Increase electronic classrooms, feature conferencing abilities and PC labs Adequate school and no scholastic units stable IT financing Support for communitarian exploration ventures

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